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  1. zero70

    loot from 1000 crystal keys

    loot from 1000 crystal keys. after selling all the armor pieces to the general store the total cash amount was: 35.377.736
  2. zero70

    Updates 4/16/2020

    awesome, time to nolife mining! 😄
  3. zero70


    giveaway has ended, the prices have been handed out the the winner and the person who nominated him
  4. zero70


    i'm going to do an extreme mysterybox giveaway in the near future. everybody is free to enter but there is a catch, if you enter you nominate someone who deserves it and why(can be for ingame things or irl) so you can't nominate yourself someone else has to nominate you. post a reply under this post(comments posted as a new post won't count) and when i have the money to donate and get the mystery box i'll choose who will be the winner. once i have chosen a winner of the giveaway the person who nominated the winner will get a super mysterybox(if multiple people have nominated the winner only the first person who nominated him/her will get the super mysterybox). the reason for doing it this way is to get the community closer together and interact a bit more with eachother.
  5. zero70

    Commanders of Chaotic Kloud

    Name [IGN] - ix urod How long you've played OSK - 19-12-2019 (4 weeks) Gamemode - normal Total level - less than 80 away from maxed Discord Tag [If applicable]- zero70 /110%anti020 #8963 Brief description of yourself - single and ready to mingle (no fat chicks)