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  1. Shane

    Updates 4/4/2020

    Here are some quality of life updates and fixes and also a little bit of content in the new transportation systems. Enjoy! - Fixed a bug with Vorkath that made it insanely easy - Added hunter to the XP lamp interface (Must download new client) - Dark claw added to skotizo uncommon drops (1 in 25) - Fixed a bank booth not working in west varrock bank - Bug with Yanille big door not working fixed - Changed varrock diary task from "Smith some rune knifes: {amount}/200" to "Smith some rune knifes 200 times: {amount}/200" to be more clear. - Fixed Agility wilderness course entrance, no longer buggy - Bug where youtubers weren't being saved to highscores fixed - Gnome glider has been added in-game and NPC added to home by General Store - Fairy Rings implemented w/ various locations, home fairy ring located by Ancient Altar - Karambwans can now be noted at the resource area - Trident combat interface fixed (Not 100% correct, but will be next client patch) - Bug where runes weren't kept when you died in vorkath fixed - Added raw karambwanji fishing in-game, can be access via fairy ring - Karambwans are now caught by baiting a vessel and using karambwanjis as bait - To avoid afk fishing on karambwanjis every 100 fish you catch your fishing will reset and you will have to re click. - Added karambwans fishing spot to fairy ring D-K-P South of musa point - Mystic battlestaff now has correct stats
  2. Shane

    double drop rate weekend

    With the bonus well combined it would be way too OP in my opinion, however I will be adding drop rate scroll boosts to the vote shop and potentially other shops to give additional drop rate % boost.
  3. Shane

    Update 4/3/2020

    New content? Yessir! There is now a brand new way in-game to train your hunter and your fishing at the SAME time! Underwater fishing can now be accessed via skilling teleport tab! Other updates include many qol adjustments and fixes. Enjoy. - Underwater drift fishing has been added in-game - Using any trident will make drift fishing much easier to control (the fish) - XP lamps can now be sold on trading post (only makes sense since they are tradable) - Bug 'I'am currently under attack' in Abyss fixed - Mutated bloodveld now have a longer follow distance - Coconut milk added to ironman general store for weapon poison - Relleka dungeon shortcuts have been fixed and now work properly - Western banners 1 & 2 are no longer bugged and can be equipped now - Earth impling not returning correct requirement level fixed - Rune & addy drags are no longer able to be safe spotted - Bonds can now be USED/REDEEMED on other players - Fixed a bug where you couldn't look up players trading posts listings - Ether can now be added to wildy ether items even when they are charged, no longer have to uncharge and charge to add ether. - Kraken now respawns after around 5-10 seconds after killing it - Command added to check events that are active ::events - Elemental shields now protect from wyverns icy breathe - Original event boss locations have been brought back, I need testing on event bosses I've had mixed feedback - Fixed a bug when combining anguish or d boots with ornament kits it would show fury, just a visual bug, FIXED
  4. Shane


    Will be added into tonight's update, thank you for your suggestion!
  5. Awesome! Good luck to everyone 🙂
  6. Shane

    Woodcutting *Video* Guide (Prestige 10)

    Awesome video, will help a lot thank you!
  7. Shane

    Update 4/1/2020

    Let's start off April with an update! Happy April fools day, I hope everyone has fun and has been staying safe during these dark times as always. Here is a quality of life update so enjoy! - Defender drop rates have been buffed again (was ridiculously long) rune defender is now 1/20 and d defender is 1/40 - Zalcano has been fixed, still in a testing period let me know if there is issues - Tephra no longer can be taken out side of the Zalcano (multiple checks in place to ensure) - Going to trading post recent tab and force shutting no longer bugs your inventory - Gelatinoth mother now counts surges attacks appropriately - Fire surge now works for the tome of fire - Tome of fire bonus now works properly. FIXED - Climbing boots (g) can now be worn and have proper stats. - Spiked manacles have been fixed. - Removed bugged "kebbit" pet from the game, was in ultra m box as a rare pet if you have this I will refund you. - Tekton has been nerfed for solos and VERY slightly nerfed for duos - Pvm caskets are now 25% more rare (1 in 40 to 1 in 50) - Increased gold received from exchanging Ancient Statuettes obtained from revanants - Fixed a bug that made the drop table unusable - Amulet of avarice has been added in-game and added to revenant drops - Firemaking & thieving pet odds have been buffed - Woodcutting and mining pets are now significantly more rare - Players can no longer have or receive any duplicate skilling pets - Fishing pet heron can now be obtained at 1:20,000 rate (regardless of fish)
  8. As many of you may have known, we are currently looking for more server supports and future moderators for our staff team. Originally was going to be announcing this promotion at the end of the week, but with our recent growth I feel that this is needed and will be a great addition to our staff team going forward! With all that being said, @Zylloe will be the next server support for OS Kingdom! Congratulations to Zylloe! Also we are still looking for another server support or two and will be promoting a moderator whenever it's needed. However, we do have a new position open that you may apply for and that is Forums Moderator. If you are interested be sure to apply and submit an application. Again, congratulations Zylloe and I hope everyone is enjoying the latest update!
  9. Shane

    Updates 3/30/2020

    Reminder: Download the latest client or you won't be able to attack Zalcano! New content for bossing has finally arrived! The addition of skilling boss Zalcano will allow for a interesting twist on bossing and allowing it to be combined with skilling! Zalcano has 3 attacks, he shakes the ceiling, spawns demonic symbols and uses a unavoidable (low damage) range attack randomly. Also to fight Zalcano you must be playing on the latest OS Kingdom client, download the client from anywhere on our site to start playing on the new one! Enjoy guys! Drop guide hasn't been updated so below are the drops listed: Common drops (99/100 chance): blood rune 196-480 cosmic rune 304-1018 death rune 234-830 law rune 218-533 soul rune 121-304 nature rune 1-702 silver ore 255-896 noted gold ore 129-721 noted coal 380-908 noted addy ore 71-216 runite ore 7-29 noted steel bar 141-393 noted mithril bar 75-459 noted addy bar - 29-93 noted rune bar 9-23 noted uncut diamond 5-18 noted uncut dragonstone 2-11 noted onyx bolt tips 5-37 pure ess noted 2191- 4422 Rare drops (1/100 chance): crystal seed zalcano shard smolcano pet uncut onyx In-game drop guide for Zalcano will be updated in the next update! Reminder: Download the latest client or you won't be able to attack Zalcano!
  10. Shane

    skilling casket loot

    Will definitely be adding these in-game, stay tuned! May not be in the next update or two, but it's on my list 👍. For now lets shift focus to what we want the rewards to be. Let me hear your suggestions, bars will be a reward too.
  11. Shane

    My Bank (so far)

    Very impressive!
  12. Shane

    Updates 3/29/2020

    Some must need fixes and hot fixes included in this one. New boss Zalcano is coming along nicely should be released soon and will be a very good Ironman boss as it will yield a lot of skilling supplies! Enjoy guys and have a great day 😁 - Fixed bug with shooting star (northwest of bank now works) - Serp helms when pked now drop uncharged to the ground, pker gets loot now. - Players are now permitted to trade in the wilderness (Was unaware of this, not my doing!) - Starboxes have been fixed. - ULTRA RARE 'Stargaze Party Hat' put into starbox - Herb sack is now kept on death - The bonus experience event now grants bonus exp for 15 mins instead of 10 mins - There is now a 1/10 chance the bonus exp event has a 25% bonus instead of 10% - Using second option on zammy mage now teles you to the correct abyss spots - Dialogue added to zammy mage for info on how to obtain ess pouches - All crush weapons now have appropriate combat style interfaces - Fixed a willow tree not working in ::dz - Nullpointer error caused by god items FIXED - Problems with advancing to the olm room in Chambers of Xeric have been fixed - When you die in the Olm Room you are spawned as if you entered the olm chamber. If you'd like to regear, use ::stuckraids - God dragonhide bodys now equip properly - Vanguards in chambers of xeric no longer has a bugged block animation
  13. Shane

    Teleport Back Option

    I like this idea as well, once we can talk about it more I'd love to add it!
  14. Shane

    Ground Markers and Tile Indicators

    I like it, may take some time to add this one though! Client side is not my strong suit, but I'll see what I can do in the future 😉
  15. As OS Kingdom begins to become more active and gain traction I thought it would be a great time to promote some players to help out on our staff team. Both of our helpers @Toby & @Nicholas will be promoted to Global Moderators while @Niekas will be promoted to helper/server support. Congratulations to all three of them! Also, we are still looking for two more helpers/server supports! We will be promoting two more within the next 2-4 weeks! Not only that, but we are now officially looking for Forums Moderators! In effort to get the forums more active we will be looking for members who are actively posting on the forums and making a difference in the community. Again, congratulations to @Toby, @Niekas and @Nicholas !