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  1. cueween

    Irawezom's Application

    Good Luck !
  2. cueween

    Herblet's Application

    Good luck !
  3. cueween

    Theatre Of Blood - Guide

  4. cueween

    Updates 5/10/2020

    Nice update.
  5. New Commands such as :- ::B Bosses Teleports ::W Wilderness Teleports ::M Monster Teleports ::MG Minigames Teleports ::S -Skilling Teleports ::C - City Teleports ~This will make teleports way easier and faster. ~Allows Easier teleports even when you are on Ancients Or Lunars. ~Lesser Clicks. ~Easier to access teleports, rather than searching for which teleport is what and then teleporting. (This isn't a replacement, just an addition)
  6. cueween

    Clue Scroll (Co-ordinates)

    Many People have difficulties finding the locations for Clue Scroll with co-ordinates. I Personally use the Runescape Treasure Trail Location --> https://2007rshelp.com/locator.php This provides an accurate location where you just have to type in the coordinates that are shown in the clue. vlc-record-2020-05-05-11h30m49s-OS Kingdom-.mp4 Hope this helps.
  7. cueween

    Slayer Guide

    Greate Guide. Small tip, Ring of Charos allows you to teleport to your task as well.
  8. cueween

    Wilderness Slayer.

    It is not a replacement, plus only the Wilderness Bosses drop Mysterious Emblems. The only other way (That I know of) to get the emblems are through Pvm Points. Adding Mysterious Emblems to all Wilderness Slayer Task monsters, removing it Pvm points, and changing the Bounty Shop items would also be of a great benefit. But if people already have loads of them from the pvm shop, it would change the whole idea of Wilderness Slayer. This Post was mainly regarding Shane's Comment on Gob's Suggestion.
  9. cueween

    Wilderness Slayer.

    I haven't done many Wilderness Tasks, but an up-gradation to it would be nice. ARCHAIC EMBLEM They are mysterious emblems that have been converted in favor of a new points system for Bounty Hunter. However, we can change these into drops that can be obtained only through 'Wilderness Slayer Tasks' With a drop rate of, say ~1/20 These can be exchanged and sold at the new Bounty Hunter Shop for various supplies and gear or coins (5-10m ea) Yes, Some of them are overpowered. Yes, Some of them are already in the Bounty Hunter Shop. The above is just an example of what all were sold in DMM Earlier. For the detailed description --> https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Bounty_Hunter_Shop#Deadman_Seasonal I've suggested this idea cause, nobody really does wilderness slayer. The above method could benefit Reg PVMers as well as Iron Man to step into the wilderness and will make the wilderness way more active. The items in the shops can be altered for iron man / for regular players as required. Thank You
  10. cueween

    buff to wildy boss drops

    Instead of adding drops to wilderness monsters for iron, you could make a separate shop for reg players and iron man. I'll make a new post regarding it -->
  11. cueween

    Updates 5/2/2020

    Another Great update! Thanks Shane
  12. cueween

    points shop

    I made a few Suggestions regarding this previously. Lamps and xp scrolls in Pest Control Shop would be my suggestion cause, it would make ppl grind Pest Control more often.
  13. cueween

    Updates 4/29/2020

    Amazing Update!
  14. cueween

    buff to wildy boss drops

    Great Idea , +1
  15. The Jad-Fest portal allowed players to attack up to 6 Jad's at once. Jad-Fest and Zuk (Final Inferno Boss) Portal that allows us to access a certain wave in Inferno would help players to practice on how the inferno works and can work harder to defeat the boss. However, On completion, you will not be rewarded with the cape. Implementing this into the game gives new players a better opportunity to face the waves and the final boss more carefully. Thank You