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Updates 11/17/2020

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OS Kingdom

Happy Tuesday everyone!  A lot of fixes, but I have included some new content as new revenants have been released in-game! Check out the slayer reward shop to unlock the new revenant wilderness cave! It came be found by the wilderness agility course. Enjoy!

- Issues with fight caves have now been fixed
- EXP when planting herbs has been fixed.
- All throwing knives now have correct reqs
- Fixed ::dz thieving stalls
- Dragon knives special attack has been added in-game
- South entrance/exit of Revenant Cave has been fixed
- Both entrances to the Revenant Cave now have proper animations
- Deep Wilderness Advanced Revenant Slayer Cave has been added in-game
- Brand New NPCs added within the new Revenant Slayer Cave are: Revenant Abby Demon, Lizardman, Gorak, Wyvern, Smoke Devil, Bloodveld.
- Unlock the new revenant slayer cave through slayer rewards/points
- 2 Voting pages that we're not working have been removed 
- Farmer Jane has been added to extreme donator zone by the herb patches
- Occult Necklace (or) has been added in-game
- Ornamental Kit for Occult Necklace is now a rare item from Master Clues
- A visual bug with Hans NPC has been fixed
- Hans @ Lumbridge can now tell/verify the date your account was created. 
- Ultimate ironmen can now use items on banker NPCs to unnote and note items. Originally it was just bank booths.


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