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Update 10/4/2019

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OS Kingdom

The update log below is the last 24 hours update log and the one below it is the SOME of the previous update log before launch!

- Fixed 3 console errors.
- Initiate Armour has been added to both armour shops.
- Thamm Sceptre is now fixed
- Craws bow fixed now has unlimited ammo as well. 
- Higher the level of revenant more ether they drop, increased ether drop amounts.
- Revs now give pvm points and are now are kill counted
- Broads arrows now require 52 fletching
- EXP for fletching arrows has been buffed 125% was ridiculously low
- High and low alch values for bracelet of etherums FIXED 
- Uncharged bracelet of etherum can now be dismantled for 250 ether.
- Slayer tasks are now more relatively shorter (including wildy)
- Rare revenant drop weapons are now more rare
- Viggoras chainmace bonus +67 going to slash instead of crush FIXED
- Dragon scim has been added to armour iron man shop in order to help irons (was too hard to get for little value)
- Redwood logs now give correct amount of arrow shafts 
- Prices for resetting slayer task have been cut in half now 250k/100k/FREE
- Elemental shield price in the clue shop has been reduced was 52k now proper price.
- Cave Horrors have been fixed. 
- Test checks have been removed from slayer, my apologies (messages of 1, 2, 3 during slayer etc)
- Torags set now works FIXED
- West green dragons have now been added
- New west drags teleport added to PVP/Wildy teleport interface
- Rigour prayer now fixed, correct bonuses and boosts
- Augury prayer now fixed, correct bonuses and boosts
- Magic trees at ::dz have been fixed
- Raw beef cooking has been added 
- Raw chicken cooking has been added
- Cows have now been fixed, had wrong ID now are correct NPC
- Vet'ions drops have been added
- Venenatis & Scorpia drops have been redone

Part of the before launch update log: 

- Abyssal Sire has been added
- Bludgeon Special attack fixed.
- Players now have a 3 times increased chance of receiving golden nuggets (Motherlode Nuggets Buff)
- Mining teles and other teles that allowed you to tele in high wildy levels FIXED
- Lizardman shamans now respawn (No need to have to re teleport for spawn.)
- Packet issue not allowing players to equip Crystal halbred is now FIXED
- ::sendhome [player name] command has been added for Moderators to help players.
- Adding to pouch works again, that was my bad. 
- Iron men can now use the motherlode mine shop
- Wrong item id used for druidic circle easy clue FIXED works great now
- Rune essence mine removed from game, Pure ess added to shop to make game more balanced.
- Fury & Glory prayer bonus is now FIXED and correct
- Ardy max cape now gives correct prayer bonus
- Max cape issues fixed, when a player didn't have a max cape or a cape in slot it would bug the benefits of max cape even if you weren't maxed.
- Dart making rates have been buffed around 50-60% more exp
- Fletching bug where it broad bolts fletching would pop up FIXED
- Casket NPC Uri is no longer bugged and works fine now
- Kraken no longer drops pet (blame previous owners, was unaware)
- Redwood fletching has been added in-game (double arrow shafts, redwood shields)
- Super attack (3) and (2) bug not giving you the remaining (1) FIXED
- Tasks now count towards their bosses respectively (So like abyssal demon you can kill sire and all other npcs like blue drags to vorkath, etc)
- Slayer rewards now displays price 
- Wyverns now have special attack
- DFS now works against Wyverns special attack 


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This is amazing, thanks!


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