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Zalcano guide (70 Mining and Smithing REQ)

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Hello and welcome to my Zalcano guide, I have split this into four different parts.

You will need to have 70 Mining and 70 Smithing to kill this boss.

This boss has 3 stages. You will need to kill this boss 3 times to complete a full kill regardless if you are solo or in a group.

1. Getting there, Gear and inventory

2. Dangers

3. Mechanics

4. Loot and MVP


Getting there, Gear and Inventory

To access this boss you will need to use the Boss teleports and select Zalcano. Once there you will need to pass through the barrier and you will be facing Zalcano.



The Gear required is a Pickaxe, I'd recommend your best Pickaxe. Crystal > 3rd age > Dragon > Rune.

You'll also be running around a lot so Graceful or Stamina pots are essential. (Or a Halo if you have one)

You will be taking some damage so a decent amount of food is needed. The larger the group you kill this boss in the less food you'll need.




So there are a few dangers when killing Zalcano.

First off is his regular attack which hits a small amount every so often and is unavoidable.


The second danger in the room is rocks falling from the ceiling which can be avoided by standing 1 tile away from them.


The last danger is the Orange Circles that spawn frequently all over the floor in the room and they can be avoided by either standing far away from them or standing in the Blue Circles that spawn at the same time.


The Blue circles also increase damage done to Zalcano when you stand inside them and throw the imbued Tephra.




The first thing you need to know is that you cannot attack Zalcano with regular weapons, this boss is a bit different to other bosses. So read through this guide and hopefully you'll be a pro before you even step into the room to attack Zalcano.

When you first go into Zalcano you will need to mine the rock formations which are in the four corners of the room to obtain Tephra



Once you have a full inventory of Tephra you will need to run to the furnace which is in the eastern part of the room and click 'refine furnace' which will then give you refined Tephra



After you have the refined Tephra you will need to run to the western side of the room and there is an altar which gives you the option to 'imbue'


Once you imbue the refined Tephra you will now have imbued Tephra. 


You can now wield the imbued Tephra and use that to attack Zalcano



Now. Once you can attack Zalcano you will need to do 300 damage to get to his next phase. Once you have depleted his first health bar. Zalcano will fall to the floor and you will then be able to mine him.


Once you have mined another 300 damage and reduced his health bar to 0 he will then go back to normal.

You will need to repeat this all two more times to kill Zalcano regardless of if you are solo or in a group.

Loot and MVP

The MVP is shouted out in the chatbox. This is whoever has done the most damage.


Common drops (99/100 chance):

blood rune 196-480
cosmic rune 304-1018
death rune 234-830
law rune 218-533
soul rune 121-304
nature rune 1-702
silver ore 255-896 noted
gold ore 129-721 noted
coal 380-908 noted
addy ore 71-216
runite ore 7-29 noted
steel bar 141-393 noted
mithril bar 75-459 noted
addy bar - 29-93 noted
rune bar 9-23 noted
uncut diamond 5-18 noted
uncut dragonstone 2-11 noted
onyx bolt tips 5-37
pure ess noted 2191- 4422

Rare drops (1/100 chance):

crystal seed
zalcano shard
smolcano pet
uncut onyx

Thank you very much for reading my quest, I hope it's not too confusing. If you need any help message me either in game, on Discord or message me here via the forums.


Thanks, Toby.

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Amazing guide ❤️


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12 hours ago, cueween said:

Amazing guide ❤️


Thanks Cue. 

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Great guide Toby ! Server (especially me) needed a guide like this to refer to. thanks

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I was able to do a solo very easily after reading this and I've never even seen a video or anything about it before. Nice job Toby 😛

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