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  1. Shane

    Stepping down. (For now)

    Will be missed! Hope to see you back in the future Toby. You truly we're a tremendous help to OS Kingdom and have done a ton of work in regards to helping this server get to point we are today developmentally and I wish you the absolute best in real life with your job and your girl friend man! Will be in touch on discord πŸ˜€
  2. Shane

    Updates 5/20/2020

    More new content! Hespori (Farming Boss) has been released! You can access the patch to Hespori at the farming guild and every patch you harvest you get one 1 in 50 chance at obtaining a Hespori seed! Good luck everyone, more content and fixes on the way! - Hespori has been completed and added in-game (Farming Guild) - Bottomless compost bucket has been added in-game and works properly - Players now have a 1/50 chance of obtaining hespori seed when any farming patch depletes - Fixed a bug with konar not counting kalphites in kalphite cave and dark beasts in tav dungeon - Fixed a bug with konar assigning greater demons in Karuulm dungeon when there is none there (currently) - Fixed a bug with moss guardians & dark beasts not counting in Iorwerth dungeon for konar - Bug with picking up pet vet'ion has been fixed - Diaries finished counter is now fixed - Abyssal whip now properly poisons - All monsters in the iowerth dungeon now have a chance of dropping 1-4 crystal shards (similar to ckey rates) - Kril tsutsaroths drop rates have been fixed
  3. Shane

    Updates 5/19/2020

    Updates! Content! Konar has been added in-game and a few various dungeon locations have been added. Also a few ultimate ironman improvements! Keep them bugs coming and I'll keep getting them fixed! Thank you to everyone who helps me, can't do it without you! - When players die from PvM they now have 30 minutes to retrieve their stuff - Super donators+ have an increased 30 minutes (60 mins total) to retrieve items. - Taverley dungeon teleport spelling fixed - Relleka dungeon teleport has been chaned to Fremennik Slayer Dungeon for clarification purposes regarding konar - Fixed a bug where it where it was changing price of m box in vote shop for ironmen - Revenant goblin, hobgoblin, demon, pyrefiend, cyclops and hellhound all now have killcounters - Compost bin has been added to edz - Otto godblessed will now repair 'broken dragon hasta' for free - Hardcore armor no longer can be drop traded (Never was wearable for anyone other than hardcores so not a big issue at all) - When on Ultimate Ironman Mode if you get a gem table or rare table drop it no longer goes to bank instead it is now dropped below you on the ground. - EDZ farming grass patches have been fixed (weren't correct size) - Konar slayer has been added in-game - There is now a slightly higher chance (compared to ckeys) of receiving a brimstone key when slaying a konar task - Added a way to see where konar assigned your location when checking slayer task amount - Smoke dungeon teleport added to monster teleports - Iowerth dungeon has been completed - Iowerth dungeon teleport added to monster teleports - Farming patches location names have been fixed (This was corrupted by last update, you may have seen this fixed before) - Compost bins have been added to every available herb patch in OS Kingdom - Dusk mystic robes have been added in-game (rare drop from brimstone chest) - Brimstone chest reward table has been completed - Brimstone chest now visually opens and closes properly just like OSRS - 'Konar Slayer' teleport has been added to skilling teleports to access konar
  4. Shane

    Additional Commands - For Teleports

    This is how I feel on it as well. Will be adding this in next update, thank you for the suggestion!
  5. Shane

    highlight done achievements green

    Was fixed a few updates ago. Thank you! Closed.
  6. Shane

    Updates 5/18/2020

    Here are some updates for you all! Most of the content within this update is voting related such as the vote shop rework and the new voting bonuses! Enjoy! - ::mobile now correctly links you to the guide on how to play OSK on mobile - Added a voting counter to track daily votes - x2 Pest Control points for everyone if we achieve 50 votes on a day - 10% more Slayer Points for everyone if we achieve 100 votes on a day - 10% Bonus EXP for everyone if we achieve 200 votes on a day - 25% Bonus EXP for everyone if we achieve 350 votes on a day - 2.5% Drop Rate Bonus for everyone if we achieve 500 votes on a day - Added ::bonuses command to show active voting bonuses and total votes for the day - There is now a 1/50 chance of receiving a m box when you redeem 7 or more vote points - Mage of zammy's second option is no longer 'trade' and now 'quick teleport' as it teles you straight to the abyss - Switching items no longer keeps that combat styles EXP (If you switch from shared on a weapon to str exp on another it would keep giving shared) - Drop rate boost scroll 1.5% for 60 minutes added in-game - Drop rate boost scroll 3% fors 30 minutes added in-game - Both drop rate boost scrolls can be obtained from voting store only - Majority of the vote shop item prices have been drasticly nerfed - Teleporting from wintertodt now properly removes you from the game (resets/stops game if you were only one) - Slayer shop tab added to slayer masters to buy broad arrows and enchanted gem
  7. Shane

    Updates 5/14/2020

    Some fixes for ya guys, new content coming soon! πŸ‘€ - Fixed an issue with clipping and attacking spectres - Farming patches have been fixed - All OSRS herb patches have been added, an extra herb patch has been added to farming guild. - Added a notification to when your herb patches are done and where they are at and what they are - Fixed a spelling eror for tav dungeon in monsters teleport tab - Cancelling slayer task now properly works for 10 points for elite donators - Fixed slayer reqs for nechs and kurask - Bug that trapped you in cages in ToB fixed - Pet drops now announce the kill count you got them on (NPCs that track kills only) - Gauntlet demi-bosses drops have been improved - Demi-bosses always drop a weapon frame like OSRS now - Crystal staff in gauntlet now has it's own spell like it should - Crystall staff from gauntlet had wrong stats as well, that has been corrected
  8. Shane

    Updates 5/13/2020

    This is probably going to go down as one of the most under-rated updates I've ever done just because of the changes to ranging and melee clipping. Enjoy! (Please update your client by reloading your client/loader you downloaded from our site!) - Stash interface has been completed, can buy up to 20 additional slots for 10-20m each - Planks and gold leaf for stash unit making have been added to general stores until plank making is added in-game - Various player stash locations have been added in-game, you can make a stash with materials (planks, gold leaf, etc) - Players no longer receive duplicate pets from skilling or pvm - Fixed issue with dialogue w/ pet chicken - Fixed inventory model issue with pet chicken - Kill log interface has been updated to a tab interface instead of its old interface - Woodcutting has been improved - Rune pouches no longer appear visually glitched - When receiving pouches from abyss, they now go to your inventory, or dropped on the ground or sent to your bank. - Various aspects of combat clipping have been improved - Fixed trimmed comp cape rack requirements, now displays properly - Bird nests with eggs for shrine have been added to woodcutting 1 in 80 chance - Woodcutting guilds shrine has been added in-game - Donators now correctly spawn on their bonus wave levels in Inferno (Check out donor benefits post)
  9. Shane

    Updates 5/10/2020

    Here are some updates and fixes you guys have been requesting! Finals week are coming to a close for me so it's time to get back into daily updates! 😎 - Fixed a grammar issue in the evil tree event notification - Craws bow has been fixed - Stackables with looting bag has been fixed - Players can now withdraw items from looting bags at only banks in the game - Gilded ghrazi rapier has been fixed & recolor has been updated to look more gilded - Added all dragon pets in-game (lava, metal, blue, green, etc) over 10 dragon pets total added - Added a pet chicken (for the lols for those pet enthuisiasts) - Fixed an issue with Drake drops - Hunter exp received from underwater fishing has been buffed x2 - Some extremely low level monsters no longer give pvm points - Wintertodt braziers have been fixed - XP boosts can now be sold on the trading post - Slayer masters have been fixed up, now have proper reqs, etc - Comp cape can now still be worn after prestiging all skills at least once - Comp cape now has a 4% drop bonus, max cape is now 2% in order to make comp cape more desirable - Because of drop xfering ult iron man default drop bonus of 10% has been reduced to normal iron boost of 5%. - Ring of wealth is now correctly 2.5% instead of 3 (imbued version is properly set at 5%) - Comp cape now has full max cape benefits and will be getting its own benefits in the near future - One round of RFD is now enough to unlock all of the RFD gloves P.S: stashes are coming out tomorrow🀩
  10. Shane

    Updates 5/2/2020

    Updates! As many of you may know, I've been dealing with the end of semester for university and finals has been taking it's toll on me these past two weeks so I apologize for not being able to get as many updates out as we all want! However will them ending within the next week we have a lot to look forward to so stay tuned! Here is a update I worked on this morning a lot of fixes and things you guys have requested. Enjoy and keep the suggestions and bug reports coming in so we can improve the quality of your gameplay! Enjoy your weekend everyone and don't forget double EXP is active! Note: Some of these fixes do require client update, so make sure to relaunch your clients through the loader to stay up to date! - Fixed a bug with farming patches disappearing - Evil dave has been updated - Fixed firecape dyes - CoX counter on the comp cape rack requirements fixed - Autocasting is now saved on logout - Fixed a bug with magic spamming text - Bush snakes have been added in-game to karamja jungle & around Tai Bwo Wannai Village - Forthos dungeon undead druids added to duradel slayer - Catch radius for underwater fishing has been increased (Much faster EXP now) - Other sarachnis spawn now counts KC - Dust staves now give inf air and earth runes like they should - Corp beast has been fixed, and now works properly like OSRS to attack it - Baby dragons now give signifcantly less slay exp than normal - Vesta's Belighted Longsword has been coded and added in-game - Price of infinity robes in bounty hunter shop significantly reduced - Minnow fishing has been added in-game (82 fishing, must have anglers on) - Teleport to minnow fishing platform added - Kylie added to exchange minnows for sharks - Expanded Taverly dungeon added more Blue dragons, Black demons & Hellhounds - Added a little more demonic gorillas to make the experience feel more like OSRS - Added a lot more cave horrors to make the experience feel more like OSRS - Giant mole has been moved back to it's proper location and teleport has been updated
  11. Shane

    points shop

    We definitely need to add items to both shops, Pest control I'm not too worried about because people will always do that for void and I've also enabled various rewards from it for iron men so it shouldn't be as hard as it use to be to get players. However, I was thinking about maybe adding individual skill boosts to the skill point shop along with maybe a skilling casket? Let me know your guys thoughts on that. πŸ‘
  12. Shane

    buff to wildy boss drops

    Will be doing this after the next released update! Thank you! Also if you have some suggestions on items that could be beneficial to iron men that could be added to some wildy monster drops please do let me know.
  13. Shane

    pet ideas

    Will work on this. Barrows pet has been added in-game. And aha Joseph πŸ˜‚
  14. Shane

    Updates 4/29/2020

    More fixes! Also a little bit of content, Evil tree has been updated (boosted exp as well) and now rewards a new exclusive pet and two new dragon axes! No longer will Evil Tree be a event you want to pass up! The rest is mostly fixes thanks to everyone who has been reporting the bugs to me! Keep them coming so we can continue to make the server better! - Saradomin godsword special has been fixed - Fixed an odd exploit with crafting skill and another interface - Evil tree EXP has been buffed significantly, now one of the best sources of WC exp at any level - There is now a 1/2.5k chance to get a evil chicken pet while chopping evil tree - Barrows pet added in-game, can transform into all barrows npcs - Slightly nerfed Barrows Sword - Daily gear box has been fixed, make sure you are on the latest client - Fixed a bug with ToB loot chest - No longer do you have to individually redeem stardust for star boxes - Evil mystery boxes added with chance at golden dragon axe or dragon axe (G) - Dragon axe(g) and gold dragon axes are slightly faster than normal dragon axes - Evil dave dialogue updated, you can now exchange 300 undead twigs for a evil m box! - Farming achievement misleading text has been updated - Farming achievement amount was nerfed - ^ Fixed other similar bugs regarding various achievements - Fixed bug with rev shortcuts - Basic staves have been added to iron store - Chances of getting a rare in ToB has significantly increased (more points you score better chance) - Cosmetic look of gilded t bow and sanguinisti staff has been improved looks like an actual gilded item - Grubby chest has been completed in forthos dungeon - Added fire cape cosmetic mixes to donor store and vote store - Sarachnis now gives proper boss points
  15. Shane

    Update 4/27/2020

    First off just want to say sorry for the delay of updates, I've been extremely busy lately with the last few weeks of the semester hitting I haven't had much time as I normally have. However, once the semester is over here in the next 1-2 weeks I will be able to go back to normal scheduling and be able to produce updates every 18-36 hours! Here is some much needed fixes, a lot of things we're fixed over the course of the week that aren't noted so you may notice them on your own! Enjoy! - Bug with not sometimes receiving drops FIXED - Eating no longer messes up your current pathing - Fixed some bugs with barbarian agility course - Fixed a bug with a daily task - ::Mboxguide command has been fixed - Fixed bugged combat interface for magic - No more iron restrictions on the pest control rewards shop - Fixed a no clipping bug with pest control - Players now are awarded an additional drop rate % bonus for being skulled in revenants - Bug with serp helms and dying fixed - Looting bag open/close function disabled and needs to be redone - AFK aggression timer added to NPCs, same as OSRS all you have to do is run away (to new region) or tele out and tele back in to re-agress NPCs - Fixed bug with Bankers - Lava drag volcano fixed - Hunter shop and hunter tele guy combined into one - Aleck (hunter guy) has been spawned at all hunter locations to help maximize skilling effiency - Mahogany & Teak tree teleport added @ Woodcutting guild, speak to Woodsman tutor - Volcanic and ice whip mix have been added to Lava drags and Wyvern drops - Aggression path finding for attacking NPC's w/ Ranged/Magic has been updated