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End of Beta Update

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OS Kingdom

The time is finally here! This update will mark the official ending of beta as we progress towards fully launching here in the next 24-48 hours. Everything listed below is a just a glimpse into all the effort and hard work that has been put into OS Kingdom. In this update you will notice many many fixes and updates that will increase your quality of life and also make the game a overall more enjoyable experience. Thank you to everyone who has beta tested this server we have now wouldn't have been possible without you guys so thank you! With this update you must download the latest client so be sure to download the client from any link on this site! Another thing is we decided to cap all 99's experience to roughly around 13m total experience if your experience in that skill with a 99 exceeded 13.034m. More information will be released tomorrow regarding that, but no resets have been done except for what has been said. If you have any questions please let me know and enjoy!

- Ranged max hits and ranged str has been perfected (just like osrs)
- Heavy Ballista now works as it should
- Vengenance and poison don't always hit 0
- Kraken and tentacles can now be attacked more easier now. Kraken can be attacked properly now.
- Pet Insurance has been added, talk to parroty pete @ home bank
- Lunar spell book teleports have been changed to be more easily recognizable
- Arrow, bolt, dart fletching has been updated and is now identical to OSRS
- Crystal hally spec now hits double on npcs larger than 1x1
- Glass blowing has been added in-game
- Crystal key chest has been significantly nerfed.
- Abby demons no longer drop the pet sire should.
- Iron donators can now use ::yell
- Leaving a cc during a raid now forces you to leave the raid
- Rank manager has been added for donators. Click on Rank: (your rank) in quest tab
- Donator store price icons now updated to a coin with a 'C' on it for credits.
- Edge lever now works and teleports to deserted keep like osrs, added a warning aswell.
- Edge trapdoor now works and leads to edge dungeon like it should
- Achievement store added and ability to exchange achievement points for chance at two rare items!
- New latest OSRS data has been added
- ::commands interface updated
- Abyssal demons now have 1 in 20k chance of receiving a abyssal dagger
- Tentacle whip now has charges, donors get extra 2.5k charges
- Seers rooftop agility has been fixed (no longer invisible)
- Rock crabs have been added to the west side of relleka and is now a multi zone while the east will be single.
- An opening has been made at rock crabs to extend to west rock crabs
- Cooks assistant quest has been added in-game
- Slayer helm (i) now boosts range damage and accuracy by 15% like OSRS
- Demonic gorillas can now be attacked without having to use auto retaliate
- Furnace at home/edge is now reachable and no longer has an 'invisible barrier'
- Bank booth added to other area of falador mine
- Marks of grace are now 10-20% more common
- Barbarian fishing has been added in-game
- Protect from magic against dragon fire now only takes 25% of initial damage and if you have anti fire you receive none
- Play time counter has been redone much better
- Inferno cape textures now work 100%, use to be a bit glitchy
- Clue help has been added shows you where to dig or use emote for clues
- Moving textures has been removed from settings and is automatically on (looks better, its 2019 ur computer should be able to handle...)
- Fish/Drop help has been added to toggable settings.
- Max cape now has teleports and features similar to OSRS
- All OSRS POSSIBLE skill cape perks have been added aswell as added to max cape perks
- If you create more than 4 regular accounts on your IP address you'll no longer receive starter kit (prevent gold farming)
- Additional black demons, greater demons and ice giants have been added to rev caves
- Angler fish consuming now works like OSRS
- Angler fish have been added to zeah and teleport has been added to fishing tutor at fishing tele
- Fishing shop (tynan) and bank added northeast of angler fishing spots
- Building north of edge bank has been turned into the pking bank for edge. Will home pvp related npcs
- Deleted objects no longer initially load when you log in meaning you do not see them anymore :)
- Block slayer tasks feature has been added
- Dragon javes have correct bonuses now
- Implemented poisoning for NPCS, before npcs could not be poisoned? Fixed.
- Venom has been implemented as well and works just like OSRS! 
- Venom now gets priority over poison now
- Dark green phat and other custom colored phats have been fixed and can be worn now. 
- NPCs are now like osrs if they cannot receive venom they poison or if they can't be poisoned/venom they won't be able to be.
- Fixed bug where it wouldn't delete the original cape when combining other capes with max capes
- All max cape modifcations/combinations have been added and work great.
- Pest control now rewards only players who get at least 2.5% damage inflicted (25 damage)
- Players can now enable noted drops for metal dragons for points @ slayer master
- For players to be able to do boss tasks they must now unlock them /w slayer points thru the master.
- Players may now learn to craft slayer rings for slayer points, must learn from slayer master for points
- Broad bolts can now be fletched and both bolts & arrows now must be bought or unlock from slayer rewards to obtain or fletch
- Superior monsters have now been added in game, can be purchased from slayer master
- Anti venom potions have been added in-game you can make them by adding zulrah scales to anti poisons (reduced exp since no anti dotes)
- Player drops are now handled differently than regular drops or NPC drops, wasn't like this before (another smh at previous developers)
- Players now have 45 minutes to retrieve their items once they die and all items dropped on ground by players or npcs will last approx 3 minutes and 30 seconds
- Giant mole respawns 3x more faster now
- Abyssal Bludgeon now has correct attack animations
- Abyssal Bludgeon special attack coded works like OSRS
- Wyson npc has been added to Giant Mole location to exchange mole claws/skins for bird nests at 2/3 rate for getting a non empty bird nest
- Giant Mole spawns faster now
- Krystillia works now like regular slayer master but with wildy slayer (fixed reset task)
- Extra slayer points are now award for completion of hard/boss tasks (every 10th, 50th, 100th, 250th or 500th you will get a bonus) So like 20th and 75th you'll get bonuses etc like osrs
- Dragon bolts (e) special fixed and now works fine
- Slayer points adjusted for each type
- Smoke devils now drop occult at 1/100 chance while thermos drop at 1/80
- Drops have been redone and will have a guide made within the next week!
- Youtuber/Content creator account has been made for those trusted and qualified.
- Revenant drops are now like OSRS, very rare items are being coded and revenants mobs themselves being redone will be released ASAP
- Wilderness slayer tasks receive 25 points each on completion
- All scimitars and longswords have the correct attack styles and interface

Note: You need a client update. 100+ old, spam player files have been deleted. If one of your accounts was deleted as a result of this please let me know I still have the files and I will be able to help you in recovering that account. 

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Thats huge, thanks!

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