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Zylloe's Staff App.

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Role appying for (Helper/Forums Mod): Helper

What is your in-game username?: Zylloe

How old are you?: 34

How long have you played OS Kingdom for?: 4 days 18 hours as of time of application

What is your timezone and where are you located?: GMT-5, east coast america

How many hours per day do you have to dedicate to OSK?: 4-5 usually sometimes more

Why do you want to have this role?: I love to help people if I can and consider myself to be friendly and try to get along with everyone

Do you have any previous moderation experience? Please explain in detail: I have taken on the moderator role on several different private servers, and was on the Admin team for one of them

Describe yourself in one-two sentences and how does that make you a good fit for this role?: As I said before, I enjoy helping people by answering questions and I am a nice, patient person

Tell me about a time when you had a conflict with another person, how was it resolved?: On a previous server there was an issue between myself and another player where he was basically bullying me and trying to make me quit. I simply told him I was sorry that I had personally offended him but he was not going to succeed and I hoped we could be civil.

Anything else you would like to include about yourself?: I know I haven't played the server very long but I do really like what I've seen as of yet and would very much like to be considered for the position of helper. Thank you for your time
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