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Hello everyone it's been a long time coming! Now I can officially say OS Kingdom a project I've been working on for the past 2-3 months is finished and ready to be hosted. After a few beta periods I'm confident that everything is good to go for launch. Tons of work has gone into OS Kingdom and as a result we have a much much better game than what we had when I originally started. Things such as a brand new combat system, several new bosses including vorkath and sire, brand new slayer system are just some of the few things that we're able to be accomplished along with hundreds, yes I say hundreds of bugs have been fixed you can see some them on display in our update logs from early July before we decided to not continue to post. New update logs will be posted bi-daily or daily and advertisements are going up as you read this thread! Very relieved to have finally gotten to this stage of the server, I'm going to continue to work hard and pump as much content into the server as possible! Good luck to everyone in-game it will be a fun race to several OS Kingdom accomplishments!


Click here to play now!


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