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Updates 11/16/2020

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OS Kingdom

A big thank you to everyone who helped report bugs for the first update of the week. Most of these are primarily fixes that players have reported over the weekend, great job guys keep it up! Enjoy these fixes, I will have more tomorrow!

- Lieve McCracken no longer displays name as missing
- Various pets that we're broken such as Pet Dragons, Barrows Pet, etc have been fixed. New client is needed.
- Fixed an issue with not being able to pickpocket master farmer
- Issue with Herb Sack has been fixed
- Motherlode mining hopper has been fixed
- Crystal halberds can now be wielded properly 
- Ring of wealth (i) is no longer tradable
- Not being able to catch Lucky Implings has now been fixed
- Motherlode mines rockfall has now been fixed and players no longer need free space to mine it
- ::Dperks command now directs players to the correct post
- Group Ironmen can now purchase the 'Iron man' title
- Drop rate of cursed barrows items has been buffed
- Barrows drop rates have also been buffed
- Bugged block animation for ghosts has been fixed
- Bugged block animation for shades has been fixed
- Irons can now properly access mage arena shop
- Zalcano has been fixed, now can be hit with tephra


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Good work mate, nice updates 👍🏼

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