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Updates 2/2/2020

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OS Kingdom

Pretty big update here. We got motherlode mining and the fixing of many key content and features such as achievements and vorkath. Enjoy everyone! Nightmare zone is in the works and should be released soon!

- Motherlode mining has been added
- Cannonball price has been changed to 50 ea in blood money
- Mithril dragon safespots fixed
- Bronze/Iron dragon safespots fixed.
- Vorkath has been fixed
- Maiden spider spawns have been disabled until they can be fixed
- Overloads now give correct boost (5 + 0.15% of level)
- Guthans warspear has been fixed
- Str EXP is now also earned from barb fishing
- No more insane XP drops from xp counter
- Crystal items now work properly
- Wearing a charged bracelet of etherum will now pick up revenant ether automatically
- Mage arena shop added to Kolodin
- Added all npc defs/data for NMZ mode (Coming very soon)
- Gem rocks have been added to falador mine
- Chance of receiving skilling points fishing has been buffed 40%
- Gertrude has been added to normal varrock spot
- Rune scim upgrade kits now work fine
- Master farmer added to falador park (for achievement)
- Farming patches added to falador park (for achievement)
- Gem stall added to falador park (for achievement) 
- Picking berrys nerfed 
- Replaced an easy fally achievement, buy a beer at Rising Sun Inn now to complete
- Mining mithril ore in crafting guild fally achievement has been changed to gold since no mithril rocks
- Teleto now works for Moderators
- Fixed bug with noting items on banks
- Purely cosmetic dragon wings have been added back in game 1/500 chance on most dragons


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