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Updates 5/19/2020

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OS Kingdom

Updates! Content! Konar has been added in-game and a few various dungeon locations have been added. Also a few ultimate ironman improvements! Keep them bugs coming and I'll keep getting them fixed! Thank you to everyone who helps me, can't do it without you!

- When players die from PvM they now have 30 minutes to retrieve their stuff 
- Super donators+ have an increased 30 minutes (60 mins total) to retrieve items. 
- Taverley dungeon teleport spelling fixed
- Relleka dungeon teleport has been chaned to Fremennik Slayer Dungeon for clarification purposes regarding konar
- Fixed a bug where it where it was changing price of m box in vote shop for ironmen
- Revenant goblin, hobgoblin, demon, pyrefiend, cyclops and hellhound all now have killcounters
- Compost bin has been added to edz
- Otto godblessed will now repair 'broken dragon hasta' for free
- Hardcore armor no longer can be drop traded (Never was wearable for anyone other than hardcores so not a big issue at all)
- When on Ultimate Ironman Mode if you get a gem table or rare table drop it no longer goes to bank instead it is now dropped below you on the ground.
- EDZ farming grass patches have been fixed (weren't correct size)
- Konar slayer has been added in-game
- There is now a slightly higher chance (compared to ckeys) of receiving a brimstone key when slaying a konar task
- Added a way to see where konar assigned your location when checking slayer task amount
- Smoke dungeon teleport added to monster teleports
- Iowerth dungeon has been completed
- Iowerth dungeon teleport added to monster teleports
- Farming patches location names have been fixed (This was corrupted by last update, you may have seen this fixed before)
- Compost bins have been added to every available herb patch in OS Kingdom
- Dusk mystic robes have been added in-game (rare drop from brimstone chest)
- Brimstone chest reward table has been completed
- Brimstone chest now visually opens and closes properly just like OSRS
- 'Konar Slayer' teleport has been added to skilling teleports to access konar


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We really appreciate all the hard work you put into this project and on a personal note--

K O N A R  M Y  D U D E S

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Wow, lots added/fixed. Cheers Shane It all looks great.

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This is amazing, thanks!

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