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  1. Nicholas

    Staff Promotions 3/27/2020

    Thanks Shane!
  2. Nicholas

    Staff Promotion 3/30/2020

    Welcome Zylloe 😄
  3. Nicholas

    Updates EASTER! 4/7/2020

    Love this, good stuff Shane! 😄
  4. Nicholas

    Ground Markers and Tile Indicators

    Love this idea, great suggestion Cue, keep it up.
  5. Nicholas

    1-99 woodcutting guide - by Bafana12

    Great guide :) Thanks!
  6. Nicholas

    My Bank (so far)

    Good stuff
  7. Nicholas

    Farming guide

    Great guide, Thanks Toby! This is well needed!
  8. Nicholas

    Points Shop

    Love these ideas!
  9. Hello OSK! We're starting off 2020 right, with bringing the first real clan to OSK! Commanders of Chaotic Kloud [COCK] is a all around clan (Pvm / Pvp ). We love all aspects of the game, and would love to have you with us! Applying is simple... Just copy and paste this template into your reply and wait a response from one of our admins! Name [IGN] - How long you've played OSK - Gamemode - Total level - Discord Tag [If applicable]- Brief description of yourself - Thanks!
  10. Nicholas

    The Player Neon

    Glad you're here Paul :)
  11. Nicholas

    Updates 1/30/2020

    Woo woo! Good stuff!
  12. Nicholas

    Commanders of Chaotic Kloud

    Uh.... Awkward.... I mean, I'll let you run a trial period..?
  13. Nicholas

    Commanders of Chaotic Kloud

    Welcome to Cock! 😄 Check your disc!
  14. Nicholas

    Commanders of Chaotic Kloud

    Welcome Eternal! Check your Disc :]
  15. Nicholas

    Commanders of Chaotic Kloud

    Welcome to the clan Sietse :] Will pm you on disc!
  16. Nicholas

    Commanders of Chaotic Kloud

    Welcome to the clan! Will pm you on disc.
  17. Nicholas

    Suggestions :p

    Agreed with Prod ^^^
  18. Nicholas

    Intro - Jay

    Glad to have you here 😄
  19. Nicholas

    Suggestions :p

    Love this, looks great. Salve amulet (ei) is ingame, buying from slayer shop, and imbuing it at NMZ!
  20. Nicholas

    Updates 12/19/2019

    Woo woo! Great work Shane!