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Events. (Schedule)

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Hello all, we have decided that we'd like to add in some scheduled events for the players to have some extra fun and maybe even earn some items. The events will be running Monday through Thursday because we all know that the weekend is time to grind Xp whilst double xp is on.


So from now on there will be a weekly discord/forum poll on upcoming content that you as the players decide what you'd like to be added/not added into the game. It will be completely up to you so make sure that you do vote if you'd like to impact the server.


As for Ingame events we will be hosting events from Monday through until Thursday which will be first hosted tomorrow (27/04/2020 or 04/27/2020) 

These events will be as follows.


Staff Hosted Hide and seek

7-9PM GMT - 1-3PM EST - 11-1PM PST

Only one win per person. Depending on Players online there will be 3-5 rounds


Boss Mass event

7-9PM GMT - 1-3PM EST - 11-1PM PST

Compete for the loot, If you get the drop you keep it


Bingo - 1st player to collect certain items wins prize

7-9PM GMT - 1-3PM EST - 11-1PM PST

There will be a list of items yelled, the first player to collect these will win a prize. There may be multiple rounds depending on players online


Pest Control event (x2 PC points enabled)

2 hours - 7-9PM GMT - 1-3PM EST - 11-1PM PST


I hope that these events bring you guys some fun, we may be switching in some events and taking some out depending on what you, the players want.





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