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Mining & Smithing guide

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Welcome to my Mining & Smithing guide. Here I will show you every way to train up your mining and smithing.


Pickaxe & Hammer

First thing to do is purchase your pickaxe and hammer from the general store which is located in Edgeville. You can buy from bronze to rune in the general store aswell as the hammer.



Skill shop

You can also buy the Dragon or 3rd Age pickaxe from the Skill point shop. 


Dragon pickaxe - 750 skill points

3rd Age pickaxe - 1850 skill points


Starting off

To start mining off you'll want to mine tin and copper to teleport to either the Al-kharid mine, Lumbridge swamp mine, Falador mine or Varrock mine.


Mining guild

The Mining guild is the next spot after you hit 15 Mining. You can access the mining guild by going to your skilling teleports.


Iron ore (15-30)


Coal (30-55)


Mithril ore (55-70)


Adamantite ore (70-85)


Runite ore (85-99)


Amethyst (92-99)


Gem rocks (40+)


Motherlode mine

To teleport to the Motherlode mine you'll need to go to the minigames teleport and pick 'Motherlode mining'


Prospector percy

At the teleport there is an NPC called 'Prospector Percy' this NPC handles the Golden nugget shop.


Shop & Golden nuggets

Once you hand in the paydirt you have a chance on getting Golden nuggets every inventory.






First you'll need to mine the Rockfalls to be able to access the Veins where you can mine the paydirt.



You'll need to mine the Veins on the wall, they will run out and you'll need to mine multiple for a full inventory of paydirt.



Once you have a full inventory you have to run back to the main room of the Motherlode mine, you can then deposit the paydirt into the hopper. You'll be rewarded with ores that reflect your level. for example if you have 71 mining then you'll be able to get ores up to adamantite.


Ladder to upper section

The upper section of the Motherlode mine is a great spot to mine veins as it is a lot quicker although you'll need to spend 100 golden nuggets to be able to access this area.


Bonus XP


The Bonus XP set for mining is the prospector set. Every piece of the prospector set gives you a small XP boost. Once you have the full set it gives you a substantial XP boost.



Home furnace

To smith ores into bars, the easiest spot is at the home furnace, it's just North East of Edgeville bank. This is one of the easiest and quickest spots to smith bars.


Varrock Anvils and bank

Once you have your bars in the bank, you'll need to go to the Varrock west bank, right next to the bank is the Smithing spot and you'll be able to Smith bars into armour/weapons. 


The best XP whilst smithing is to make the highest XP items. Although it may be longer i'd reccomend making dart tips as it would help you out when fletching as darts are great Fletching XP.




Thanks for checking out my guide I hope it helps,






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