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  1. cueween

    Theatre Of Blood - Guide

  2. cueween

    Slayer Guide

    Greate Guide. Small tip, Ring of Charos allows you to teleport to your task as well.
  3. cueween

    Chambers Of Xeric - Guide

    Yeah 😄
  4. cueween

    Monster Dungeon guide

    Great Guide, Very useful. Small Correction tho, there aren't any Aberrant Spectres in the second level of the slayer tower.(In Osk)
  5. cueween

    Zalcano guide (70 Mining and Smithing REQ)

    Amazing guide ❤️
  6. cueween

    Agility guide

    Great guide. Wilderness agility course is good xp too.
  7. cueween

    Vorkath Guide

    A small change in the inv setup, must include runes for crumble undead spell.
  8. cueween

    Cerberus Guide

  9. Welcome to my guide for Runecrafting. We will need Rune Essence or Pure Essence which can be either mined or gotten as drops from monsters/bosses. 1) To Start Runecrafting, you'll need to talk to the Mage Of Zamorak at ::Home. 2) Location of Each Rune. 3) Levels - - (1-14) --> You will need to make Air Runes - (14-35)--> You will need to make Fire Runes - (35-44)--> You will need to make Chaos Runes - (44-54)--> You will need to make Nature Runes - (54-65)--> You will need to make Law Runes - (65-77)--> You will need to make Death Runes - (77-99)--> You will need to make Blood Runes. 4) The above suggested are for making the required runes that can be used for other purposes, like Magic. However, Running nature runes after 44 with Halo will give you the best xp/hr. Halo's can be obtained from the skill shop for 2000 Skill Points which provide you with Unlimited Energy. 5) Another alternative is to make - Bones To Bananas (15 magic required) - Bones To Peaches (60 magic required) You will, however, need the runes to make them. Thank You
  10. cueween

    Crafting Guide 1-99

    Welcome to my Crafting Guide. Crafting is very easy and fast. To start with we will need Cowhide which can be obtained by Trading the Tanner. 1) Magic book > Skilling teleport > Crafting > Crafting Guild 2) Have the cowhide's in your inventory with some coins and talk to Tanner. 3) From level 1-20 Tan and make leather equipment. 4) Gems- - 20-27 You will need to cut Uncut Sapphires - 27-34 You will need to cut Uncut Emeralds - 34-43 You will need to cut Uncut Rubies - 43-55 You will need to cut Uncut Diamonds - 55-99 You will need to cut Uncut Dragonstones Good Luck !
  11. cueween

    Hunter Guide 1-99

    Welcome to my 1-99 hunter guide. 1) Magic book > Skilling Tele > Hunter. 2) You can buy your supplies from 'ALECK' at the hunter teleport. 3) Talk to the Hunter Expert Who will allow you to teleport to the hunting Spots 4) For birds, you will need Bird Snare. For Chinchompas, you will need Box Trap. 5) Hunting. - Level 1-9 You will be hunting Crimson Swift - Level 11-19 You will be hunting Cerulean Twitch - Level 19-53 You will be hunting Tropical Wagtails - Level 53-63 You will be hunting Gray Chinchompas - Level 63-73 You will be hunting Red Chinchompas - Level 73-99 You will be hunting Black Chinchompas "Black Chinchompas are located in the wilderness." How ever, Donators can access Black Chinchompas At the Donator Zone (::dz) Good Luck!
  12. cueween

    Zulrah Guide (UPDATED)