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  1. Chizza

    The Infamous Chizza

    Whats up whats up! Most people in game know me already for some reason or another. Lot of people have their opinion about me but never try to get to know ME. My names Michael (legally Miguel but gone by Michael since I was a kid. I have a queen and a princess in my life named Ashley (my Fiance) and Sophie (my beautiful pitbull.) They the 2 and only loves of my life and I'd take a bullet for either one. I am not easily offended by anything unless its comments on those 2. I take everything about my 2 ladies to heart and will make sure you know that. I am 26 (April 6th birthday). I have been all around the world but call anywhere my ladies are my home. I was a military brat since I was 3. I also joined the military 2 weeks after graduating high school and turning 18. I was in for 4 years and got out in 2015. I then moved from Hawaii to New Mexico when I got out as my family was here. I started a shit job at Albertsons (grocery store) to get myself into civilian life. This is where I met my queen (Fiance). She was actually my boss. After about 2 weeks of working for her I asked her out on a date and she said no because I worked with her. I decided fuck it, and switched to a different department in the store and asked her out again. This time she still said no because we still worked in the same place for the same company. Knowing the possibilities of having a future with her because she was so beautiful and her personality was 10/10, I then just quit 2 days later and asked her out AGAIN! THIS TIME SHE SAID YES!!!! Here we are 5 years later still kickin with puppy love. I now live with her and our dog. I am an avid skateboarder and car enthusiast. The car thing has kinda died down for me as I got into motorcycles and got 2 of my own. I never have really been into harleys so I have 2 sport bikes. a 2019 Yamaha R3 and a 2008 Yamaha R6. Working on the bike and making it pristine is my goal and passion. At this point its flawless, no scratches, dings, dents, NOTHING. But I feel like I need more so I keep buying after market parts. I have recently got into track racing it also but only got to go 1 time last year as it was the end of the season. This year will be SICK! I have been playing games online since december 26th 2006 when my parents got me my first xbox 360 for Christmas. I couldnt start playing online that day because back then you had to go to a store and buy game time cards. So the day after Christmas I got one and my first game was Gears of War 1. I met 3 people on my first day, Adrian, Mikey, and Anthony. We have been playing games together at least 5 days a week since 2006 until this day today. Our friendship is so much deeper and stronger than any real life friendships I've had being a military brat and moving every 4 years to a new state. We have still never met eachother in person but those 3 will be my best man's at my wedding coming up soon. Gaming has allowed me to feel real friendships and real trust and love. I could never experience that as a kid because just when i would start to, BOOM we move to a new state. Gaming is and always will be a massive part of my life. Around 2012 we all 4 decided to quit xbox and move to PC because the possibilities are endless with PC. I wouldnt change any of it for the world. My current PC is valued around $7,000 give or take being that I always have the latest and greatest parts/peripherals. There is so much to learn about me and the way I think, try it. You may be surprised. The one biggest thing you should know about me before getting to know me, is I dont put up with ANY bull shit and I WILL call you out on it in front of anyone and everyone. I do it to all my IRL friends in public, at restaurants, wherever. I'll let you know your outfit is ugly, your acne is getting bad, your getting fat, your being annoying, whatever so you better have a heart made of stone to chill with me. A real friend is gonna let you know because they dont wanna let you live life like that. They wanna help. Because of this friends are hard to come by because everyone so sensitive these days but the people who want someone that REAL as f, they stick around. I'm happy to be apart of this community and i'll see you all in game!
  2. Chizza

    Death Row Ministry

    Welcome to DRM good sir.
  3. Chizza

    Updates 1/22/2020

    nerfed abby sire, best update of all time!
  4. Chizza

    partner slayer

    better partner slayer than osrs. I would love to see partner slayer where we go do anything as a duo. Any mobs, any boss, etc. But better than osrs, I think if you are in the same area as your partner, the kill should count. in osrs you have to do most damage for it to count for you but doesnt count for partner. I would like to see every kill regardless of damage to count for both people and allow us to boss together too on boss tasks.
  5. Chizza

    Death Row Ministry

    Death Row Ministry is now recruiting! We are a PvM and PvP clan! We take pride in our strength as a whole whilst striking fear into others. Death Row Ministry is seeking players who have a good average hours per week online and are dedicated to the cause. DRM is a family before anything. IF you have a member needing support for whatever is, you help. Even if that means going into wildy for bosses, pvp, or skilling. All loot in DRM is split once sold from our official DRM bank account that the officers will have access too. (only loot form groups of 3+ will be traded to DRM bank and split, if there is 2 or less, you keep your loot) EXCLUDING IRONMEN Requirements: MUST have a working mic and speakers to hear and talk in voice chat! Must be willing to split all loot when participating in group activities of 3 or more DRM members. EXCLUDING IRONMEN Must play at least 5 hours a week on OSKingdom! Must be in good standing with Mods and Admins! MUST USE DISCORD! Please copy the form below, create a reply with it filled out and wait for a reply on here. In-Game name: Discord tag (ex: Chizza#1234): Screenshot of skill levels: Average hours per week you play OSK: How long have you been on OSK: Name 1 mod and 1 admin: IRONMAN (yes/no): Current Roster: Founder: Chizza Founder: Ne4Stoner
  6. It would be awesome to see each OSK Clan have their own official tag and voice channel on discord server! we could technically make our own discord but would love to keep it all in OSK!