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Farming guide

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Hello and welcome to my farming guide. I've broken it down into 4 parts.

1. Getting the required tools for Farming and acquiring seeds

2. Location of farming patches

3. Levels required for farming

4. Extra information


Hopefully you find this guide useful and easy to follow.


Getting the required tools for farming and acquiring seeds

To start off you're going to need to teleport to the Farming teleport which is under skilling teleports. Once there trade the Master Farmer by the bank.



(For Ironmen)

To start off you're going to need to teleport to edgeville and run into the general shops just North-east of the bank. Here you'll need to trade the Ironman shopkeeper. As you are an Ironman you will have to Thieve the Master farmer  at the Farming teleport to acquire seeds. This requires 38 thieving.


I recommend your farming setup to look something like this


Locations of Farming patches

So there are 3 Farming locations ingame. 2 can be accessed by Non donors, the 3rd can only be accessed if you have Extreme donator rank ($100+)


Location #1 - Skilling teleport - Farming


Location #2 - City teleport - Falador - Falador park


Location #3 - ::EDZ 


Levels required for Farming

Although this image says you need level 9 for Guam, that is wrong as you can farm Guam at level 1.




Extra information

There are Items that can help out when farming and these are the Magic Secateurs and the Farming outfit. The Farming outfit can be obtained randomly when picking herbs and will give you an Xp boost.


The Magic secateurs are available from the vote shop for 15 vote points, these allow you to half the time it takes to farm herbs if you have them equipped. These are purchased at home at the poll booth in the bank.





Thank you very much for reading my guide and I hope i helped. 



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Great guide, Thanks Toby! This is well needed!

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