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Firemaking guide

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Welcome to my Firemaking guide. Firemaking is a relatively straightforward skill. This guide will have the logs you can burn, Wintertodt & the Set which give bonus XP


Burning Logs

Firemaking is one of the simplest skills in the game, the best way to get XP just from burning the best logs depending on your level.

You can buy the Tinderbox from the General store at home.


Normal Logs - 1-15


Oak logs - 15-30


Willow logs - 30-45


Maple logs - 45-60


Yew Logs - 60-75


Magic logs - 75-99


Redwood logs - 90-99



Wintertodt (50 Firemaking)

To teleport to Wintertodt, you'll need to go to minigames teleports and select Wintertodt.


You'll need an Axe, Hammer, Knife & Tinderbox for Wintertodt. You'll also need some food as you will be damaged during Wintertodt. I'd suggest bringing Saradomin brews as they can take less space in your inventory.


Once you teleport here there's a Deposit box that you can access your bank.


To the north of the teleport there's the Doors of Dinh, you'll need to go through these doors to access Wintertodt.


The Wintertodt minigame begins with 100% health, it slowly ticks down until you 0% and then will reset in 30 seconds. To gain points you'll need to first cut the Bruma Roots.


Then you'll need to light the Brazier and add the Bruma roots that you've cut into the Brazier for 10 points each.


You'll need 500 points to get a Supply box once the minigame is complete. The minigame will then restart in 30 seconds and you can rinse and repeat.

Bonus XP

The bonus XP set for this skill is the Pyromancer set. You'll get this set randomly whilst Firemaking, each piece will give a small xp boost and once you have the full set it gives a substantial boost.


Thanks for checking out my guide I hope it helps,



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Great guide!

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