What is a Runescape Private Server?

Runescape private servers are user created gaming servers that emulate Runescape or Oldschool Runescape for educational purposes only. These servers look to emulate the best content the game has to offer including player vs player combat and player vs monster combat. Not only that, but these servers provide players with a nearly identical experience that allows you to train your skills much faster than the original game. This means no more grueling grinds, just log into the server with a user name and password and your account will be created! Items are easily accessible by speaking to various NPC's around the home area! All in all, runescape private servers give you the experience of Runescape or Oldschool Runescape and more! Skip the insanely long grind of traditional Runescape and shine with OS Kingdom!

Is my data and personal information safe here?

Yes! The security of your data and personal information is our number one priority. We will never sell your data or give out your e-mail address or passwords. In fact, all registered accounts within OS Kingdom are encrypted meaning even the highest ranking staff members will not have access to your password and personal information! Securing your data and providing a safe virtual gaming enviroment is something we take pride in and cyber security is apart of our owner and lead developers field of study!

OS Kingdom also has a SSL certificate meaning that your data is secure when communicating between servers! Also when creating a account with OS Kingdom it is highly encouraged you use a password you never used before to prevent anyone who may have obtained your login details from previous servers or any kind of data breach that may have occured! OS Kingdom will always have your back when it comes to helping you safe guard your account and personal data. We also offer in-game pin's that prompt the user so only YOU can access your account with your created pin!

Why choose OS Kingdom?

Here is a list of all of the cool features OS OS Kingdom has to offer you!

  • Friendly Community

    One thing we strive for here at OS Kingdom is to build on a friendly and inviting community so all players can feel right at home. With great staff members and dedicated veterans OS Kingdom will make you feel apart of the community instantly! We also have tons of polls so you the players call the shots!

  • Customizable

    OS Kingdom allows players to fully take control of their OSRS gameplay experience. We provide a lengthly settings panel and we even provide fully functional fullscreen and resizable with the ability to customize your fullscreen experience.

  • Efficient Code

    With a lead developer who has been programming for nearly a decade. OS Kingdom has all the tools, resources, personel and knowledge it need's to provide quality code and amazing gameplay for our players. Our lead developer Shane is currently working on his masters in Computer Science.

  • Content Packed

    PvM, PvP, Skilling, Questing or whatever you are into OS Kingdom is sure to have it! With over 10+ Quests and nearly every PvM boss scripted OS Kingdom is quite content packed. With hundreds of achievements and tons of miniquests from real OSRS you are sure to enjoy your gameplay experience!

  • Feedback

    Without our players feedback OS Kingdom will not be able to become the OSRS server we all want it to be! So with weekly polls on content and other subject matters we will always look towards our players when it comes to big decision making in OS Kingdom's gameplay.

  • Website Integration

    OS Kingdom features fully integrated Highscores, Vote and Donation services. We also plan to integrate discord and our forums so that active users are more recognized in our community.

Those are just some of the many things we have to offer as a server from a very narrow perspective! OS Kingdom also has daily events and the latest OSRS content such as Inferno, Zalcano, Theatre of Blood and much much more! With an active developer delivering multiple updates per week the future is bright for OS Kingdom, so why not join us today! Help us create the future of OS Kingdom together!

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