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Updates EASTER! 4/7/2020

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EASTER 2020: April 7th - 27th!


Welcome to OS Kingdoms first ever easter holiday event! During this event there may be some surprises, but for now this is what holiday content I have for you today and for the next 3 weeks!


Easter Chest:


- Requires carrots dropped from NPCs all over OS Kingdom!

- Get an Easter reward every time you use the chest!

- Same loot items as crystal key chest + Easter rewards!

- x2 loot of normal crystal key chest!

- Knows which items you have and will not give you duplicates!

- Carrots are dropped just like Crystal keys at the same rate of 1 in 30 chance!

- 1 in 50 chance for a exclusive and tradable rare item!

- Rare easter items: Easter phat, Easter cape, Easter DFS skin, Easter whip skin.


Giant Easter Egg Hunt:



- Spawns an giant easter egg in a random location

- 30 randomly generated locations 

- Reward for finding the egg is a easter mystery box

- Only way to get easter mystery boxes in-game

- Random amount of coins regardless of spin


Easter M box loot table:

Easter whip skin
Easter dfs skin
Easter Cape
Easter Party hat

BBunnyman mask
Bunny legs
Bunny top
Bunny gloves
Bunny feet
Easter egg helm
Egg shell top
Egg shell bottom


Easter ring
Easter basket
Giant easter egg
Magic egg



That's all I got for you guys! Enjoy and have fun! 

Patch log:

- Title manager in the settings tab has been fixed
- Added notification settings to filter chat
- Added status of evil tree and shooting star to OSK Daily Rewards 
- Easter event has been added in-game
- Giant easter eggs now spawn every 10 minutes, if found will reward a easter mystery box!
- 1 in 30 chance (same as ckey) to get a carrot which can be used on the easter chest at home!
- Added status of the egg hunt to ::events so players can see where it is.

Notice: We will also be running a mega Easter sale on bonds this weekend! April 8th-13th!




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Great update Shane. Looking forward to hunt all the items down.

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Love this, good stuff Shane! 😄

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Amazing ❤️

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