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  1. Rage


    Great to have you here! we are delighted for you to choose our server and we will help you in every way we can! enjoy your time here at OSK 😁
  2. Rage

    Bank Organizing Services

    I wouldn't have anyone else organize my bank! fair prices and wonderful organization skills. she will turn your bank from a disaster, to an OCD Paradise. 😁
  3. Rage


    Welcome, my mother is also a nurse so I know how tough that can be sometimes, welcome to the server and anyone here will be glad to help you however we can 🙂
  4. Role appying for (Helper/Forums Mod): Forums Mod What is your in-game username?: Hc Rage How old are you?: 21 How long have you played OS Kingdom for?: 40 Days of in-game playtime. What is your timezone and where are you located?: Central US How many hours per day do you have to dedicate to OSK?: More than 10 hours daily. Why do you want to have this role?: I have had a lot of experience with Forums and how they are run and enjoy helping others. I understand the duties of a forum moderator and can guide players to their correct designated sections. Do you have any previous moderation experience? Please explain in detail: I have never been an In-game moderator but have been on threads and forums for many years. Describe yourself in one-two sentences and how does that make you a good fit for this role?: I am helpful and easy to talk to. I feel no question is a bad question and nobody is any better than their peers. I enjoy guiding players in the right direction and will go out of my way to help any person in need. Tell me about a time when you had a conflict with another person, how was it resolved?: I rarely have conflict and when I do, I am usually the one to step up and solve the problem so we can focus on what actually needs to be done rather than being stuck in a conflict. Anything else you would like to include about yourself?: I have loved OSK and the community since my very first day and I am active daily. I help anyone with any questions regardless of my status or rank and I feel like getting my foot in the door with forum moderator can show that not only am I a helpful person but that I can handle responsibility.
  5. Rage


    Can you please pm me in-game or on the forums on how these services would be carried out. And can you ensure that if you did Vorkath you wouldn't bomb my Hc ironman 😄
  6. Rage

    Shit dat don't do

    Please post any bugs under the bugs section under "Support HQ" thread. Thanks! 😄
  7. Rage

    Irawezom's Application

    Congratz on Helper 😄
  8. Rage

    Updates 4/29/2020

    ohh new evil tree boxes AWESOME! ❤️