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  1. Joseph M

    Additional Commands - For Teleports

    I was thinking about this the other day 😛 +1 from me what about for quickness adding ; 1 - ::cox 2 - :;tob 3 - ::zh (zulrah) and others for ease of access 😄.
  2. Joseph M

    Quality of Life!

    @Toby the reset shaking box doesn't work for box traps. but thank you!
  3. Joseph M

    Quality of Life!

    Welcome to my thread. This thread is going going to be about quality of life idea's from myself an others, so if you have any ideas please leave a comment and I shall add to the list. 1 - Instead of "make x" add a make all button - Like fletching logs into bows, or using bones on Altar. 2 - For Achievements, when filling vials and buckets, automatically do it instead of having to click each vial/bucket to fill. 3 - Farming, when emptying from compost bin make it do them all one by one instead of having to right click and so on. (side note possibly add tree patches) 4 - Make the reset trap work in Hunter. 5 - Thank you for reading this please feel free to add your own suggestions to this post.
  4. Joseph M

    pet ideas

    How about a pet shane as a reward from completionist xD Prayer pet (cue's idea) Other combat pets attack, strenth, defence and so on! Inferno Pet