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Updates 1/11/2020

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OS Kingdom

More critical fixes in this update than anything. We also peaked at 12-15 players today! The community is slowly growing and it is truly great to see :). New players make sure to be vocal and let us know your concerns and suggestions so we can make OS Kingdom into the great OSRS RSPS we all want it to be! Enjoy everyone!

- Raids 2 system reward bug regarding bugged vials of blood fixed.
- Fixed CMD bug with typing non numerical values in money pouch.
- Check option no longer reverts abby tent whip
- Gold/pink ele skirts now equip to correct slot.
- Zulrah drops have been redone, more likely to get rare drops now
- Mutagens have been made 20-30% more rare. 
- Fixed bug clue spot south east varrock mine
- Custom upgrade scrolls not intended to be in-game removed.
- Magenta party hat is now tradable
- Quest cape removed from achievement shop (for obv reasons)
- Youtuber rank now displays in clan chat in front of cc rank
- Dunce at ::dz fixed, now must be Super Donator + to set title.
- 3 donator cosmetic items have been added to ::dz shop!
- Super Magic & Ranged potions have been added to nmz shop
- Anti spam for home stalls at thieivng location has been fixed.
- Bonecrusher has been added to Boss shop (350 points)
- Players can now make the bonecrusher necklace


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Good updates, Nice seeing such constant updates. keep it up!

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