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  1. Hey all, I’ve spoken to Shane already but I’d like to let everyone know as well. For now I’m having to step back from my rank on the server. With my Girlfriend moving in with me and now today Boris Johnson has announced the opening of pubs/restaurants I’m going to be going full time back to work. With a lot to do as well having a busy period for the first couple weeks we reopen I’m not going to have any free time. I feel it’s only right I step back, it’s unfair to Shane, the staff and all the players. I’ll still be on the discord and forums but sadly lack the time to play. I’m hoping I’ll be back soon on the server playing with everyone but sadly I’m unsure when. I’d like to thank @Shane for giving me this position and for being a great owner overall, he’s been a good friend in my time here and I’ve had a wonderful time playing the server. I’d also like to thank @Ix Prod he’s been a great help to me, not only did he help me when I first joined the staff team but he also helped me in general and was a great role model. Everyone else I will miss greatly and I hope I’ll return soon. Thank you all for such a great experience and I hope to see you all very soon.
  2. Toby

    Test server

    Hello all, We are going to be opening a test server very soon, this test server will help us work out any problems or bugs before any update is released into the main server. This is going to be done to improve players experiences in game and without any issues arising due to these bugs. We are looking for people who'd like to join us in testing these updates and helping us improve the server overall. If you'd like to gain access to this test server then please. Contact Shane on Discord. We're going to need a wide variety of players to test these updates. From Skillers to PVM'ers to UIM's. The wider demographic of accounts and play styles can really help when testing such updates. All the staff team will be on and testing updates but we may miss things and think that other players may be more suited to certain content and would be able to help Shane, the server and all other players. Thanks, The Staff team
  3. Toby

    All pets in-game

    Added Barrows brother pet All dragon pets Chicken pet
  4. Toby

    All pets in-game

    Hello, below is a list of Pets that are available in the game, some may be added in the future as I may have missed a few. Skilling pets Agility - Giant squirrel Farming - Tangleroot Fishing - Heron Firemaking - Phoenix Hunter - Red/Black/Grey/Gold Chinchompa Mining - Rock Golem Runecrafting - Rift guardian Thieving - Rocky Woodcutting - Beaver Miscellaneous pets Kitten - Buy from Gertrude in Varrock Bloodhound - Found in Master clues & Mystery box Jaltok Jad pet - From Fire caves Star Sprite pet - Found whilst mining the Crashed Star Evil Chicken pet - Found whilst cutting the Evil tree Barrows brothers pet - Obtained from the barrows chest Monster pets Chicken pet Moo - From Cows Crawling hand pet Cave bug pet Cave crawler pet Cave slime pet Banshee pet Rock Slug pet Cockatrice pet Pyrefiend pet Basilisk pet Infernal mage pet Bloodveld pet Turoth pet Aberrant spectre pet Dust devil pet Kurask pet Skeletal Wyvern pet Gargoyle pet Nechryael pet Abyssal demon pet Dark beast pet Demonic Gorilla pet Black Demon pet Greater Demon pet Revenant Imp pet Revenant Goblin pet Revenant Pyrefiend pet Revenant Hobgoblin pet Revenant Cyclops pet Revenant Hellhound pet Revenant Demon pet Revenant Ork pet Revenant Dark beast pet Revenant Knight pet Revenant Dragon pet Rune Dragon pet Wyrm pet Drake pet Green dragon pet Blue dragon pet Black dragon pet Bronze dragon pet Iron Dragon pet Steel Dragon pet Mithril Dragon pet Adamant Dragon pet Rune Dragon pet Lava Dragon pet Superior pets Night beast pet Greater abyssal demon pet Crushing hand pet Chasm crawler pet Screaming banshee pet Giant rockslug pet Cockathrice pet Flaming pyrelord pet Monstrous basilisk pet Malevolent Mage pet Insatiable bloodveld pet Insatiable Mutated Bloodveld pet Vitreous Jelly pet Vitreous warped jelly pet Cave Abomination pet Abhorrent Spectre pet Repugnant Spectre pet Choke Devil pet King Kurask pet Nuclear Smoke Devil pet Marble gargoyle pet Nechryarch pet Event Boss pets Glod Pet Ice Queen Pet Enraged Tarn Pet Boss pets Abyssal Sire pet - Abyssal sire General Graardor pet - GWD - General Graardor Commander Zilyana pet - GWD - Commander Zilyana Kril Tsutsaroth pet - GWD - Kril Tsutsaroth Kree Arra pet - GWD - Kree Arra Dagganoth Prime pet Dagganoth Rex pet Dagganoth Supreme pet Prince black dragon pet - King black dragon Kraken pet - Kraken Thermonuclear Smoke devil pet Zulrah pet Hellpuppy pet - Cerberus Skotos pet - Skotizo Vorki pet - Vorkath Dark core pet - Corporeal beast Kalphite princess pet - Kalphite queen Smolcano pet - Zalcano Wilderness Boss pets Chaos Elemental pet Callisto pet Chaos Fanatic pet Giant Mole pet Vetion pet Venenatis pet Scorpia pet Raids pets Puppadile pet - Muttadile Tektiny pet - Tekton Vanguard pet - From Vanguards Vasa Miniro pet - Vasa Nistiro Lizardman Shaman - Lizardman Shaman Olmlet - Completion of Chambers of Xeric Maiden of Sugdinti pet - Maiden of Sugdinti Pestilent Bloat pet - Pestilent bloat Nyclocas Vasilias pet - Nyclocas Vasilias Xarpus pet - Xarpus Lil Zik - Completion of Theater of Blood
  5. Toby

    Updates 5/20/2020

    Ooh Hespori, time to get me a bottomless compost bucket. Great update Shane.
  6. Toby

    Updates 5/19/2020

    Wow, lots added/fixed. Cheers Shane It all looks great.
  7. Toby

    Updates 5/18/2020

    Looks good, voting definitely needed this.
  8. Toby

    Updates 5/14/2020

    Fixes look great man. Cheers
  9. Toby

    Updates 5/13/2020

    Ooh great update for UIM's. Cheers for the update Shane.
  10. Toby

    Additional Commands - For Teleports

    Agreed this would save a bit of time when searching the magic book to find the correct one.
  11. Toby

    highlight done achievements green

    Good suggestion, would be a bit easier to see what is and isn't completed.
  12. Toby

    Updates 5/10/2020

    Cheers for all these fixes Shane.
  13. Toby

    untradeable items

    Ah, makes sense. 😛
  14. Toby

    untradeable items

    Almost all untradeables get sent to your bank anyways. What items aren’t being sent to bank on death?
  15. Toby

    item sets

    Good suggestion, would be nice to see this ingame.
  16. Toby

    Mining & Smithing guide

    Welcome to my Mining & Smithing guide. Here I will show you every way to train up your mining and smithing. Pickaxe & Hammer First thing to do is purchase your pickaxe and hammer from the general store which is located in Edgeville. You can buy from bronze to rune in the general store aswell as the hammer. Skill shop You can also buy the Dragon or 3rd Age pickaxe from the Skill point shop. Dragon pickaxe - 750 skill points 3rd Age pickaxe - 1850 skill points Starting off To start mining off you'll want to mine tin and copper to teleport to either the Al-kharid mine, Lumbridge swamp mine, Falador mine or Varrock mine. Mining guild The Mining guild is the next spot after you hit 15 Mining. You can access the mining guild by going to your skilling teleports. Iron ore (15-30) Coal (30-55) Mithril ore (55-70) Adamantite ore (70-85) Runite ore (85-99) Amethyst (92-99) Gem rocks (40+) Motherlode mine To teleport to the Motherlode mine you'll need to go to the minigames teleport and pick 'Motherlode mining' Prospector percy At the teleport there is an NPC called 'Prospector Percy' this NPC handles the Golden nugget shop. Shop & Golden nuggets Once you hand in the paydirt you have a chance on getting Golden nuggets every inventory. Rockfall First you'll need to mine the Rockfalls to be able to access the Veins where you can mine the paydirt. Veins You'll need to mine the Veins on the wall, they will run out and you'll need to mine multiple for a full inventory of paydirt. Hopper Once you have a full inventory you have to run back to the main room of the Motherlode mine, you can then deposit the paydirt into the hopper. You'll be rewarded with ores that reflect your level. for example if you have 71 mining then you'll be able to get ores up to adamantite. Ladder to upper section The upper section of the Motherlode mine is a great spot to mine veins as it is a lot quicker although you'll need to spend 100 golden nuggets to be able to access this area. Bonus XP The Bonus XP set for mining is the prospector set. Every piece of the prospector set gives you a small XP boost. Once you have the full set it gives you a substantial XP boost. Smithing Home furnace To smith ores into bars, the easiest spot is at the home furnace, it's just North East of Edgeville bank. This is one of the easiest and quickest spots to smith bars. Varrock Anvils and bank Once you have your bars in the bank, you'll need to go to the Varrock west bank, right next to the bank is the Smithing spot and you'll be able to Smith bars into armour/weapons. The best XP whilst smithing is to make the highest XP items. Although it may be longer i'd reccomend making dart tips as it would help you out when fletching as darts are great Fletching XP. Thanks for checking out my guide I hope it helps, Toby
  17. Toby

    Firemaking guide

    Welcome to my Firemaking guide. Firemaking is a relatively straightforward skill. This guide will have the logs you can burn, Wintertodt & the Set which give bonus XP Burning Logs Firemaking is one of the simplest skills in the game, the best way to get XP just from burning the best logs depending on your level. You can buy the Tinderbox from the General store at home. Normal Logs - 1-15 Oak logs - 15-30 Willow logs - 30-45 Maple logs - 45-60 Yew Logs - 60-75 Magic logs - 75-99 Redwood logs - 90-99 Wintertodt (50 Firemaking) To teleport to Wintertodt, you'll need to go to minigames teleports and select Wintertodt. You'll need an Axe, Hammer, Knife & Tinderbox for Wintertodt. You'll also need some food as you will be damaged during Wintertodt. I'd suggest bringing Saradomin brews as they can take less space in your inventory. Once you teleport here there's a Deposit box that you can access your bank. To the north of the teleport there's the Doors of Dinh, you'll need to go through these doors to access Wintertodt. The Wintertodt minigame begins with 100% health, it slowly ticks down until you 0% and then will reset in 30 seconds. To gain points you'll need to first cut the Bruma Roots. Then you'll need to light the Brazier and add the Bruma roots that you've cut into the Brazier for 10 points each. You'll need 500 points to get a Supply box once the minigame is complete. The minigame will then restart in 30 seconds and you can rinse and repeat. Bonus XP The bonus XP set for this skill is the Pyromancer set. You'll get this set randomly whilst Firemaking, each piece will give a small xp boost and once you have the full set it gives a substantial boost. Thanks for checking out my guide I hope it helps, Toby.
  18. Toby

    Cooking Guide

    Welcome to my Cooking guide. Luckily Cooking is one of the easiest skills, so won't be a very long guide. To get to the Cooking area, you'll need to access the skilling teleports and click on the Cooking button. Once you've done this you'll find yourself here. The Cooking area is a small spot with two clay ovens which are used to cook the Raw food that you have. To the South west of the area is a small bank chest which you can use to bank your cooked food and take out your raw food. A great tool to help with Cooking is the Cooking gauntlets. These can be bought from the Skillpoint shop for 200 Skill points. These will reduce the chance of burning food. The best advice for this skill is to Cook the best possible food you can depending on your level. Thanks for reading this guide, I hope it helped even a tiny bit. Toby.
  19. Toby

    Skilling Guide Directory

    To help navigate the guides you can hold CTRL + F to search for the guide you are looking for. Agility Agility Guide by @Toby Cooking Cooking guide @Toby Crafting Crafting guide by @cueween Farming Farming Guide by @Toby Firemaking Firemaking guide by @Toby Fishing Fishing Guide by @Toby Fletching Currently none Herblore Currently none Hunter Hunter guide by @cueween Mining Mining guide by @Toby Runecrafting Runecrafting guide by @cueween Slayer Slayer guide by @Toby Smithing Smithing guide by @Toby Thieving Thieving guide by @Toby Woodcutting Woodcutting guide by @Bafana12 This thread will be updated to make sure the best and most up to date guides are here.
  20. Toby

    Fishing Guide

    Welcome to my Fishing guide. Fishing is a relatively straightforward skill, however there are many different spots to fish in. In this guide I will show you all the spots to fish in, how to get there & the bonus XP gear that can help you out. Fishing spots To get to the regular fishing spot you'll want to go into the Skilling teleport menu, once there click on the Fishing button. This will teleport you to Catherby. From here you can Fish from Shrimps to Sharks. There are many spots here and also a banker right next to the spots as well for easy banking. Fishing shop At the fishing teleport there is an NPC called 'Master Fisher' this NPC handles the Fishing store, here you can purchase everything that you need to Fish with. Fishing tutor Another NPC at the Fishing teleport is the 'Fishing tutor' you can speak to the Fishing tutor for access to Barbarian fishing which allows you to train agility as well as fishing. You can also teleport to Angler fishing which is one of the best Food in the game for PVM once cooked. Barbarian Fishing spot Angler Fishing spot Minnow fishing Minnow fishing can be found under the Skilling teleports at the bottom. To Fish Minnow you'll need a Full anglers outfit and 82 Fishing and a Small fishing net. Every time you catch minnows it will be in small increments from 10-14. These are stackable fish, however there is an AFK timer put into place here and you will stop every 200-300 times you catch them. You can then talk to the NPC 'Kylie Minnow' to trade 40 minnows for 1 shark. This method allows you to train a bit more AFK but at a slower XP rate. Underwater fishing (Fishing & Hunter XP) To access Underwater fishing or Drift net fishing you'll need to have 47 fishing and 44 hunter. You can get here by going into the Skilling teleports, scrolling to the bottom and selecting Underwater fishing. You'll then be teleported to a small island with a bank chest and a rowboat. Once here you'll want to click on the row boat. This will take you to the underwater location. You then need to go North and talk to the NPC 'Ceto' she will tell you that you need 50,000 coins to access Drift net fishing. Once paid enter the tunnel and go through the plant doors. When you're through the doors you'll need to speak to Annette as she sells the Drift nets and the Merfolk trident. Be sure to equip the trident! Now all you need to do is go towards the Drift net anchors and set up the traps. You then need to click on the shoals to direct them into the net traps. Once they've been caught you only need to harvest the Drift net anchors. Then rinse and repeat. Wilderness Resource Area (Wilderness) Last but not least is the Wilderness Resource area. You can find this in the wilderness teleports at the top. You'll need to pay a fee of 50,000 coins to access this spot. This spot is great for fishing as you can Fish Dark Crabs, these are one of the best Food for PVM, you can also note any resources with the NPC at this location. Bonus XP The bonus XP set for this skill is the Angler set. You'll get this set randomly whilst Fishing, each piece will give a small xp boost and once you have the full set it gives a substantial boost. Thanks for checking out my guide I hope it helps, Toby.
  21. Toby

    Thieving Guide

    Welcome to my Thieving guide, this is a very simple skill and isn't too much to it so I imagine it will be a relatively short guide. Levelling The Thieving stalls are located at home on the north wall of the bank. They range from level 1 thieving to level 90 thieving. These stalls are also in ::DZ and ::EDZ so donators can make use of this for the bonus 20% XP in those locations. Crafting stall - Level 1-25 Food stall - Level 25-50 Crafting stall - Level 50-75 Magic stall - Level 75-90 Scimitar stall - Level 90-99 The NPC standing next to the stalls is where you can sell your stolen goods. A quick way to sell your items is to use one of the items on him. This will instantly sell the items in your inventory to him without having to open up the shop interface. If you are an Ironman, I'd also suggest thieving from the Master farmer who is located at the Farming skill teleport. He has a level 10 Thieving requirement, he gives all types of herb seeds which will help you with your Farming & Herblore skill. XP boosts During thieving you will slowly accumulate the Rogue set, each piece gives a small XP bonus when worn and the entire set gives a larger boost to help out. These are obtained randomly whilst thieving, hopefully you'll get lucky and obtain them early. Another item which can help out a lot is the Ardougne Cloak when worn this item gives bonus Thieving XP. You get this by completing the Ardougne diaries. Ardougne Cloak 1 - 5% Ardougne Cloak 2 - 10% Ardougne Cloak 3 - 15% Ardougne Cloak 4 - 20% Thanks for reading this guide. Toby.
  22. Toby

    Donator zones.

    Welcome to the Donator zones perks, skills and NPC thread. This post will show you what is in each respective donator zone. $10+ - ::DZ (20% XP bonus) Bank, Nurse, Fountain & Altar Crystal key chest Mining rocks. (Iron - Rune & Gem rocks) Anvils & Furnace Trees (Regular tree - Magics) Black Chinchompas Thieving stalls & NPC All fishing spots (other than Minnows) Cooking range & Tanner Teleportation Resource Area - 60k coins KBD lair - 25k coins GWD tele, with KC - 80k coins Corporeal beast lair - 100k coins Donator Thermonuclear smoke devil dungeon $100+ - EDZ (20% XP bonus) Adding tomorrow.
  23. Toby

    Quality of Life!

    Good suggestions. Is the reset trap for the bird catching? Not had a problem with the box traps, usually catch all with no problems.
  24. Toby

    seed box

    Herb sack is curretly ingame as is the Gem bag. Can be obtained from Slayer shop. Seed box would be a good addition though.
  25. Toby

    boss caskets

    Still don't think it's a good idea. Already enough avenues to obtain Boss rares.