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Updates 11/19/2020

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OS Kingdom

Here are some lovely updates for you all. The shops we're added to allow iron men more access to ordinary resources! Enjoy!

- A major graphical bug that caused the client to glitch in Varrock has been fixed
- Make over mage second option is now "Teleport" instead of "Trade" to avoid confusion
- Karambwan vessels no longer need to be baited to fish, just need to have vessel and Karamwbanji bait in inventory
- Began working on door functionality, currently I made it so doors disapear when clicked so players can get to their objectives, this will be replaced with a full door system soon.
- Bugged objects within east falador have been fixed
- Iron Man Friendly store has been added in-game across OS Kingdom shops will be listed below
- Bob's Brilliant Axes (Lumbridge) 
- Lumbridge General Store 
- Aubreys Rune Shop (Varrock)
- Thessalia's Fine Clothes (Varrock) 
- Zaff's Staffs (Varrock) 
- Varrock Swordshop 
- Horvik's Armour Shop (Varrock) 
- Lowe's Archery Emporium  (Varrock) 
- Cassie's Shield Shop (Falador)
- Flynn's Mace Market (Falador)
- Wayne's Chains (Falador)
- Zeke's Superior Scimitars (Al-Kharid)
- Louie's Armoured Legs (Al-Kharid)
- Ranael's Super Skirt Store (Al-Kharid)
- Dommik's Crafting Store (Al-Kharid)
- Hickton's Archery Emporium (Catherby)
- Vanessa's Farming Shop (Catherby)


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