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  1. cueween


    This idea was from Major Gob. Instead Of having three different options on well we could have just one. This can include: ~ One Hour of bonus experience with a 20% / 15% Drop rate bonus for 20 minutes.(Can include Raids) ~ 2x Pk points for 5 Minutes. ~ Bonus Experience. ~ Chances of getting double tokens in Pest Control (1:2) The price to pay the well can be increased from 50m to 75/100m or more. The increase in price is because, WOGW can be very OP with DXP, XP Boosts, etc.
  2. cueween

    Updates 4/4/2020

    Amazing update!
  3. cueween

    double drop rate weekend

  4. cueween

    First maxed classic account.

    Congrats !
  5. cueween


    Hello, I am currently providing services for Pvm. The services and prices and stated below. Vorkath 50 kills - 350m. Alchemical Hydra - 3m Per Kill Zulrah (131 Kills) - 250m Prices Will vary on game modes. Pm me in-game for more info. I Will be adding raid(s) services soon.
  6. cueween


    I don't know if Iron man can buy bonds if it's not done on their name. So it would be nice if we could use a bond on an iron man (instead of trading) which would allow the Iron man account to gain bond benefits. You just have to buy a bond on your alt, and use it on your Iron to gain the Benefits. Hope it helps. Thank you.
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  8. cueween

    Chambers Of Xeric - Guide

    Yeah 😄
  9. cueween


    Weekends are when most of the players have their free time to play OSKingdom. Weekly Events that can be hosted along with dxp will keep players more active and helps the server run more efficiently. 1) HNS aka Hide and Seek. Simple as it sounds, the first person to find the one who hides, wins. 2) Scavenger Hunt Pets are pretty common to get, so a scavenger hunt. Eg: First person to receive a Woodcutting pet, wins. 3) Trivia. Questions asked regarding Runescape or Oskingdom. First-person to answer it correctly, wins. 4) Boss Kills. (Safe On Deaths) Players will be teleported to a specified location. In this location, various bosses will be spawned, the person who gets the most kills at the end of the time limit, wins. 5) Skill Mastery. (No boosts) A new account has to be created where a certain skill will be chosen. The first person to max out that skill wins. 6) Tank-God. Players will be teleported to a location, in this location various Bosses/monsters, etc will be spawned at once. The last man standing, wins. 7) Wildy. Yes , wilderness. First-person to receive an announced drop off revenants, wins. 8 ) Shane Nuke. Since Shane has a large amount of hp, players can all attack Shane in Wilderness or elsewhere. The person with the most damage, and kills Shane. WIns 9) Farming - Herblore. (New Account) Just like an Ardy diary task, a potion will be chosen. This pot has to be made from scratch. Yes, you have to get your own seeds, farm your own herbs and make your own potions. First to reach the specified amount wins. The rewards can vary for different events. eg: 2-4 Mystery boxes, Pkp tickets, Donator Points etc. Looking for more ideas on events. Feel free to suggest if you have any in mind. 🙂
  10. cueween

    Monster Dungeon guide

    Great Guide, Very useful. Small Correction tho, there aren't any Aberrant Spectres in the second level of the slayer tower.(In Osk)
  11. cueween

    Staff Promotion 3/30/2020

    Congratulations @Zylloe!
  12. cueween

    Zalcano guide (70 Mining and Smithing REQ)

    Amazing guide ❤️
  13. cueween

    Agility guide

    Great guide. Wilderness agility course is good xp too.