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  1. Toby

    Mining & Smithing guide

    Welcome to my Mining & Smithing guide. Here I will show you every way to train up your mining and smithing. Pickaxe & Hammer First thing to do is purchase your pickaxe and hammer from the general store which is located in Edgeville. You can buy from bronze to rune in the general store aswell as the hammer. Skill shop You can also buy the Dragon or 3rd Age pickaxe from the Skill point shop. Dragon pickaxe - 750 skill points 3rd Age pickaxe - 1850 skill points Starting off To start mining off you'll want to mine tin and copper to teleport to either the Al-kharid mine, Lumbridge swamp mine, Falador mine or Varrock mine. Mining guild The Mining guild is the next spot after you hit 15 Mining. You can access the mining guild by going to your skilling teleports. Iron ore (15-30) Coal (30-55) Mithril ore (55-70) Adamantite ore (70-85) Runite ore (85-99) Amethyst (92-99) Gem rocks (40+) Motherlode mine To teleport to the Motherlode mine you'll need to go to the minigames teleport and pick 'Motherlode mining' Prospector percy At the teleport there is an NPC called 'Prospector Percy' this NPC handles the Golden nugget shop. Shop & Golden nuggets Once you hand in the paydirt you have a chance on getting Golden nuggets every inventory. Rockfall First you'll need to mine the Rockfalls to be able to access the Veins where you can mine the paydirt. Veins You'll need to mine the Veins on the wall, they will run out and you'll need to mine multiple for a full inventory of paydirt. Hopper Once you have a full inventory you have to run back to the main room of the Motherlode mine, you can then deposit the paydirt into the hopper. You'll be rewarded with ores that reflect your level. for example if you have 71 mining then you'll be able to get ores up to adamantite. Ladder to upper section The upper section of the Motherlode mine is a great spot to mine veins as it is a lot quicker although you'll need to spend 100 golden nuggets to be able to access this area. Bonus XP The Bonus XP set for mining is the prospector set. Every piece of the prospector set gives you a small XP boost. Once you have the full set it gives you a substantial XP boost. Smithing Home furnace To smith ores into bars, the easiest spot is at the home furnace, it's just North East of Edgeville bank. This is one of the easiest and quickest spots to smith bars. Varrock Anvils and bank Once you have your bars in the bank, you'll need to go to the Varrock west bank, right next to the bank is the Smithing spot and you'll be able to Smith bars into armour/weapons. The best XP whilst smithing is to make the highest XP items. Although it may be longer i'd reccomend making dart tips as it would help you out when fletching as darts are great Fletching XP. Thanks for checking out my guide I hope it helps, Toby
  2. Toby

    Firemaking guide

    Welcome to my Firemaking guide. Firemaking is a relatively straightforward skill. This guide will have the logs you can burn, Wintertodt & the Set which give bonus XP Burning Logs Firemaking is one of the simplest skills in the game, the best way to get XP just from burning the best logs depending on your level. You can buy the Tinderbox from the General store at home. Normal Logs - 1-15 Oak logs - 15-30 Willow logs - 30-45 Maple logs - 45-60 Yew Logs - 60-75 Magic logs - 75-99 Redwood logs - 90-99 Wintertodt (50 Firemaking) To teleport to Wintertodt, you'll need to go to minigames teleports and select Wintertodt. You'll need an Axe, Hammer, Knife & Tinderbox for Wintertodt. You'll also need some food as you will be damaged during Wintertodt. I'd suggest bringing Saradomin brews as they can take less space in your inventory. Once you teleport here there's a Deposit box that you can access your bank. To the north of the teleport there's the Doors of Dinh, you'll need to go through these doors to access Wintertodt. The Wintertodt minigame begins with 100% health, it slowly ticks down until you 0% and then will reset in 30 seconds. To gain points you'll need to first cut the Bruma Roots. Then you'll need to light the Brazier and add the Bruma roots that you've cut into the Brazier for 10 points each. You'll need 500 points to get a Supply box once the minigame is complete. The minigame will then restart in 30 seconds and you can rinse and repeat. Bonus XP The bonus XP set for this skill is the Pyromancer set. You'll get this set randomly whilst Firemaking, each piece will give a small xp boost and once you have the full set it gives a substantial boost. Thanks for checking out my guide I hope it helps, Toby.
  3. Toby

    Cooking Guide

    Welcome to my Cooking guide. Luckily Cooking is one of the easiest skills, so won't be a very long guide. To get to the Cooking area, you'll need to access the skilling teleports and click on the Cooking button. Once you've done this you'll find yourself here. The Cooking area is a small spot with two clay ovens which are used to cook the Raw food that you have. To the South west of the area is a small bank chest which you can use to bank your cooked food and take out your raw food. A great tool to help with Cooking is the Cooking gauntlets. These can be bought from the Skillpoint shop for 200 Skill points. These will reduce the chance of burning food. The best advice for this skill is to Cook the best possible food you can depending on your level. Thanks for reading this guide, I hope it helped even a tiny bit. Toby.
  4. Toby

    Skilling Guide Directory

    To help navigate the guides you can hold CTRL + F to search for the guide you are looking for. Agility Agility Guide by @Toby Cooking Cooking guide @Toby Crafting Crafting guide by @cueween Farming Farming Guide by @Toby Firemaking Firemaking guide by @Toby Fishing Fishing Guide by @Toby Fletching Currently none Herblore Currently none Hunter Hunter guide by @cueween Mining Mining guide by @Toby Runecrafting Runecrafting guide by @cueween Slayer Slayer guide by @Toby Smithing Smithing guide by @Toby Thieving Thieving guide by @Toby Woodcutting Woodcutting guide by @Bafana12 This thread will be updated to make sure the best and most up to date guides are here.
  5. Toby

    Fishing Guide

    Welcome to my Fishing guide. Fishing is a relatively straightforward skill, however there are many different spots to fish in. In this guide I will show you all the spots to fish in, how to get there & the bonus XP gear that can help you out. Fishing spots To get to the regular fishing spot you'll want to go into the Skilling teleport menu, once there click on the Fishing button. This will teleport you to Catherby. From here you can Fish from Shrimps to Sharks. There are many spots here and also a banker right next to the spots as well for easy banking. Fishing shop At the fishing teleport there is an NPC called 'Master Fisher' this NPC handles the Fishing store, here you can purchase everything that you need to Fish with. Fishing tutor Another NPC at the Fishing teleport is the 'Fishing tutor' you can speak to the Fishing tutor for access to Barbarian fishing which allows you to train agility as well as fishing. You can also teleport to Angler fishing which is one of the best Food in the game for PVM once cooked. Barbarian Fishing spot Angler Fishing spot Minnow fishing Minnow fishing can be found under the Skilling teleports at the bottom. To Fish Minnow you'll need a Full anglers outfit and 82 Fishing and a Small fishing net. Every time you catch minnows it will be in small increments from 10-14. These are stackable fish, however there is an AFK timer put into place here and you will stop every 200-300 times you catch them. You can then talk to the NPC 'Kylie Minnow' to trade 40 minnows for 1 shark. This method allows you to train a bit more AFK but at a slower XP rate. Underwater fishing (Fishing & Hunter XP) To access Underwater fishing or Drift net fishing you'll need to have 47 fishing and 44 hunter. You can get here by going into the Skilling teleports, scrolling to the bottom and selecting Underwater fishing. You'll then be teleported to a small island with a bank chest and a rowboat. Once here you'll want to click on the row boat. This will take you to the underwater location. You then need to go North and talk to the NPC 'Ceto' she will tell you that you need 50,000 coins to access Drift net fishing. Once paid enter the tunnel and go through the plant doors. When you're through the doors you'll need to speak to Annette as she sells the Drift nets and the Merfolk trident. Be sure to equip the trident! Now all you need to do is go towards the Drift net anchors and set up the traps. You then need to click on the shoals to direct them into the net traps. Once they've been caught you only need to harvest the Drift net anchors. Then rinse and repeat. Wilderness Resource Area (Wilderness) Last but not least is the Wilderness Resource area. You can find this in the wilderness teleports at the top. You'll need to pay a fee of 50,000 coins to access this spot. This spot is great for fishing as you can Fish Dark Crabs, these are one of the best Food for PVM, you can also note any resources with the NPC at this location. Bonus XP The bonus XP set for this skill is the Angler set. You'll get this set randomly whilst Fishing, each piece will give a small xp boost and once you have the full set it gives a substantial boost. Thanks for checking out my guide I hope it helps, Toby.
  6. Toby

    Thieving Guide

    Welcome to my Thieving guide, this is a very simple skill and isn't too much to it so I imagine it will be a relatively short guide. Levelling The Thieving stalls are located at home on the north wall of the bank. They range from level 1 thieving to level 90 thieving. These stalls are also in ::DZ and ::EDZ so donators can make use of this for the bonus 20% XP in those locations. Crafting stall - Level 1-25 Food stall - Level 25-50 Crafting stall - Level 50-75 Magic stall - Level 75-90 Scimitar stall - Level 90-99 The NPC standing next to the stalls is where you can sell your stolen goods. A quick way to sell your items is to use one of the items on him. This will instantly sell the items in your inventory to him without having to open up the shop interface. If you are an Ironman, I'd also suggest thieving from the Master farmer who is located at the Farming skill teleport. He has a level 10 Thieving requirement, he gives all types of herb seeds which will help you with your Farming & Herblore skill. XP boosts During thieving you will slowly accumulate the Rogue set, each piece gives a small XP bonus when worn and the entire set gives a larger boost to help out. These are obtained randomly whilst thieving, hopefully you'll get lucky and obtain them early. Another item which can help out a lot is the Ardougne Cloak when worn this item gives bonus Thieving XP. You get this by completing the Ardougne diaries. Ardougne Cloak 1 - 5% Ardougne Cloak 2 - 10% Ardougne Cloak 3 - 15% Ardougne Cloak 4 - 20% Thanks for reading this guide. Toby.
  7. Toby

    Slayer Guide

    Cheers, added in.
  8. Toby

    Slayer Guide

    Hi all and welcome to my Slayer guide. Hopefully this guide will help you out and make slayer a little easier for you. Slayer masters All slayer masters can be found in Edgeville. The first four slayer masters can be found just south of Edgeville bank. Kristillia the wilderness master can be found just north of Edgeville bank. 1st slayer master - Turael - Low level tasks - 10 points per completion 2nd slayer master - Mazchna - Medium level tasks - 20 points per completion 3rd slayer master - Duradel - High level tasks - 30 points per completion 4th slayer master - Nieve - Boss tasks - 40 points per completion 5th slayer master - Kristillia - Wilderness slayer tasks - 50 points per completion For every task you complete this adds to your streaks. Points are rewarded for a certain amount of tasks completed. You are awarded bonus points every 10, 50, 100, 250 & 1000 tasks. Slayer helmet (55 Crafting Required) To create the slayer Helmet you'll need 6 specific items. Black mask, Enchanted Gem, Spiky helmet, Earmuffs, Nosepegs and the Facemask. To obtain the black mask you'll need to obtain one from the Cave horrors which have a Level 58 slayer requirement to kill. The Spiky helmet, Earmuffs, Nosepegs and Facemask can be bought from the slayer masters shops for 10 Slayer points each. The Enchanted Gem can also be bought from the slayer masters shop for 1 Slayer point Once you have all these items you will need to purchase "Learn how to create a Slayer helmet" from the Slayer Rewards. This will cost you 350 Slayer points. This is worth it as the standard slayer helmet gives a 16.67% Melee boost against NPC's you have on task. To create the Slayer helmet (I) you will need to purchase the "Learn how to create the slayer helmet (Imbued) from the Slayer rewards. This will cost you 150 Slayer points. Once you've done that, with a Slayer helmet in your inventory simply click on the 'Buy' tab and click on the Imbue Slayer helmet option. This is free and will imbue your Slayer helmet. Doing so means when wearing your Slayer helmet it will now also give a 15% boost to Range and Mage against NPC's you have on Task. Superiors To unlock Superiors you'll need to purchase the "Learn how to encounter Superiors" from the Slayer rewards for 250 Slayer points. Most Slayer task Monsters will have the possibility of encountering superiors. However Superiors can only be encountered if they are Slayer level restricted NPC's. From Crawling hands to Dark beasts. You can't encounter Superiors from bosses, Dragons etc. Superiors have the chance to drop the Imbued heart, This is a great item that allows you to boost your Magic from 99 to 108. This can only be used every 7 minutes and can be used infinitely. This item is tradeable. Slayer Monsters & level requirements Please use this link below to find out the requirements for Slayer level required NPC's. https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Slayer_monsters Locations of NPCs For 200 Slayer points you can also buy the 'ring of charos' this ring allows you to teleport to your slayer task. If you are maxed then you are able to use the Max cape function that will allow you to teleport to your slayer task. Most NPC's are in the Dungeons, slayer dungeons and can be seen here in this link below. http://oskingdom.org/community/index.php?/topic/434-monster-dungeon-guide/ However, tasks from Kristillia can be found in the wilderness. Use the wilderness teleport interface ingame to find them. Slayer shop Donator benefits At Extreme donator ($50-99) it now costs 20 points rather than 30 points to cancel a task. At Elite donator ($100-199) it now costs 10 points rather than 30 points to cancel a task. At Uber donator ($200-499) it is now free of charge to cancel a task. At Extreme donator ($50-99) It now costs 10 less points to extend a task and costs 30 less points to block a task At Elite donator ($100-199) It now costs 20 less points to extend a task and costs 50 less points to block a task At Donator rank ($10-24) you have a 5% increased chance of encountering a superior. At Super Donator rank ($25-49) you have a 6% increased chance of encountering a superior. At Extreme Donator rank ($50-99) you have a 7% increased chance of encountering a superior. At Elite Donator rank ($100-199) you have a 8% increased chance of encountering a superior. At Uber Donator rank ($200-499) you have a 9% increased chance of encountering a superior. At Sponsor rank ($500-999) you have a 10% increased chance of encountering a superior. Thanks for reading this guide. Hopefully it was somewhat helpful. Toby.
  9. How can I donate? Ingame you can type ::donate and on the website you can click on the store tab in the top left. http://oskingdom.org/store/ Once you have picked the bond you would like you will need to enter the Username that you are donating on and then pay via Paypal. Once you have an email confirmation come through type ::claim ingame. IF you have any problems contact Shane on Discord via DM and he will get back to you as soon as he is available. How do i vote? Ingame you can type ::vote and on the website you click on the vote tab in the top left http://oskingdom.org/vote/ Once you are on the vote page you will need to enter your username that you would like to vote for. You then can vote on 8 different toplists, you can then claim your votes by doing ::reward 1 or ::reward 2 ingame. for every 1 vote ::reward 1 will give you 500k coins, ::reward 2 will give you 1 vote ticket per voting point. You can vote every 12 hours on most of the toplists. 1 or 2 however is every 24 hours. What are the Donator Ranks & benefits for each rank? For all the Donator ranks and benefits, see link below. http://oskingdom.org/community/index.php?/topic/456-donator-benefits/ I need to contact a staff member who is not online, how do i do this? If you need to contact a member of Staff the best way to do so is via Discord. https://discord.gg/Aey77dT Please message either Me, Prod, Niekas & Zylloe if you are having any problems or need a staff member to deal with something. If you do need Shane for donation issues please message one of us and we will contact Shane and he will get back to you as soon as he is available. Where can I see the rules of the server? Please click the link below to read the full rules of the server. http://oskingdom.org/community/index.php?/topic/368-official-os-kingdom-rules/ I have found a bug, how do I let staff know about this? If you have found a bug please post to this Forum board. This is the best way that we can keep track of bugs and can get them fixed as soon as possible. http://oskingdom.org/community/index.php?/forum/25-reports/ Where can I spend my Donator points? To spend your donator points you will first need to claim the Bond you donated for by clicking the bond. This will give you the donator points aswell as an updated $ donated total. Once you have the points, you can then go to the 'Donator shop' NPC at home and trade him to access the Donator shop. Where do i use my Vote tickets? At home in the main bank there is a Poll booth, with tickets in your inventory you can exchange them for points. Once you have points you can then trade them in for items that are in the Vote store. Is there a Drop table where I can see NPC's drops? Yes, if you go to the quest tab, at the top there are four icons. The Red icon is the drop table interface, here you can search for the NPC or Drop that you are looking for and the NPC's that drop that item will show up on the left hand side. You can then click on the name of the NPC and scroll through their drops. Where can i spend my Pvm/Boss/Skilling points as well as blood money? To spend these you will need to teleport to home and run northwest to the general store. Just outside is the 'Point reward shops' NPC. Here you can spend Pvm, boss & skill points. You can also spend your blood money here. How can I obtain Blood money? Blood money can be obtained from Multiple sources on the server including. Drop from NPC's Caskets Event bosses Slayer Keys Purchased with boss points Raids How do I obtain Slayer keys and what can I get from them? Slayer keys are obtained by doing your Slayer master assigned tasks. Once you have a task you can start killing NPC's for a chance to get slayer keys. The higher level combat the NPC is the better chance you have to obtain a better key. Tier 1 keys: 1/150 chance from all NPCs. 500k-1m Gold & 500-1000 Blood money Tier 2 keys: 1/100 chance from NPC's lvl 77+. 1m-2m Gold & 1000-1500 Blood money Tier 3 keys: 1/100 chance from NPC's lvl 112+. 2m-3m Gold & 1500 - 2000 Blood money Tier 4 keys: 1/100 chance from NPC's lvl 160+. 3m-5m Gold & 2000-3000 Blood money Rare rewards: Players will have a chance depending on the tier key they have to hit the rare drop table for the chest which will give them an item from a Slayer Bosses drop table (IE: Zulrah, Cerberus, Demonic Gorillas) Tier 1: 1% Chance Tier 2: 2% Chance Tier 3: 3% Chance Tier 4: 5% Chance Is there a prestige system? Yes there is, to prestige you will need to talk to the prestige manager NPC in the smaller bank just north of the Edgeville main bank. To prestige a skill you must be level 99 in that skill already. There is a maximum of 99 prestiges for a single skill. Meaning to be max prestige you will need to prestige all 22 skills 99 times. This means you need to get all 22 skills to level 99, 100 times. This is the equivalent of 28.6 Billion xp. If I am maxed but I prestige a skill can I still wear the Max cape? No. To be able to wear the Max cape again you will need to get the skill you prestiged back to 99. However, once you have prestiged all 22 Skills once you can then wear the Max cape regardless of if you prestige another skill again. Is there a way I can check my NPC Killcount? Sadly as of now, not 100%. In the quest tab if you scroll down you click on the Killcount tracker. You can also check the same interface on the Slayer helmet. There are specific NPC's that it tracks but currently it doesn't track every single NPC killed. I picked the wrong Gamemode. Can this be changed? If you have accidently picked an ironman mode and would like to be reverted to a normal account then this can be done. You will need to talk to the NPC 'Adam' at home. It will take 72 hours for the request to be processed. If you would like to change your XP rate then this cannot be done and you would need to make a new account. I can't work out the location of my Clue dig spot, can you help? All the Clue dig spots are the same as OSRS, they are single step clues. Please click the link below for Locations https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Treasure_Trails/Full_guide/All Is there a Double XP weekend? Yes every weekend there is double XP enabled, from Friday to Sunday. You can also pay 50m into the well for double XP for an hour at any time. The well does stack with the double XP on the weekend.
  10. Toby

    Woodcutting *Video* Guide (Prestige 10)

    Great video bud. Hope to see more in the future.
  11. Toby

    Chambers Of Xeric - Guide

    Great guide Cue, hopefully will inspire more people to start raiding.
  12. Toby

    Monster Dungeon guide

    Will put a small note next to the map, cheers.
  13. Toby

    Monster Dungeon guide

    Hello and welcome to this Monster dungeon guide. This guide will show you the locations of all NPCs in all of the Dungeons in OSK I take 0% credit for this guide, thought it would be helpful for players who aren't familiar with the dungeons on OSRS. Catacombs of Kourend Taverly dungeon Slayer tower There are no aberrant spectre's on the second floor. Instead they are dust devils. Relleka Dungeon Stronghold slayer cave Brimhaven dungeon
  14. Hello and welcome to my Zalcano guide, I have split this into four different parts. You will need to have 70 Mining and 70 Smithing to kill this boss. This boss has 3 stages. You will need to kill this boss 3 times to complete a full kill regardless if you are solo or in a group. 1. Getting there, Gear and inventory 2. Dangers 3. Mechanics 4. Loot and MVP Getting there, Gear and Inventory To access this boss you will need to use the Boss teleports and select Zalcano. Once there you will need to pass through the barrier and you will be facing Zalcano. The Gear required is a Pickaxe, I'd recommend your best Pickaxe. Crystal > 3rd age > Dragon > Rune. You'll also be running around a lot so Graceful or Stamina pots are essential. (Or a Halo if you have one) You will be taking some damage so a decent amount of food is needed. The larger the group you kill this boss in the less food you'll need. Dangers So there are a few dangers when killing Zalcano. First off is his regular attack which hits a small amount every so often and is unavoidable. The second danger in the room is rocks falling from the ceiling which can be avoided by standing 1 tile away from them. The last danger is the Orange Circles that spawn frequently all over the floor in the room and they can be avoided by either standing far away from them or standing in the Blue Circles that spawn at the same time. The Blue circles also increase damage done to Zalcano when you stand inside them and throw the imbued Tephra. Mechanics The first thing you need to know is that you cannot attack Zalcano with regular weapons, this boss is a bit different to other bosses. So read through this guide and hopefully you'll be a pro before you even step into the room to attack Zalcano. When you first go into Zalcano you will need to mine the rock formations which are in the four corners of the room to obtain Tephra Once you have a full inventory of Tephra you will need to run to the furnace which is in the eastern part of the room and click 'refine furnace' which will then give you refined Tephra After you have the refined Tephra you will need to run to the western side of the room and there is an altar which gives you the option to 'imbue' Once you imbue the refined Tephra you will now have imbued Tephra. You can now wield the imbued Tephra and use that to attack Zalcano Now. Once you can attack Zalcano you will need to do 300 damage to get to his next phase. Once you have depleted his first health bar. Zalcano will fall to the floor and you will then be able to mine him. Once you have mined another 300 damage and reduced his health bar to 0 he will then go back to normal. You will need to repeat this all two more times to kill Zalcano regardless of if you are solo or in a group. Loot and MVP The MVP is shouted out in the chatbox. This is whoever has done the most damage. Common drops (99/100 chance): blood rune 196-480 cosmic rune 304-1018 death rune 234-830 law rune 218-533 soul rune 121-304 nature rune 1-702 silver ore 255-896 noted gold ore 129-721 noted coal 380-908 noted addy ore 71-216 runite ore 7-29 noted steel bar 141-393 noted mithril bar 75-459 noted addy bar - 29-93 noted rune bar 9-23 noted uncut diamond 5-18 noted uncut dragonstone 2-11 noted onyx bolt tips 5-37 pure ess noted 2191- 4422 Rare drops (1/100 chance): crystal seed zalcano shard smolcano pet uncut onyx Thank you very much for reading my quest, I hope it's not too confusing. If you need any help message me either in game, on Discord or message me here via the forums. Thanks, Toby.