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1-99 woodcutting guide - by Bafana12

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Hello and welcome to my 1-99 wood cutting guide 😄


To start off we need axes:

--> The general store has all the axes, located North-West of home: (I recommend only buying a bronze and rune axe):


-->*NB* you will get a decent amount of skill points from this so i recommend saving and buying a dragon axe from point reward store pre 99 and after 99 i recommend getting the 3rd age axe* 


Once you have your axes we can begin training:


Open your teleport tab and go to "skilling teleports" then select woodcutting guild:


Once you are there run west until you see regular trees (I recommend dropping all logs for maximum efficiency):


Level 1 --> 30: regular trees

Level 30 --> 60: oak trees (located around the same area as regular trees)

Level 60 --> 85: yew trees (located around the same area as regular trees)

*Run east back to the teleport site and there will be magic trees*

Level 85 --> 90/99: magic trees (recommended to keep the magic logs as a bank is close)


Level 90 --> 99: redwood trees (more afk)


Congratulations for finishing the guide! You will soon have 99 woodcutting!

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Great guide Bafana, hope to see more like this. 

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Great guide :) Thanks!

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