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  1. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hey everyone! I'm currently doing bank organizing services for anybody who is interested. Whether you've accumulated too much miscellaneous crystal key chest loot/clue rewards, or just dumped your items from inventory in there without a thought, it can get overwhelming really fast. I know some people don't want to take the time out of their day to organize it, and that's what I'm here for! If you're interested, all of the information and examples of the service will be below in the post. Thanks for checking it out! _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ As of right now, the price for this service will be 50M GP and service will be charged BY THE HOUR. If the time it takes falls under or over an hour, then I'll charge for however long it takes based off that original 50M/Hr price. For example, if it takes 30 minutes rather than an hour, I will charge 25M (50M/2 for 1/2 hour). If it takes an hour and 30 minutes, I will charge 75M (50/hr+25 for the additional 1/2 of hour). Any odd division will be rounded down. Just in case of any confusion of this price breakdown, a common time-frame list is included below: 20 minutes: 16,500,000 (16.5M) 30 minutes: 25,000,000 (25M) 1 hour: 50,000,000 (50M) 1 hr 30 min: 75,000,000 (75M) 2 hours: 100,000,000 (100M) 2 hr 15 min: 112,500,000 (112.5M) I feel that this is a fair amount given the variety between amount of time/level of mess. If you would like to pay half before and half after, or before completion of service, just let me know! _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ If you are interested in the service, you can reply to this forum post, PM me on Discord or message me in-game. Discord would be most preferable! After you reach out, we will designate any specifications about your organization wants and needs and set a time and date for it. I'll reach out to you beforehand to confirm, exchange information, and go from there! While I am organizing, you can play on an alt or sit back and relax! I'll message you when the service is completed and send pictures to confirm it is up to your standards. To ensure the confidentiality of your usual password, I ask that we set up a temporary password via Discord to protect your typical account password. That way, it can easily be changed back after service is completed and only you will know your actual account information. SHOULD YOU CHOOSE TO SHARE YOUR ACTUAL ACCOUNT INFORMATION WITH OTHER PLAYERS, PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THE OFFICIAL OS KINGDOM RULES LIST REGARDING THE SHARING OF ACCOUNT INFORMATION. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ From Irawezom's service: Personal Banks for reference: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Any additional questions or concerns, feel free to ask! Thanks for checking it out! __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________