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  1. Shane

    Update 10/9/2019

    This update is focused on quality of life fixes and the addition of the Recipe for disaster quest! Enjoy, there is much more to come! Also do please make sure to download the official loader named Client.java this will update your client to the latest version. If you don't do this you may experience minor technical issues in-game! - RFD has been added in-game. - Rune crafting has been fixed. - Revs now only give pvm points. - Essence mining has been fixed. - Thieivng casket now never gives you duplicates. - There is now only one hunter pet (chinompa) - Lumberjack set now goes in order never gives you duplicates. - Mining set now goes in order never gives you duplicates. - Fishing casket now distributes wrangler set in order never gives you duplicates. - The fishing casket rarity has been bumped up 150% because no chance of bust items. - Firemaking casket now distributes pyro set in order never gives you duplicates - Once player has gotten full pyro each fm casket will give a chance at coins or rare chance at book of fire. - Players no longer can obtain duplicate pets from SKILLING. - Superheat failure removed, reason: not in osrs was custom from previous developers - Superheat now gives magic experience - Runecrafting has been FIXED and is no longer an issue. - Ess mine has been FIXED as well - Object/Npc IDs have been updated for new data. If you have any issues please report them to a staff member. - Annoying "4" forgotten test message removed from boss slayer (my bad)
  2. Shane

    Update 10/4/2019

    The update log below is the last 24 hours update log and the one below it is the SOME of the previous update log before launch! - Fixed 3 console errors. - Initiate Armour has been added to both armour shops. - Thamm Sceptre is now fixed - Craws bow fixed now has unlimited ammo as well. - Higher the level of revenant more ether they drop, increased ether drop amounts. - Revs now give pvm points and are now are kill counted - Broads arrows now require 52 fletching - EXP for fletching arrows has been buffed 125% was ridiculously low - High and low alch values for bracelet of etherums FIXED - Uncharged bracelet of etherum can now be dismantled for 250 ether. - Slayer tasks are now more relatively shorter (including wildy) - Rare revenant drop weapons are now more rare - Viggoras chainmace bonus +67 going to slash instead of crush FIXED - Dragon scim has been added to armour iron man shop in order to help irons (was too hard to get for little value) - Redwood logs now give correct amount of arrow shafts - Prices for resetting slayer task have been cut in half now 250k/100k/FREE - Elemental shield price in the clue shop has been reduced was 52k now proper price. - Cave Horrors have been fixed. - Test checks have been removed from slayer, my apologies (messages of 1, 2, 3 during slayer etc) - Torags set now works FIXED - West green dragons have now been added - New west drags teleport added to PVP/Wildy teleport interface - Rigour prayer now fixed, correct bonuses and boosts - Augury prayer now fixed, correct bonuses and boosts - Magic trees at ::dz have been fixed - Raw beef cooking has been added - Raw chicken cooking has been added - Cows have now been fixed, had wrong ID now are correct NPC - Vet'ions drops have been added - Venenatis & Scorpia drops have been redone Part of the before launch update log: - Abyssal Sire has been added - Bludgeon Special attack fixed. - Players now have a 3 times increased chance of receiving golden nuggets (Motherlode Nuggets Buff) - Mining teles and other teles that allowed you to tele in high wildy levels FIXED - Lizardman shamans now respawn (No need to have to re teleport for spawn.) - Packet issue not allowing players to equip Crystal halbred is now FIXED - ::sendhome [player name] command has been added for Moderators to help players. - Adding to pouch works again, that was my bad. - Iron men can now use the motherlode mine shop - Wrong item id used for druidic circle easy clue FIXED works great now - Rune essence mine removed from game, Pure ess added to shop to make game more balanced. - Fury & Glory prayer bonus is now FIXED and correct - Ardy max cape now gives correct prayer bonus - Max cape issues fixed, when a player didn't have a max cape or a cape in slot it would bug the benefits of max cape even if you weren't maxed. - Dart making rates have been buffed around 50-60% more exp - Fletching bug where it broad bolts fletching would pop up FIXED - Casket NPC Uri is no longer bugged and works fine now - Kraken no longer drops pet (blame previous owners, was unaware) - Redwood fletching has been added in-game (double arrow shafts, redwood shields) - Super attack (3) and (2) bug not giving you the remaining (1) FIXED - Tasks now count towards their bosses respectively (So like abyssal demon you can kill sire and all other npcs like blue drags to vorkath, etc) - Slayer rewards now displays price - Wyverns now have special attack - DFS now works against Wyverns special attack
  3. Shane

    99 Slayer from scratch

    By the way this was tested on beta and it's accurate!
  4. Hello everyone it's been a long time coming! Now I can officially say OS Kingdom a project I've been working on for the past 2-3 months is finished and ready to be hosted. After a few beta periods I'm confident that everything is good to go for launch. Tons of work has gone into OS Kingdom and as a result we have a much much better game than what we had when I originally started. Things such as a brand new combat system, several new bosses including vorkath and sire, brand new slayer system are just some of the few things that we're able to be accomplished along with hundreds, yes I say hundreds of bugs have been fixed you can see some them on display in our update logs from early July before we decided to not continue to post. New update logs will be posted bi-daily or daily and advertisements are going up as you read this thread! Very relieved to have finally gotten to this stage of the server, I'm going to continue to work hard and pump as much content into the server as possible! Good luck to everyone in-game it will be a fun race to several OS Kingdom accomplishments! Click here to play now!
  5. Shane

    End of Beta Update

    The time is finally here! This update will mark the official ending of beta as we progress towards fully launching here in the next 24-48 hours. Everything listed below is a just a glimpse into all the effort and hard work that has been put into OS Kingdom. In this update you will notice many many fixes and updates that will increase your quality of life and also make the game a overall more enjoyable experience. Thank you to everyone who has beta tested this server we have now wouldn't have been possible without you guys so thank you! With this update you must download the latest client so be sure to download the client from any link on this site! Another thing is we decided to cap all 99's experience to roughly around 13m total experience if your experience in that skill with a 99 exceeded 13.034m. More information will be released tomorrow regarding that, but no resets have been done except for what has been said. If you have any questions please let me know and enjoy! - Ranged max hits and ranged str has been perfected (just like osrs) - Heavy Ballista now works as it should - Vengenance and poison don't always hit 0 - Kraken and tentacles can now be attacked more easier now. Kraken can be attacked properly now. - Pet Insurance has been added, talk to parroty pete @ home bank - Lunar spell book teleports have been changed to be more easily recognizable - Arrow, bolt, dart fletching has been updated and is now identical to OSRS - Crystal hally spec now hits double on npcs larger than 1x1 - Glass blowing has been added in-game - Crystal key chest has been significantly nerfed. - Abby demons no longer drop the pet sire should. - Iron donators can now use ::yell - Leaving a cc during a raid now forces you to leave the raid - Rank manager has been added for donators. Click on Rank: (your rank) in quest tab - Donator store price icons now updated to a coin with a 'C' on it for credits. - Edge lever now works and teleports to deserted keep like osrs, added a warning aswell. - Edge trapdoor now works and leads to edge dungeon like it should - Achievement store added and ability to exchange achievement points for chance at two rare items! - New latest OSRS data has been added - ::commands interface updated - Abyssal demons now have 1 in 20k chance of receiving a abyssal dagger - Tentacle whip now has charges, donors get extra 2.5k charges - Seers rooftop agility has been fixed (no longer invisible) - Rock crabs have been added to the west side of relleka and is now a multi zone while the east will be single. - An opening has been made at rock crabs to extend to west rock crabs - Cooks assistant quest has been added in-game - Slayer helm (i) now boosts range damage and accuracy by 15% like OSRS - Demonic gorillas can now be attacked without having to use auto retaliate - Furnace at home/edge is now reachable and no longer has an 'invisible barrier' - Bank booth added to other area of falador mine - Marks of grace are now 10-20% more common - Barbarian fishing has been added in-game - Protect from magic against dragon fire now only takes 25% of initial damage and if you have anti fire you receive none - Play time counter has been redone much better - Inferno cape textures now work 100%, use to be a bit glitchy - Clue help has been added shows you where to dig or use emote for clues - Moving textures has been removed from settings and is automatically on (looks better, its 2019 ur computer should be able to handle...) - Fish/Drop help has been added to toggable settings. - Max cape now has teleports and features similar to OSRS - All OSRS POSSIBLE skill cape perks have been added aswell as added to max cape perks - If you create more than 4 regular accounts on your IP address you'll no longer receive starter kit (prevent gold farming) - Additional black demons, greater demons and ice giants have been added to rev caves - Angler fish consuming now works like OSRS - Angler fish have been added to zeah and teleport has been added to fishing tutor at fishing tele - Fishing shop (tynan) and bank added northeast of angler fishing spots - Building north of edge bank has been turned into the pking bank for edge. Will home pvp related npcs - Deleted objects no longer initially load when you log in meaning you do not see them anymore :) - Block slayer tasks feature has been added - Dragon javes have correct bonuses now - Implemented poisoning for NPCS, before npcs could not be poisoned? Fixed. - Venom has been implemented as well and works just like OSRS! - Venom now gets priority over poison now - Dark green phat and other custom colored phats have been fixed and can be worn now. - NPCs are now like osrs if they cannot receive venom they poison or if they can't be poisoned/venom they won't be able to be. - Fixed bug where it wouldn't delete the original cape when combining other capes with max capes - All max cape modifcations/combinations have been added and work great. - Pest control now rewards only players who get at least 2.5% damage inflicted (25 damage) - Players can now enable noted drops for metal dragons for points @ slayer master - For players to be able to do boss tasks they must now unlock them /w slayer points thru the master. - Players may now learn to craft slayer rings for slayer points, must learn from slayer master for points - Broad bolts can now be fletched and both bolts & arrows now must be bought or unlock from slayer rewards to obtain or fletch - Superior monsters have now been added in game, can be purchased from slayer master - Anti venom potions have been added in-game you can make them by adding zulrah scales to anti poisons (reduced exp since no anti dotes) - Player drops are now handled differently than regular drops or NPC drops, wasn't like this before (another smh at previous developers) - Players now have 45 minutes to retrieve their items once they die and all items dropped on ground by players or npcs will last approx 3 minutes and 30 seconds - Giant mole respawns 3x more faster now - Abyssal Bludgeon now has correct attack animations - Abyssal Bludgeon special attack coded works like OSRS - Wyson npc has been added to Giant Mole location to exchange mole claws/skins for bird nests at 2/3 rate for getting a non empty bird nest - Giant Mole spawns faster now - Krystillia works now like regular slayer master but with wildy slayer (fixed reset task) - Extra slayer points are now award for completion of hard/boss tasks (every 10th, 50th, 100th, 250th or 500th you will get a bonus) So like 20th and 75th you'll get bonuses etc like osrs - Dragon bolts (e) special fixed and now works fine - Slayer points adjusted for each type - Smoke devils now drop occult at 1/100 chance while thermos drop at 1/80 - Drops have been redone and will have a guide made within the next week! - Youtuber/Content creator account has been made for those trusted and qualified. - Revenant drops are now like OSRS, very rare items are being coded and revenants mobs themselves being redone will be released ASAP - Wilderness slayer tasks receive 25 points each on completion - All scimitars and longswords have the correct attack styles and interface Note: You need a client update. 100+ old, spam player files have been deleted. If one of your accounts was deleted as a result of this please let me know I still have the files and I will be able to help you in recovering that account.
  6. Shane

    Updates 7/14/2019

    It's about that time again. Bunch of bug fixes for you guys again I've been taking a lot of your guys feedback and compiling lists and I can happily say I have knocked out quite a substantial amount! Soon enough I will be able to pour out content instead of focusing all my energy into bugs and quality of life fixes :P. Here ya guys go, please do keep up the good work with reporting bugs and feedback in general! Loving the support, thank you to everyone for your help! - Autocasting multi barrage not working now fixed (must be multi zone, will be introducing more multi zones soon!) - Crates teleporting @ smithing fixed - Removed superior banshees and hands will redo slayer and make it like osrs - Burst multi fixed now works correctly as well - You can now exchange agility tickets for 500 exp each at Ticket Dispensers placed at agility courses. - Barrows has been updated, much more identical to OSRS - Old custom content such as the skeletal wildy bosses and superior slayer boss spawns have been removed. - Zenyte jewelry removed from boss shop (Too OP) - Dwarven rock cake is now fixed, works perfect - Heavy Ballista special attack fixed now works - Crystal Hally special attack fixed now works - Kalphite queen / smoke devil pet drop rate now fixed - Rapier has been made cosmetic and removed from event keys (too custom and op) - Kraken for some reason wasn't multi after last update, that has been fixed - Annoying '+1 Hit' message removed from when attacking krakens tents - Zulrah no longer will ever drop double scales (Patches bug and for bettering player drop chances) - God wars KC reduction donation perk now works for mods and irons who have donated sufficient amount - Wildy event black knights fortress location removed due to not being multi has been replaced. - You can now craft zenyte jewelry, must have in inventory and click oven @ crafting - Rocky pet is now the actual rocky pet npc - Custom skilling pets for certain skills have been replaced with correct OSRS ones. (Tangleroot, Rift guardian, Giant Squirrel, Rocky) - Irons can no longer access regular magic shop and has been added to options speaking to Adam Iron Tutor @ home - ::playtime command now
  7. Shane

    Update 7/13/2019

    No I don't believe so. What is the error it is giving you? Please contact me on discord so I can give you the fastest feedback. Here is a link to our discord: https://discord.gg/4UHMZXx
  8. Shane

    Update 7/13/2019

    Hey everyone got another update for you guys! Finally introducing some content in Blast Furnace along with some bug fixes and quality of life improvements to the game. With ads going out ASAP launch is right around the corner. Look forward to making this official and producing more updates as we progress on! - Looting bag has been fixed/corrected - The correct trident is now the correct id in m boxes - Dragon scimitar special attack uses correctly uses 55% now instead of 60 - Fixed bug with ess pouches regarding multiple pouches conflicting, works great now. - Purchasing items with inv full in some shops taking coins/points bug fixed - When checking a looting bag no longer equips it, now tells you how many items inside. - Playtime variables have been added, you may now check your playtime. - Smithing area crates fixed (Outdated object ids bug pretty much) - Missing donor stall at ::dz fixed - Battle axes and normal axes now have correct attack animations - KBD, dags and mole pets are now no longer common and are on rare drop table - Bug where steel sword made you invisible fixed - Achievement shop has been created and NPC has been placed by the yew trees at Edgevile Home - Fixed bug where you could use any uncut on any item to be prompted with crafting interface
  9. Shane


    Welcome to OS Kingdom Bank glad to have ya! That's cool you are in cyber security that's a very interesting career!
  10. Shane

    Update 7/11/2019

    Here is a much needed update! I'll be back here for more quality of life fixes with a decent amount of content coming your way tomorrow so you can all look forward to that being released in 24 hours around the same time this post is made! Let me know if you have any feedback, concerns or suggestions on how I can improve OS Kingdom and make your experience better! I'd also like to thank everyone who has played thus far you've all done a great job and I've been able to get a lot done and fixed because of you guys so keep up the good work! Enough talking for now here is the update! - Easy/hard cluescroll bug fixed - Fishing fixed - Digsite clue location has been updated and changed to barb village bridge. (Same emote/equip) - Cave krakens have been added - Teleport to Kraken Cove has been added to training teleports - Kraken can now also be accessed through the crevice in Kraken Cove - Twisted bow has been rewritten (much better now, whenever someone finally gets one they will be satisfied :p) - Blowpipe special attack buffed - BNeck Obby Maul / Full Void Me - Dragon hunter crossbow now works 100% like osrs against Dragons, Wyverns, Olm - Elite void melee buffed - Justicular/Ancestrial/Wand correct bonuses have been added - Dragonfire shield attack is now fixed - Hellhounds & Various other monsters no longer hit through pray - When players reach level 99 it no longer shows support icon, now corrected - You can now use either vote tickets or your vote points if you choose to redeem the tickets in the vote shop! - Vote tickets no longer need to be spam clicked to be redeemed, if you click once it redeems all tickets in your inv. - Essence pouches now work correctly - Falador Shield 2 has been removed from game (If you have one I will exchange for a ckey as that was only place to get it) - Rune prices have been adjusted for the economy. - Cross-trails & Hard treasure trail rewards have been buffed/nerfed VERY SLIGHTLY for the sake of the economy. - Blood altar has been moved to its correct location.. - Non donators can craft bloods (I wasn't aware of this until fixing blood altar) - Tormented Bracelet gives correct bonuses - Magic damage boost % have been corrected, max hits are just like osrs now - Ranged equipment str bonuses have been applied and work (assembler, anguish, etc) - Crystal bow and blowpipe now have correct ranged str bonuses - Oziach has been spawned in the southwest corner of home/edge - Missing furnace and banks at ::dz are now fixed. Please note: My PC lost power and didn't have my update list from the other day so I lost that, there may be some more stuff I didn't include this log fixed in-game.
  11. Shane

    Update 7/4/2019

    Small little update tonight everyone, I'm trying to be as consistent as possible with these so be sure to report all feedback on forums or relay it to a staff member in-game so we can help make OS Kingdom the best OSRS RSPS for everyone! With that being said, I hope all my United States citizens are enjoying their 4th of July so far! Don't got anything else for you guys at the time so happy 4th to those in the U.S celebrating and check back in 24-48 hours for our next update log! - Superior slayer tasks have been removed - Finished hunter skill rework, new client must be downloaded for npcs to work! - Hunter teleport has been added (Implings only for now) - Serp helm now gives correct str bonus - Vote tickets now redeem for vote points and have been added as a reward for voting. Acess shop @ home poll booth - Fred the farmer @ home shops has now been moved from underneath skilling store to next to skilling store - Multiple item renames have been fixed - Bug where fishing bank booth was removed fixed. - Sharks, rune ore and runite bars prices have all been adjusted. Note: Also be sure to download the latest client anywhere on our site! Click here if you'd like to download it now!
  12. Shane

    Update 7/3/2019

    Here is another update for you guys. This update is regarding mainly fixes and you can expect to start to see some content mix in the future updates. This is our second to last update of our closed beta period! Once next update is here (in a day or two) we will be launching fully into our alpha period and will be completely live! Thank you to everyone who has played and helped out thus far and I hope to see more feedback! - Hydra now gives boss and pvm points - Anti autoclicking now moves you preventing afk autoclicking (thieving) - Elegant blouse and skirts have now been fixed - Hourly player file backups have been integrated automatically - Discord hook added to forums - Shoutbox added to forums - User information side panels on forums now expanded - Loyalty program has been disabled until it can be voted on how to reward - All pets are now at LEAST 1 in 10000 chance. This change is due to the amount of pets in-game currently. - Instead of adding pets or any items to your bank it now adds to ground (Prevents messing up your bank tabs!) - Pure ess can now be used in rune pouches - Raids point contributions must be at least 750 points to get a reward! - Fixed one of the zulrahs not dropping pet - Wilderness monsters for slayer all can be found in wilderness now. - Black demons are now spawned in tav dungeon - Additional blue dragons added into tav dungeon - All aviansies have drops now - Black dragons now give pvm points and have a kill counter - Callistos roar only sends you backwards now, no longer can you get stuck in lava - Motherlode mine is now spelled correctly in teleports - Key master teleports have been removed from drops, pretty much pointless since we have tele interface - Clue scroll shop moved by other shops replaced with pet insurance guy - If you somehow lose a pet you can now talk to parroty pete @ home to get it back - Logging out with full inv and a pet is okay just talk to parroty pete to get it back ^ - Wyverns now work with dragonfire shield - Smoke devil dungeon teleport has been added to training - Thermo aadded to smoke devil dungeon - Motherlode mine agility shortcut has been added, must have 75 agility.
  13. Shane

    Update 7/1/2019

    Here are some crucial bug fixes. Some of these may not go in effect until next update because a client update is needed! Most should be fine without though so enjoy and keep reporting and giving feedback I can make the server better! - Fixed bug with slayer helm and teleporting - Prices have been fixed on packs store (dz) - Fixed digsite clue now works properly - Imbued capes no longer tradable - Dragon hunter crossbow now has correct bonus against dragons - Fixed a bunch of cosmetic phats and santas not working including bronze santa hat - Fishing bug fixed that allow you to move and still fish - Zulrah no longer has double kc - Hellhounds no longer say you receive boss points when you dont - Vesta, statius, pvp armour no longer a chance in event chest - Knives no longer give str bonus - Crafting jewelry no longer consumes mould - Dragon knifes now work - Fishing spot for dark crabs is now reachable at ::dz - You can no longer note items on bank from a couple tiles away - DWH now announces server wide as a rare drop - God wars minions respawn times have been buffed - All pay dirt in ur inventory is now automatically processed, no more clicking - Toxic staff of the dead now has proper requirements - Super energy potions have been fixed now work correctly - Slayer points have been buffed for each task except low - Buffed slayer exp received after completion of task by 15% - Message to show slayer points gained and total after completion of task added - Runecrafting pure ess bug fixed - Players no longer exit chambers of xeric to threatre of blood entrance, oops ;p - Mods now show up on highscores
  14. Shane

    Update 6/26/2019

    Yes I know it isn't the 26th, but this update was suppose to be online hours and hours ago, but my ISP was restricting my upload time so I just went to bed. Update is now live, thank you for all your feedback! - Fixed slayer reset for 500k not working. - Hydra bones now tradable/notable - Vorkath KC now counted - You now receive boss & pvm points from Vorkath & Hydra - No longer says support has logged in HCIM - Blowpipe has been fixed/buffed and is now like OSRS - Fixed bug where skillcape shops wouldn't accept gp from pouch. - Amount of rune ess in skilling store has been increased to 10k. - Pure ess can now be mined and will give 50% more exp than regular. - Dragon Halberd special now works. - Amulet of glory (6)'s now work and can be charged through Fountain of Rune - Fixed rigour prayer now correct prayer level (74) - Decanter has been moved inside home bank, Nurse for healing added in place. - Amulet of glory (4)'s have been added to pure shop. - Fixed issue where bone burying/sacrificing achievement wasn't counting for bones on altar. - Easy Emote Clue Scroll regarding druidic circle FIXED! - Players no longer equip clue scrolls when using "Check step" option xD - Making of broad arrows has been fixed, now works correctly - Broad arrows are now coded into the game - Infernal cape no longer in bounty store, too OP - Hellhound tasks and Cerberus tasks are now different. Ceberus tasks are boss tasks. - Bones to peachs & bones to bananas now works! - Hellhounds now give pvm points and are now kills are tracked - Pest Control departure times now 60 secs instead of 120 - Skeletal Wyverns teleport has been added to training - Unnoting on bank if you don't have free slots in inventory no longer eats the remainder items. - Since the crystal keys chest is buffed and much more valuable full key drops have been removed. - Mods can now yell and I fixed the access to the correct donator zone now - 'Shadow Sword' has been removed from game and drops - Removed bonfires since its not OSRS and I'm going to add wintertodt in future. - Blessed d hide now has correct prayer bonus - ‘OS Kingdom’ text in friends list is now properly centered - Toxic Blowpipe special has been redone, health regenerates and projectile now correct. - Karambwan fishing spots have been added to fishing teleport. - Both tridents side bars are now correct, no longer shows normal staff interface - Protect from prayers have now been fixed, weren't correct like OSRS - Nieves cave has been partially redone until the Slayer skill revamp - Javelins no longer give prayer bonus instead of strength
  15. Shane

    Update 6/25/2019

    - Added noting and unnoting for ult iron man - Buffed thieivng pet rate 67 percent - Fixed money pouch withdrawing not working - Donator Thieving Stall req fixed. (lvl 90) - Removed crystal monsters tele (This content will be polled in future) - Ranged Skillcape now properly serves as a regulator ava's accumulator - Fixed bug where you couldn't teleport at level 20 wilderness. - Fixed similar bug where you couldn't teleport with glory above level 30 wilderness. - Removed testing variables from button clicks Here are the updates for today from feedback from players, tomorrows log should include some more content for players along with adjustments/fixes to further player feedback I receive. Remember to ::vote and support OS Kingdom so that we can get higher on the top lists and attract more players! Please note: If you have not downloaded the latest client, please do so here .