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  1. Niekas

    boss caskets

    I believe that tthere are more than enough places to get any kind of supplies for a regular player, like any combat supplies from the "Combat supply shop" is cheap as it is, skilling supplies are not that hard to come by plus the fallen stars are great for mining/smithing, and if the boxes were a thing it would make the Ironman mode far too easy to bring in even more supplies than they get normaly like now.
  2. Niekas

    Update 4/27/2020

    Nice work 😛
  3. Niekas


    Why 131 zulrah kills?🤔
  4. Niekas

    Updates 3/25/2020

    Absolute BEAST. Such good fixes!!! ❤️
  5. Niekas

    Updates 3/24/2020

    Great job as always!
  6. Niekas


    I nominate Zylloe and Zillow bcuz boxes could help them get some upgrades to get some gains.
  7. Niekas

    Raids 1 & Raids 2

    Im not too sure how tektons agression works but when me and Thunderdome went there as a duo we tried to swap agro yet he still focused me every time even after death. Olm's defences did get reduced but the constant 20-35s like no matter the prayer are still too much, if its the same in solo it really needs to get fixed for sure. +1 to that
  8. Niekas

    Minde's Staff app.

    Role applying for (Helper/Forums Mod): Helper What is your in-game username?: Minde(group ironman), Niekas(normie) How old are you?: 25 How long have you played OS Kingdom for?: About half a year What is your timezone and where are you located?: GMT +2, Lithuania How many hours per day do you have to dedicate to OSK?: 5-10 hours Why do you want to have this role?: Feels like being online for so long every day would be good for the server, just a constant staff member online incase its needed. Do you have any previous moderation experience? Please explain in detail: No haven't. Describe yourself in one-two sentences and how does that make you a good fit for this role?: I enjoy interacting with people and get into the community. Helping every person with anything i can is basicly my game-plan if i were a staff member. Tell me about a time when you had a conflict with another person, how was it resolved?: Personally I don't get in to a lot of conflicts, but whenever I do my 1st priority is to de-esculate the conflict and resolve any problem in a calm matter and find a reasonable solution based on situation to make it fair in every posible way. Anything else you would like to include about yourself?: Id say I'm a "peoples person" and do get along with a lot of people and try to make a bond and simply enjoy the game we are playing.
  9. Niekas

    Updates 12/23/2019

    Great work as always ❤