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  1. Ix Prod

    OS Kingdom Hall of Fame

    Updated! Message me in discord @ix prod#5000, ingame or on forums if you have something to be updated!
  2. Ix Prod

    Stepping down. (For now)

    Glad to have had you in the staff team Toby. Hope you'll find time to play again sooner or later 🙂
  3. Ix Prod

    Shit dat don't do

    Superiors exist, can confirm.
  4. Ix Prod

    What I've noticed while playing

    There is working bank tabs. I think resizeable or full screen had some issues with them, definitely work on fixed though. I agree with removing ckey pieces and caskets from like under 30cmb or 50hp monsters too. You can already get d boots etc from ckeys, I wouldn't agree adding barrows to them.
  5. Ix Prod

    Updates 5/20/2020

    Hespori is definitely a nice addition!
  6. Ix Prod

    Updates 5/19/2020

    This is amazing, thanks!
  7. Ix Prod

    Updates 5/14/2020

    Nice one again.
  8. Ix Prod

    Updates 5/13/2020

    Oh boi trim comp reqs released! Time to GO
  9. Ix Prod

    Additional Commands - For Teleports

    I like the others but maybe not instanced bosses like zulrah.
  10. Ix Prod

    Updates 5/10/2020

    Eyyyyy great stuff!
  11. Ix Prod

    OS Kingdom Hall of Fame

    Updated. I will be updating skill section when we get hiscores working with prestiges. Feel free to message me your killcounts in discord @ix prod#5000
  12. Ix Prod

    boss caskets

    Yeah I agree with Toby, lets keep the boss items as drops, bp store, keys and mboxes. No need for more ways for rares.
  13. Ix Prod

    Wilderness Slayer.

    If you're on wildy slayer task the assigned npcs drop mysterious emblems too like on osrs. Confirmed.
  14. Ix Prod

    Wilderness Slayer.

    I agree with updating wildy slayer but I don't see the need to change mysterious emblems to archaic emblems since on task wildy monsters already drop mysterious ones. Fix the shop and also add larran's chest and keys to buff it out.
  15. Ix Prod

    Updates 5/2/2020

    Looks good!