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  1. Joseph

    WoodCutting/ Fletching/Fm

    For woodcutting you need to be at home. Head over to general store and buy the axes you need (there's Bronze - rune in there) once you got that I prefer to go to Camelot and run West till 60 wood cutting then head to Woodcutting guild . For firemaking Camelot is open infront of the bank so should have enough space to burn logs there. Fletching you can do at any bank with a knife, bow string is sold in the general store where you bought the axes
  2. Joseph

    Fishing Guide

    For Fishing You open the teleport interface , click fishing, there is a master fisher, bank chest. range there. Gl on the Gains
  3. Joseph

    Slayer Guide

    How to get to slayer masters, You open the teleport interface, click skilling, slayer masters and which slayer master you would like to teleport to
  4. Joseph

    Theiving guide

    To start thieving you teleport home and run over to the stalls , after your inventory is full you sell the stuff to Sigmund the merchant and repeat till 99 🙂