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Crafting Guide 1-99

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Welcome to my Crafting Guide.

Crafting is very easy and fast. To start with we will need Cowhide which can be obtained by Trading the Tanner.

1) Magic book > Skilling teleport > Crafting > Crafting Guild



2) Have the cowhide's in your inventory with some coins and talk to Tanner.



3) From level 1-20 Tan and make leather equipment.



4) Gems-

- 20-27 You will need to cut Uncut Sapphires

- 27-34 You will need to cut Uncut Emeralds

- 34-43 You will need to cut Uncut Rubies

- 43-55 You will need to cut Uncut Diamonds

- 55-99 You will need to cut Uncut Dragonstones


Good Luck !

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