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  1. Shane

    Updates 1/21/2020

    That time of the day again 😎. I hope everyone is enjoying OS Kingdom so far! Here are some updates, a bit of a mix of fixes and new skilling content such as Barbarian Fishing, more thieving NPCs and wall safes at rogues den! More to come, so stay tuned to the forums! - Twisted banshees now count as normal banshee task - Event Boss location in catherby removed, reason is its too close to skilling. - Granite boots have been fixed - Upstairs warriors guild door fixed - Barrows chest hard achievement nerfed significantly - Fixed bug where you couldn't buy dwarf cannon set - Ranged invis boosts, max hits and ranged str has been updated/fixed - Magic invis boosts, max hits and ranged str has been updated/fixed - Uncharged tanz/magma helms are no longer tradable - Pk Point Shop has been nerfed and updated - Slayer chest keys are now less common - Rune/Addy dragons have been nerfed - Zulrah attack/defence has been nerfed around 40% - 'Broader Fletching' reward added to slayer reward shop - Players can now learn how to receive noted bar drops by purchasing with slayer points - Metal drags no longer drop noted bars unless you have slayer reward - Barbarian fishing has been added in-game - Master fisher @ fishing tele has been moved inside the catherby fishing shop - Fishing tutor added @ fishing tele to teleport to barb fishing & angler fishing - Guards and Knights of Ardy have been added to Thieving teleport - Cracking safes for gems and coins has been added @ rogues den - Event bosses hp now 5,000 instead of 10,000 and has been nerfed slightly. - Event chest has been nerfed slightly as a result of the above - Vote scrolls are now only 5 vote points each to promote voting - Star event has been fixed and now works properly
  2. Shane

    Clan Voice Channels on Discord

    Dm me on discord 😄
  3. Shane

    Updates 1/20/2020

    Yep it's that time again! More updates for OS Kingdom, mostly just fixes for now. The content will soon begin rolling in once I get over all the must fixes! I hope you are all enjoying OSK as much as I'am I look forward to seeing you all in-game! - Bonus EXP scrolls now save upon DC or logouts - Hunter traps now work correctly - Compost bin added to Farming area - Deviant spectres have been fixed - Lillia in catacombs no longer attacks, but will follow you - Pots in consumable shop are now (4) instead of (3) - Added monkfish to consumable shop - Spinning wheel has been added to crafting guild - Tanner NPC has been added to crafting guild - Barb agility course has been nerfed (was getting more exp than seers) - Seers rooftop wall climb glitch making you stuck FIXED - Lumberjack set piece random chance while skilling has been increased. - Slayer experience reward price corrected to 50 - Slayer EXP reward now rewards 150k EXP in slayer instead of previous 30k - Bug where if you attack something from distance with range/mage and then eat it would make you run towards the monster/player FIXED
  4. Shane

    Updates 1/19/2020

    Starting the new version of OS Kingdom off right with some updates! More to come tomorrow as well! - RFD has been FIXED - ::reward command has been fixed. - ::players command has been added to show how many players are online - Angler fishing added to piscarilius fishing colony (tele zeah) - Karambwan fishing added to catherby fishing teleport - Broken fishing spots @ fishing tele FIXED - Maple trees can now be chopped in WC Guild - Cooking & goldsmith gaunts added to Skill Point Shop - Skillcape shop now has all skill hoods - Wildy altar doors now work properly - Item (skotizo death) return npc added outside skotizo altar in catacombs - Longrange style on range weapons FIXED - Dragonhide shields now have appropriate requirements - Slayer chest has been slightly nerfed - Redwoods now deplete slower and require less chops (more afk & fast) - Kalphite cave has been added and added to the monster teleports - Mods now have check bank and check inventory - Moderator yell text is now in a more readable blue text
  5. Shane

    Updates 1/11/2020

    More critical fixes in this update than anything. We also peaked at 12-15 players today! The community is slowly growing and it is truly great to see :). New players make sure to be vocal and let us know your concerns and suggestions so we can make OS Kingdom into the great OSRS RSPS we all want it to be! Enjoy everyone! - Raids 2 system reward bug regarding bugged vials of blood fixed. - Fixed CMD bug with typing non numerical values in money pouch. - Check option no longer reverts abby tent whip - Gold/pink ele skirts now equip to correct slot. - Zulrah drops have been redone, more likely to get rare drops now - Mutagens have been made 20-30% more rare. - Fixed bug clue spot south east varrock mine - Custom upgrade scrolls not intended to be in-game removed. - Magenta party hat is now tradable - Quest cape removed from achievement shop (for obv reasons) - Youtuber rank now displays in clan chat in front of cc rank - Dunce at ::dz fixed, now must be Super Donator + to set title. - 3 donator cosmetic items have been added to ::dz shop! - Super Magic & Ranged potions have been added to nmz shop - Anti spam for home stalls at thieivng location has been fixed. - Bonecrusher has been added to Boss shop (350 points) - Players can now make the bonecrusher necklace
  6. Shane

    Updates 1/10/2020

    Not much in this update besides fixes and quality of life adjustments. Doing my best to give you all the best OSRS RSPS experience I can! If you have any suggestions or bugs to report please post here on forums in the correct board and category so I can see your feedback! - Glassblowing now gives correct crafting EXP - Points received from Pest Control has increased by 50% - Irons can now pick up reindeer holiday event hat (volcano island) - Fixed wintertodt bug where you didnt get reward first game - Royal seed pod unlimited home teles from 30 or below widly added to blood money shop. - Added blue dragons to hard&medium slayer tasks - Vorkath now counts for blue dragon slayer tasks (Brutals count) - Red dragons added to hard&medium slayer tasks (Brutals count) - Fire giants added to medium slayer tasks - Hydras added to hard slayer tasks (alchemical count) - Rune & Addy dragons added to hard slayer tasks - Fixed bug where players could get kraken task without req slayer lvl - Dragon knife special attack has been added - Dragon thrownaxe special attack has been added - Scythe of vitur can now be charged with vials of blood - Vials of blood added to common raid 2 rewards - More implings have been added to spawn (more frequent) - Fixed a CMD nullpointer regarding last dag kings update - Added youtuber rank
  7. Shane

    Examine on NPC suggestion

    Great suggestion! I'll work on this.
  8. Shane

    Updates 1/09/2020

    New update who dis. Unfortunately just fixes this time, but quality of life plus plus right? Keep them coming guys and let's continue to make OS Kingdom better together! Welcome to all the new players! - Fixed issue with wintertodt and point reward system. - Pet insurance/retrieval spamming bug fixed - Quest tab text has been shifted left to show date better. - Quest tab icons for tab switching have been shifted to allow players quest points to be displayed completely. - Dwarf cannon no longer gives hitpoints EXP - Fixed bug with pest control and instance bosses dissapearing. - Pest control monsters have been significantly nerfed. - Thermo smoke devil is now accessible through crevice - Smoke devil dungeon is now multi - Cannon can now be used in wilderness - Players now must use magic within the Mage Arena - Dag Kings are now weak only to respective styles - Right / Left Great Olm hands now require magic/melee like OSRS - Crystal key halfs added to Skill Point Shop for 5k points ea - Dragon pickaxe now has a special attack (boost +3 mining) - Dragon axe now has a special attack (boost +3 woodcutting) - Darklight has been added in game (insta hit skotizo altars!) - Added Darklight to boss point shop - Thieving stall at ::dz now has anti spam
  9. Shane

    Updates 1/08/2020

    Haven't had much time to release an update log in awhile since we had the addition of Theatre of Blood! Took a lot of testing and tweaking, but it works great now and I encourage everyone to try it! With that being said, here is an update log for today. Enjoy! - Fixed issue when creating a red slayer helm. - Added bucket to gen stores - Added glass blowing pipe to skilling store and iron gen store - Crystal bow stats fixed - Fixed a EXP bug with quests - Raids 1 bug fixed where if you don't have space you get no reward. - Redid drops of Cave Horrors, should be easier to get black mask. - Fixed bug where only one person could use a wintertodt brazier. - Fixed bug with sara blessed sword, shields can no longer be equiped. - All god books have correct prayer bonus now. - Mushroom patatoes can now be consumed. - Battleaxes now have the correct attack animation - Dragon axe now has correct combat interface and atk animations - Hydras now have a kill counter and give PVM points - Dunce (player titles) has been fixed @ donor zone - Pet insurance is now 2.5m for regular donors and 1m for super. - Nulled dragon chainbodys removed as drop, added correct id. - Dragon darts now have the correct attack speed - Raids 2 counter has been added. - Phase 1 of vitur has been made signifcantly more difficult, use the dawnbringer and the pillars or pay the consequences! - Items dropped in raids 1 and 2 now appear instantly. - Points in raids 2 are now scaled according to group size. - Doubled the amount of herbs rewarded in theatre of blood. - 'Mystery box' at home removed and will be updated.
  10. Shane

    Updates 12/30/2019

    Not much, but a few bug fixes. I've been working on threatre of blood lately and I haven't had much time to do much else. I will be trying my best to do as much as I can fixes wise as often as I can. Great job of reporting bugs as always here is today's update. - Fixed bug with knives - Hard endurance mode has been added - Catacombs of kourend is now correctly fully multi. - Fixed wintertodt checks 'please wait' bug - Bruma kindling now gives 15 points - Lighting brazier gives 25 points - Cannon can be set up in GWD now - Catacombs of Kourend ladder to Greater Demons fixed.
  11. Shane

    Updates 12/28/2019

    More updates :). This one is mainly just fixes and quality of life for all of those who reported. Also just want to talk the time to say thank you to everyone who has joined and is enjoying OS Kingdom! I couldn't imagine it without you guys! Enjoy! - Cannon exp is now divided by 4 instead of previous. - Kindling has been added in Wintertodt. - Added reminder to iron man restriction to check ironman tutor. - Wintertodt game timer has been increased. - Cannon placement restrictions updated. - Accumulator no longer saves cannonball ammo (lol). - Pest control portals defence has been drastically nerfed. - Sara's blessed sword now can be reverted properly. - Hunting implings it now makes sure you have a jar. - You can now grab tinderbox, knife, hammer, etc from wintertodt boxes - Ancient wyvern drops have been buffed (item amounts) - Trident attack speed has now be corrected from 5 to 4 like OSRS
  12. Shane

    Updates 12/26/2019

    Hey everyone got some more content for you all! This time it is the skilling mini-game Wintertodt! Now fire making will feel a bit less pointless as this mini-game will allow you to obtain the pyromancer outfit which will give you additional fire making experience! Warmth is a factor, so be sure to make sure you are wearing as much warm clothing as possible. Also 500 points is needed to get the reward and the reward crate gives you two rolls and you also have a 33% of getting an additional roll (3 in total). Good luck and more to come as always - Fixed iron ore @ fally mine - Added teleport to wintertodt - Wintertodt fully added. - 5 minute reminder now shows correct mins left of x2 exp. - Porazdir for mage arena II now spawns in correct place. - Vorkath now has correct npc placement. - Cannonball making has been added. - Wintertodt teleport now requires you to be 50 firemaking. - Weapon game FIXED. - Stepping stone agility shortcut south of dragon isle in wildy has been added. - Level 60 magic requirement added to mage arena mini-quests. - ::Event command added to tell what event is going on. - Normal endurance mode nightmarezone points per kill buffed. - Overload and endurance potions can only be used in NMZ. - Wintertodt crates will not give you double of an pyromancer outfit, rewards are also profit friendly. Good source of gp.
  13. Shane

    Updates 12/25/2019

    Hope everyone has had a wonderful holidays so far! Here are some updates mainly fixes and the addition of the new mini-game nightmare zone! Earn overload potions or imbue your equipment through nightmare zone! Currently we only have endurance mode, but look to expand in the future! - Abyssal dagger special fixed. - New interfaces added, use the loader to update client! - Raids points interface messed up on resizable FIXED. - Cannon balls glitch in slayer shop fixed. - Slayer shop redone, removed stuff that made dead content. - Nightmare zone endurance normal mode has been added. - Teleport for nmz added to minigame teleports. - Made it so there is no player limit to start pest control. - Warning message about camera gliding added. - Corrected Seer's ring (i) & Ring of Gods (i) magic bonuses. - Ring of suffering(i) weilds to correct slot now. - Imbued rings can now be uncharged. 80% points will be returned.
  14. Shane

    Updates 12/24/2019

    Yay Christmas Updates! Merry Christmas everyone and I hope you are enjoying the holidays as much as we are here at OS Kingdom! Enjoy these updates, Mage Arena is now more functional and practical for obtaining god capes and imbuing them. More updates coming soon as always 😎💛 - Mage Arena I Completed - Mage Arena II Completed - Game now sends a message to tell you when your double exp ends. - Game now reminds you when you have only 5 minutes left on your double exp scroll. - Removed imbued cape gods from mage arena point shop - Mage Arena teleport added to minigames teles - Clothes store part of the holiday event FIXED - Slayer helm no longer makes it so you cant open the equipment interface. - After completing mage arena II using capes on kolodion will now give you a imbued version of the cape!
  15. Shane

    Updates 12/23/2019

    Sorry guys was trying to get an update out everyday and keep the streak going, but here is today's update log. Tomorrow I will be working on mage arena 1 and 2 mini-quests and fixing up more of your guy's reports or adding suggestions! Keep them coming and thank you all who have helped so far! - PvP has been fixed, works great. - "Pelt" option bug not going away again bug FIXED. - Brutal dragons now have kill counter and give pvm points. - Ancient wyverns now have kill counter and give pvm points. - Assembler max cape now weilds in the correct slot. - Removed ancient warriors teleport, was removed from game. - Double EXP scrolls are now tradable. - Added ::skull command for all players. - Kill death ratio command added. ::kdr - Bounty points added to point manager. - Karambwans now work properly. - Dragon knives and thrownaxes now have correct attack speed. - Fremennik brown cloak and shirt have been fixed. - Black (t) wizzy robeskirt fixed. - Vestment robe set items now have correct prayer bonuses. - Demonic gorillas drops have been improved.