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Client Issues? Check here

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Hello everyone I've seen a lot of people having issues running the client. 95% of them appear to be this issue I'am about to go over and show you guys a fix for! Here is a picture of what may be happening to you if you are experiencing trouble running our official game client. 



1. If this issue is happening to you don't panic. It's a very easy fix! What's happening is there isn't enough memory being allocated. So in order to fix this we are going to make a very simple batch file that will run our game client. So first off what you are going to want to do is download the official game client here; https://oskingdom.org/data/Client2.jar 

2. Once you have downloaded the Client2.jar you are going to want to create a folder anywhere on your computer and place the Client2.jar in it. Then you are going to want to either make a .bat file named run.bat. In order to make it easier for you I have uploaded a batch file for your download. In order to be transparent I will post the code below and you can make your own batch file alternatively if you'd like!

Download run.bat here

@echo off
java -Xmx1024m -Xms1024m -jar Client2.jar

3. Now once you have downloaded the run.bat you are going to want to place it in the SAME folder as the Client2.jar . Once you have done so go ahead and run the batch file (run.bat) and it will open up a CMD and will spew out a bunch of non sense, all of this is just debugging for developer purposes so disregard. The client should open pretty quickly and your problem should be resolved! If the client freezes or anything be sure to screenshot the command prompt so I can identify the error! Thanks for following this tutorial and have fun on OS Kingdom!

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