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Ix Prod

OS Kingdom Hall of Fame

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Welcome to the OS-Kingdom Hall of Fame!
Here our best and highest rated players are gathered and praised for their hard work towards the server.
This list will consist of permanent achievements, and still attainable achievements aswell. The attainable achievements will be updated atleast once a month.
- Banned accounts will not be considered for a place in the Hall of Fame.
- Proof of the achievement is required to secure a place in the Hall of Fame
Permanent Achievements

Players maxed in order of achievement

Normal account
1. Ix Prod






Group Ironman





Completionist capes obtained in order of achievement.
Normal account
1. Ix Prod
Group Ironman

First to obtain...
First to obtain max total XP:
First to complete all achievements: 
First to complete all achievement diaries: 
Attainable Achievements
Highscores rankings
Highest ranked player: Ix Prod
Highest ranked classic: 
Highest ranked classic ironman: 
Highest ranked IM: 
Highest ranked HCIM: 
Highest ranked UIM: 
Highest ranked non-donator: 

Highest ranked in Attack: Ix Prod (P5 99)
Highest ranked in Defence: Ix Prod (P13 99)
Highest ranked in Strength: Ix Prod (P3 99)
Highest ranked in Hitpoints: Ix Prod (P12 96)
Highest ranked in Ranged: Ix Prod (P7 99)
Highest ranked in Prayer: Ix Prod (P5 99)
Highest ranked in Magic: Ix Prod (P13 99)
Highest ranked in Cooking: Ix Prod (P2 99)
Highest ranked in Woodcutting: Ix Prod (P5 99)
Highest ranked in Fletching: Ix Prod (P6 99)
Highest ranked in Fishing: Ix Prod (P5 99)
Highest ranked in Firemaking: Ix Prod (P3 99)
Highest ranked in Crafting: Ix Prod (P2 99)
Highest ranked in Smithing: Ix Prod (P4 99)
Highest ranked in Mining: Ix Prod (P4 99)
Highest ranked in Herblore: Ix Prod (P2 99)
Highest ranked in Agility: Ix Prod (P5 99)
Highest ranked in Thieving: Ix Prod (P2 99)
Highest ranked in Slayer: Ix Prod (P9 99)
Highest ranked in Farming: Ix Prod (P4 99)
Highest ranked in Runecrafting: Ix Prod (P5 99)
Highest ranked in Hunter: Ix Prod (P4 99)
PvP statistics
Highest amount of PvP kills:

Highest boss KC
General Graardor: 15 - Ix Prod
Kree'arra: 72 - Ix Prod
Commander Zilyana: 10 - Ix Prod
K'ril Tsutsaroth: 10 - Ix Prod
KBD: 68 - Ix Prod
Corporeal Beast: 
Dagannoth Prime: 
Dagannoth Rex: 38 - Ix Prod
Dagannoth Supreme:
Chaos Elemental: 9 - Ix Prod
Kalphite Queen: 
Giant Mole: 1490 - Ix Prod
Barrelchest: 7 - Ix Prod
Zulrah: 57 - Zulrah
Kraken: 141 - Ix Prod
Callisto: 20 - Ix Prod
Vet'ion: 30 - Ix Prod
Venenatis: 20 - Ix Prod
Chaos Fanatic: 19 - Ix Prod
Crazy archaeologist: 
Thermonuclear Smoke Devil: 108 - Ix Prod
Lizardman Shaman: 24 - Ix Prod
Cerberus:  26 - Ix Prod
Demonic Gorilla: 
Abyssal Sire: 
Alchemical Hydra: 
Skotizo: 4 - Ix Prod
Great Olm: 17 - Ix Prod
Ice Queen: 6 - Ix Prod
Glod: 13 - Ix Prod
I've decided to put prestiges over xp.
So someone with prestige 1 and lvl 99 in a skill would be put over someone with
prestige 0 and 30m xp.
Feel free to suggest anything that you think should be on Hall of Fame!
To get your achievements on the HoF either post them here or message directly
to me in discord @Ix Prod#5000
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