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All pets in-game

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Hello, below is a list of Pets that are available in the game, some may be added in the future as I may have missed a few.


Skilling pets

Agility - Giant squirrel

Farming - Tangleroot

Fishing - Heron

Firemaking - Phoenix

Hunter - Red/Black/Grey/Gold Chinchompa

Mining - Rock Golem

Runecrafting - Rift guardian

Thieving - Rocky

Woodcutting - Beaver


Miscellaneous pets

Kitten - Buy from Gertrude in Varrock

Bloodhound - Found in Master clues & Mystery box

Jaltok Jad pet - From Fire caves

Star Sprite pet - Found whilst mining the Crashed Star

Evil Chicken pet - Found whilst cutting the Evil tree

Barrows brothers pet - Obtained from the barrows chest


Monster pets

Chicken pet 

Moo - From Cows

Crawling hand pet

Cave bug pet

Cave crawler pet

Cave slime pet

Banshee pet

Rock Slug pet

Cockatrice pet

Pyrefiend pet

Basilisk pet

Infernal mage pet

Bloodveld pet

Turoth pet

Aberrant spectre pet

Dust devil pet

Kurask pet

Skeletal Wyvern pet

Gargoyle pet

Nechryael pet

Abyssal demon pet

Dark beast pet

Demonic Gorilla pet

Black Demon pet

Greater Demon pet

Revenant Imp pet

Revenant Goblin pet

Revenant Pyrefiend pet

Revenant Hobgoblin pet

Revenant Cyclops pet

Revenant Hellhound pet

Revenant Demon pet

Revenant Ork pet

Revenant Dark beast pet

Revenant Knight pet

Revenant Dragon pet

Rune Dragon pet

Wyrm pet

Drake pet

Green dragon pet

Blue dragon pet

Black dragon pet

Bronze dragon pet

Iron Dragon pet

Steel Dragon pet

Mithril Dragon pet

Adamant Dragon pet

Rune Dragon pet

Lava Dragon pet

Superior pets

Night beast pet

Greater abyssal demon pet

Crushing hand pet

Chasm crawler pet

Screaming banshee pet

Giant rockslug pet

Cockathrice pet

Flaming pyrelord pet

Monstrous basilisk pet

Malevolent Mage pet

Insatiable bloodveld pet

Insatiable Mutated Bloodveld pet

Vitreous Jelly pet

Vitreous warped jelly pet

Cave Abomination pet

Abhorrent Spectre pet

Repugnant Spectre pet

Choke Devil pet

King Kurask pet

Nuclear Smoke Devil pet

Marble gargoyle pet

Nechryarch pet


Event Boss pets

Glod Pet

Ice Queen Pet

Enraged Tarn Pet


Boss pets

Abyssal Sire pet - Abyssal sire

General Graardor pet - GWD - General Graardor

Commander Zilyana pet - GWD - Commander Zilyana

Kril Tsutsaroth pet - GWD - Kril Tsutsaroth

Kree Arra pet - GWD - Kree Arra

Dagganoth Prime pet

Dagganoth Rex pet

Dagganoth Supreme pet

Prince black dragon pet - King black dragon

Kraken pet - Kraken

Thermonuclear Smoke devil pet

Zulrah pet

Hellpuppy pet - Cerberus

Skotos pet - Skotizo

Vorki pet - Vorkath

Dark core pet - Corporeal beast

Kalphite princess pet - Kalphite queen

Smolcano pet - Zalcano


Wilderness Boss pets

Chaos Elemental pet

Callisto pet

Chaos Fanatic pet

Giant Mole pet

Vetion pet

Venenatis pet

Scorpia pet


Raids pets

Puppadile pet - Muttadile

Tektiny pet - Tekton

Vanguard pet - From Vanguards

Vasa Miniro pet - Vasa Nistiro

Lizardman Shaman - Lizardman Shaman

Olmlet - Completion of Chambers of Xeric

Maiden of Sugdinti pet - Maiden of Sugdinti

Pestilent Bloat pet - Pestilent bloat

Nyclocas Vasilias pet - Nyclocas Vasilias

Xarpus pet - Xarpus

Lil Zik - Completion of Theater of Blood


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Updated 03/05/2020

Added Smolcano pet

           Evil Chicken pet

           Star sprite pet

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Added Barrows brother pet

           All dragon pets

           Chicken pet

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