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  1. UIM

    Ingame suggestions

    Add dragon axe and pick to skilling points shop
  2. UIM

    Ingame suggestions

    Some sort of skilling minigame Like stealing creations was good back in the day
  3. UIM

    Ingame suggestions

    Add looting bag and rune pouch
  4. UIM

    Ingame suggestions

    Stop getting skill outfit boxes post full set
  5. UIM

    Ingame suggestions

    Add a general store to sell to for Ironmen
  6. UIM

    Ingame suggestions

    I shall split into 2 halves, the first being to benefit ironmen or specifically Ultimate ironmen and the second being general. Ironman Suggestions: Somewhere to store skilling armours (UIM) (i believe osrs you can do this in POH) When unnoting an item, some unnote all, and some unnote X amount, would be so much easier if they all did unnote X Have virtual vote tickets so they don't sit in your inventory (UIM) Make talking to ironman tutor have an option to right click and go to shops General Suggestions (minor bugs): Some ores you can't mine at all, Some gold ore in the crafting guild is perfect gold which is pretty much useless Add cash to vote shop to spend extra tickets, Add Looting bag you can't make silver jewelry I'll add more if I think of any