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  1. Ix Prod

    Updates 4/4/2020

    Oh boi, great stuff. Especially the fairy rings ❤️
  2. Ix Prod


    I like it more as it is than having it combined. That could make people spend more gp in well making it a better money sink though.
  3. Ix Prod

    First maxed classic account.

    Thank you guys!
  4. Ix Prod

    First maxed classic account.

    Hello everyone. After many weeks I have finally maxed my classic account, 7. It took me 254 hours of playtime and around 5,000,000,000gp. (Buying lamps, supplies and activating well for bonus xp) Next stop is completionist cape 😉
  5. Ix Prod

    25$ Bond Giveaway!

    Hello! Everyone go join the 25$ bond giveaway in our discords general channel! Giveaway is ending at sunday 5th 8:10PM GMT+2! Just react to the message and you're in!
  6. Ix Prod

    OS Kingdom Hall of Fame

    Updated! Remember to send me screenshots of your prestiges and current lvl if got higher than on the list! Also send a screenshot if you have higher killcounts than on the list! In discord @Ix Prod#5000
  7. Ix Prod

    Update 4/3/2020

    Another bunch of lovely quality of life fixes ❤️
  8. Ix Prod

    Crystal key loots.

    Here is loots from 750 crystal keys. I will be adding more in here when I hit certain milestones or rare items.
  9. Ix Prod

    Loot from 139 PvM caskets.

    As title says, here it is.
  10. Ix Prod


    I just suggested this same thing in our google doc haha. Definitely agree that we should be able to use a bond on other player to give it over. That way we wouldn't need to donate in other players name to trade it over.
  11. Ix Prod

    Zalcano guide (70 Mining and Smithing REQ)

    I was able to do a solo very easily after reading this and I've never even seen a video or anything about it before. Nice job Toby 😛
  12. Ix Prod


    This is a great idea. Hopefully it gets implemented in near future.
  13. Ix Prod

    Updates 3/30/2020

    These kind of content updates are very much appreciated, thank you a lot.
  14. Ix Prod

    Staff Promotion 3/30/2020

    Welcome to the staff team Zylloe 🙂
  15. Ix Prod

    locking item in inventory

    I definitely agree, this kind of stuff would be so usefull for plenty of skills and bossing of course.