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    Commanders of Chaotic Kloud

    Name [IGN] - Cueween How long you've played OSK - 4 weeks maybe. Gamemode - Normal Total level - 1762 Discord Tag [If applicable]- Cueween#7684 Brief description of yourself - Bleh Thanks!
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    Suggestions :p

    1) Chambers of Xeric. The best way to get points is to kill monsters in Cox, where you have to deal the most damage to get the kill and only if you get the kill you get the points. There are limited monsters in the raid which at most can allow only 3-5 ppl to do raids together. Things would be different if we would receive points based on the damage we deal rather than who gets the kill. According to OSRS Wiki - " For every 8,675 total points obtained, a 1% chance to obtain a unique loot is given. This chance is capped at 65.7% (570,000 points) - any further points will be sent to roll for a second unique loot. For example, a team who possesses 855,000 points in total has an 65.7% chance to receive a unique loot, and then a 32.85% chance to obtain a second unique loot.[1] Up to three unique rewards can be obtained per raid, assuming that there are enough points to roll for them. If the unique drop table worked this way, it would be a lot easier to hit the uniques. 2)Theatre of Blood. Hit-points and Prayer need to be restored back to full after a wave is completed. ~The Maiden of Sugadinti -We should be able to melee Maiden. ~Pestilent Bloat -The Bloat flies works only on duos. -The Bloats line of sight needs to be reduced or changed a lil bit. -Salve amulet (ei) should be in-game, this increases melee accuracy, 20% accuracy to both range and magic. Also increases 20% damage on the undead. This allows us to hit more and kill bloat faster. ~Sotetseg -Once the maze starts, our character still attacks sotet which makes us run into the maze, instead of allowing us to complete the maze. ~Verzik Vitur -Could delay the attack time for the first phase, giving us like 3 hits before another attack. 3)Vorkath -Attacks with melee even if we are at a far distance. 4)Nurse Joy -Can change nurse joy into a first aid box or Ornate rejuvenation pool . This would allow us to one click on and would heal both prayer and hp together to full. -When we have prayer on, the nurse doesn't heal the hit points, instead it keeps restoring the prayer cause it's being drained. -Nurse joy could also restore run energy. -Could add a Nurse Joy into ::dz .