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Update 10/9/2019

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OS Kingdom

This update is focused on quality of life fixes and the addition of the Recipe for disaster quest! Enjoy, there is much more to come! Also do please make sure to download the official loader named Client.java this will update your client to the latest version. If you don't do this you may experience minor technical issues in-game!

- RFD has been added in-game.
- Rune crafting has been fixed.
- Revs now only give pvm points.
- Essence mining has been fixed.
- Thieivng casket now never gives you duplicates.
- There is now only one hunter pet (chinompa)
- Lumberjack set now goes in order never gives you duplicates.
- Mining set now goes in order never gives you duplicates. 
- Fishing casket now distributes wrangler set in order never gives you duplicates.
- The fishing casket rarity has been bumped up 150% because no chance of bust items.
- Firemaking casket now distributes pyro set in order never gives you duplicates
- Once player has gotten full pyro each fm casket will give a chance at coins or rare chance at book of fire.
- Players no longer can obtain duplicate pets from SKILLING. 
- Superheat failure removed, reason: not in osrs was custom from previous developers
- Superheat now gives magic experience
- Runecrafting has been FIXED and is no longer an issue. 
- Ess mine has been FIXED as well
- Object/Npc IDs have been updated for new data. If you have any issues please report them to a staff member.
- Annoying "4" forgotten test message removed from boss slayer (my bad)


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