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    Welcome and I hope you enjoy your stay! 🙂
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    Role appying for (Helper/Forums Mod): Helper What is your in-game username?: Irawezom How old are you?: 23 How long have you played OS Kingdom for?: 31 Days in-game time, I joined on April 14 What is your timezone and where are you located?: PT, Pacific Time How many hours per day do you have to dedicate to OSK?: 2-3 At least usually, sometimes more sometimes less depends on IRL activity. Why do you want to have this role?: I feel that if I have the Helper/Support rank it will help me help others more effectively and efficiently. Do you have any previous moderation experience? Please explain in detail: I have been a staff member on a few other servers, I'm in good standing with a couple owners of them and consider them my friends. They did not work out because the owners had personal reasons to close the servers. Describe yourself in one-two sentences and how does that make you a good fit for this role?: I am a big nerd, I like to learn and know a lot of what I like to do, which is play OSK. Tell me about a time when you had a conflict with another person, how was it resolved?: I've argued with a friend before about dumb topics, and after half an hour of going back and forth I decided to research the topic more and take a break from arguing which was resulting in getting nowhere. After we both did some research we realized we were half wrong, and we were just 2 dumbos. Still good friends talk everyday. Anything else you would like to include about yourself?: I like to play video games and have fun. A lot.