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Updates 5/20/2020

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OS Kingdom

More new content! Hespori (Farming Boss) has been released! You can access the patch to Hespori at the farming guild and every patch you harvest you get one 1 in 50 chance at obtaining a Hespori seed! Good luck everyone, more content and fixes on the way!

- Hespori has been completed and added in-game (Farming Guild)
- Bottomless compost bucket has been added in-game and works properly
- Players now have a 1/50 chance of obtaining hespori seed when any farming patch depletes
- Fixed a bug with konar not counting kalphites in kalphite cave and dark beasts in tav dungeon
- Fixed a bug with konar assigning greater demons in Karuulm dungeon when there is none there (currently)
- Fixed a bug with moss guardians & dark beasts not counting in Iorwerth dungeon for konar
- Bug with picking up pet vet'ion has been fixed
- Diaries finished counter is now fixed
- Abyssal whip now properly poisons
- All monsters in the iowerth dungeon now have a chance of dropping 1-4 crystal shards (similar to ckey rates)
- Kril tsutsaroths drop rates have been fixed


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Ooh Hespori, time to get me a bottomless compost bucket.


Great update Shane.

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Hespori is definitely a nice addition!

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