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  1. Zylloe

    Updates 5/19/2020

    We really appreciate all the hard work you put into this project and on a personal note-- K O N A R M Y D U D E S
  2. Zylloe

    Updates 5/13/2020

    Looking forward to checking out the new stuff 😄
  3. Zylloe

    Additional Commands - For Teleports

    Some of the actual teleport lettering could be changed, but yeah I think this could be a good idea. I always find myself searching for the city or skilling teleport button in the ancient spellbook ahah +1
  4. Zylloe

    item sets

    Yes I think if you have the full barrows set you should be able to change it into the boxed item to save inventory space. Cannon as well. Could just use it on banker or something. Good suggestion +1
  5. Zylloe

    Firemaking guide

    Great guide!
  6. Zylloe


    Zahur on OSRS can turn your herbs into unf pots for a price of 200 gp with the completion of the Desert Hard Diary tasks or with the Herblore Cape. I think this would be an excellent addition to the game as putting herbs into water-filled vials can be time-consuming. You could even put her in Nardah so we can use the flying carpets to get to her (one of the rewards from Desert Diary). https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Zahur
  7. Zylloe

    Updates 4/4/2020

    Lovely update, thanks!
  8. Zylloe

    Update 4/3/2020

    You are a god among men. THANK YOU awesome update ❤️
  9. Zylloe

    skilling casket loot

    Regular bones are already in pvm ones, maybe switch the like ghostly, or prince leggings like that to skilling caskets and put better bones in pvm ones?
  10. Zylloe

    skilling casket loot

    Bones of varying tiers I think would be a good addition to the list as well
  11. Zylloe

    Updates 3/25/2020

    Looks like I'm gonna prestige le dreaded hunter. Great job Shane 😄
  12. Zylloe


    I nominate two people: Minde/Niekas and Zillow (not Zylloe thats me) Cause they've both been really good friends to me for a long time and helped me through some irl personal bs and I could never thank them enough for Also they've helped me immensely within OSK so I want to thank them for that as well 😄
  13. Zylloe

    Zylloe's Staff App.

    Role appying for (Helper/Forums Mod): Helper What is your in-game username?: Zylloe How old are you?: 34 How long have you played OS Kingdom for?: 4 days 18 hours as of time of application What is your timezone and where are you located?: GMT-5, east coast america How many hours per day do you have to dedicate to OSK?: 4-5 usually sometimes more Why do you want to have this role?: I love to help people if I can and consider myself to be friendly and try to get along with everyone Do you have any previous moderation experience? Please explain in detail: I have taken on the moderator role on several different private servers, and was on the Admin team for one of them  Describe yourself in one-two sentences and how does that make you a good fit for this role?: As I said before, I enjoy helping people by answering questions and I am a nice, patient person Tell me about a time when you had a conflict with another person, how was it resolved?: On a previous server there was an issue between myself and another player where he was basically bullying me and trying to make me quit. I simply told him I was sorry that I had personally offended him but he was not going to succeed and I hoped we could be civil. Anything else you would like to include about yourself?: I know I haven't played the server very long but I do really like what I've seen as of yet and would very much like to be considered for the position of helper. Thank you for your time Reply to this topic... GO TO TOPIC LISTINGStaff Applications
  14. Zylloe

    My Bank (so far)

    HEAVILY shown up by an ironman, good on ya Toby =P