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  1. Ix Prod

    Commanders of Chaotic Kloud

    Can I join?
  2. Ix Prod

    Suggestions :p

    I love it. The ornate rejuvenation pool should be super dz feature imo?
  3. Ix Prod

    Intro - Jay

    Welcome back old friend 🙂
  4. Ix Prod

    Ingame suggestions

    You can claim the vote tickets and have points instead. Looting bag is dropped by chaos druids Fishing caskets give gp post 99, could add that for thieving caskets aswell. As much as I like this idea I think it would be bad for the game. No one would do wilderness bosses for d pickaxe or dagannoth kings for axe anymore. You can get dragon axe from wintertodt though.
  5. Ix Prod

    OS Kingdom Hall of Fame

    Welcome to the OS-Kingdom Hall of Fame! Here our best and highest rated players are gathered and praised for their hard work towards the server. This list will consist of permanent achievements, and still attainable achievements aswell. The attainable achievements will be updated atleast once a month. - Banned accounts will not be considered for a place in the Hall of Fame. - Proof of the achievement is required to secure a place in the Hall of Fame Permanent Achievements Players maxed in order of achievementNormal account1. Ix Prod 2. Nicholas IronmanHCIMUIM Lowest killcount pets obtained Pet Venenatis: 35 kc - Slave (Niekas) Pet Zulrah: 52 kc - Ix Prod Pet Gorilla: 878 - Jellyy Pet K'ril Tsutsaroth: Pet King Black Dragon: Pet Kree'arra: Pet General Graardor: Pet TzTok-Jad: Pet Dark Beast: Pet Chaos Elemental: Pet Dagannoth Rex: Pet Dagannoth Prime: 9 kc - Jellyy Pet Dagannoth Supreme: Pet Dark Core: Pet Commander Zilyana: Pet Kalphite Queen: Pet Giant Mole: First to obtain... First to obtain max total XP: First to complete all achievements: Attainable Achievements Highscores rankings Highest ranked player: Ix Prod Highest ranked IM: Iron Shane Highest ranked HCIM: 2210 Highest ranked UIM: Alpha Test Highest ranked non-donator: Ix Urod Highest ranked in Attack: Ix Prod Highest ranked in Defence: Ix Prod Highest ranked in Strength: Niekas Highest ranked in Constitution: Nicholas Highest ranked in Ranged: Nicholas Highest ranked in Prayer: Nicholas Highest ranked in Magic: Ix Prod Highest ranked in Cooking: Nicholas Highest ranked in Woodcutting: Lazy (Niekas) Highest ranked in Fletching: Ix Prod Highest ranked in Fishing: Slave (Niekas) Highest ranked in Firemaking: Ix Prod Highest ranked in Crafting: Nicholas Highest ranked in Smithing: Nicholas Highest ranked in Mining: Ix Prod Highest ranked in Herblore: Niekas Highest ranked in Agility: Niekas Highest ranked in Thieving: Ix Prod Highest ranked in Slayer: Ix Prod Highest ranked in Farming: Nicholas Highest ranked in Runecrafting: Ix Prod Highest ranked in Hunter: Ix Prod Highest amount of PvP kills: Highest KDR:  Highest boss KC General Graardor: Kree'arra: Commander Zilyana: K'ril Tsutsaroth: KBD: 287 - Revenant (Nicholas) Corporeal Beast: Dagannoth Prime: 36 - Ix Prod Dagannoth Rex: 81 - Slave (Niekas) Dagannoth Supreme: 91 - Slave (Niekas) Chaos Elemental: Kalphite Queen: Giant Mole: 2 - Ix Prod Jad: 2 - Niekas Sea Troll Queen: Barrelchest: 13 - Ix Prod Zulrah: 304 - Jellyy Kraken: 21 - Nicholas Callisto: 51 - Niekas Scorpia: Vet'ion: Venenatis: Chaos Fanatic: 47 - Niekas Crazy archaeologist: 48 - Niekas Thermonuclear Smoke Devil: Lizardman Shaman: 162 - Niekas Cerberus: 134 - Ix Prod Demonic Gorilla: 878 - Jellyy Abyssal Sire: 1 - Ix Prod Vorkath: 128 - Slave (Niekas) Alchemical Hydra: Skotizo: 3 - Ix Prod Feel free to suggest anything that you think should be on Hall of Fame! To get your achievements on the HoF either post them here or message directly to me in discord @Ix Prod#5000