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    Hey Guys, here's what my bank looks like from playing over a month as an Ironman here. minde is scum
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    Some must need fixes and hot fixes included in this one. New boss Zalcano is coming along nicely should be released soon and will be a very good Ironman boss as it will yield a lot of skilling supplies! Enjoy guys and have a great day 😁 - Fixed bug with shooting star (northwest of bank now works) - Serp helms when pked now drop uncharged to the ground, pker gets loot now. - Players are now permitted to trade in the wilderness (Was unaware of this, not my doing!) - Starboxes have been fixed. - ULTRA RARE 'Stargaze Party Hat' put into starbox - Herb sack is now kept on death - The bonus experience event now grants bonus exp for 15 mins instead of 10 mins - There is now a 1/10 chance the bonus exp event has a 25% bonus instead of 10% - Using second option on zammy mage now teles you to the correct abyss spots - Dialogue added to zammy mage for info on how to obtain ess pouches - All crush weapons now have appropriate combat style interfaces - Fixed a willow tree not working in ::dz - Nullpointer error caused by god items FIXED - Problems with advancing to the olm room in Chambers of Xeric have been fixed - When you die in the Olm Room you are spawned as if you entered the olm chamber. If you'd like to regear, use ::stuckraids - God dragonhide bodys now equip properly - Vanguards in chambers of xeric no longer has a bugged block animation
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    Whats up whats up! Most people in game know me already for some reason or another. Lot of people have their opinion about me but never try to get to know ME. My names Michael (legally Miguel but gone by Michael since I was a kid. I have a queen and a princess in my life named Ashley (my Fiance) and Sophie (my beautiful pitbull.) They the 2 and only loves of my life and I'd take a bullet for either one. I am not easily offended by anything unless its comments on those 2. I take everything about my 2 ladies to heart and will make sure you know that. I am 26 (April 6th birthday). I have been all around the world but call anywhere my ladies are my home. I was a military brat since I was 3. I also joined the military 2 weeks after graduating high school and turning 18. I was in for 4 years and got out in 2015. I then moved from Hawaii to New Mexico when I got out as my family was here. I started a shit job at Albertsons (grocery store) to get myself into civilian life. This is where I met my queen (Fiance). She was actually my boss. After about 2 weeks of working for her I asked her out on a date and she said no because I worked with her. I decided fuck it, and switched to a different department in the store and asked her out again. This time she still said no because we still worked in the same place for the same company. Knowing the possibilities of having a future with her because she was so beautiful and her personality was 10/10, I then just quit 2 days later and asked her out AGAIN! THIS TIME SHE SAID YES!!!! Here we are 5 years later still kickin with puppy love. I now live with her and our dog. I am an avid skateboarder and car enthusiast. The car thing has kinda died down for me as I got into motorcycles and got 2 of my own. I never have really been into harleys so I have 2 sport bikes. a 2019 Yamaha R3 and a 2008 Yamaha R6. Working on the bike and making it pristine is my goal and passion. At this point its flawless, no scratches, dings, dents, NOTHING. But I feel like I need more so I keep buying after market parts. I have recently got into track racing it also but only got to go 1 time last year as it was the end of the season. This year will be SICK! I have been playing games online since december 26th 2006 when my parents got me my first xbox 360 for Christmas. I couldnt start playing online that day because back then you had to go to a store and buy game time cards. So the day after Christmas I got one and my first game was Gears of War 1. I met 3 people on my first day, Adrian, Mikey, and Anthony. We have been playing games together at least 5 days a week since 2006 until this day today. Our friendship is so much deeper and stronger than any real life friendships I've had being a military brat and moving every 4 years to a new state. We have still never met eachother in person but those 3 will be my best man's at my wedding coming up soon. Gaming has allowed me to feel real friendships and real trust and love. I could never experience that as a kid because just when i would start to, BOOM we move to a new state. Gaming is and always will be a massive part of my life. Around 2012 we all 4 decided to quit xbox and move to PC because the possibilities are endless with PC. I wouldnt change any of it for the world. My current PC is valued around $7,000 give or take being that I always have the latest and greatest parts/peripherals. There is so much to learn about me and the way I think, try it. You may be surprised. The one biggest thing you should know about me before getting to know me, is I dont put up with ANY bull shit and I WILL call you out on it in front of anyone and everyone. I do it to all my IRL friends in public, at restaurants, wherever. I'll let you know your outfit is ugly, your acne is getting bad, your getting fat, your being annoying, whatever so you better have a heart made of stone to chill with me. A real friend is gonna let you know because they dont wanna let you live life like that. They wanna help. Because of this friends are hard to come by because everyone so sensitive these days but the people who want someone that REAL as f, they stick around. I'm happy to be apart of this community and i'll see you all in game!
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    Welcome to the OS-Kingdom Hall of Fame! Here our best and highest rated players are gathered and praised for their hard work towards the server. This list will consist of permanent achievements, and still attainable achievements aswell. The attainable achievements will be updated atleast once a month. - Banned accounts will not be considered for a place in the Hall of Fame. - Proof of the achievement is required to secure a place in the Hall of Fame Permanent Achievements Players maxed in order of achievement Normal account 1. Chizza 2. Ix Prod 3. Xp Waste 4. Cueween 5. Nicholas 6. Thunderdome 7. Endorsed 8. Niekas 9. Zylloe 10. Zillow Ironman 1. Herblet 2. Toby HCIM 1. Toby Is Hard UIM Group Ironman Classic 1. 7 Completionist capes obtained in order of achievement. Normal account 1. Ix Prod Ironman HCIM UIM Group Ironman First to obtain... First to obtain max total XP: First to complete all achievements: Ix Prod First to complete all achievement diaries: Ix Prod Attainable Achievements Highscores rankings Highest ranked player: Ix Prod Highest ranked classic: 7 Highest ranked classic ironman: Minde Highest ranked IM: Toby Highest ranked HCIM: Toby is hard Highest ranked UIM: Uim Minde Highest ranked non-donator: Niekas Highest ranked in Attack: Ix Prod (P10 99) Highest ranked in Defence: Ix Prod (P10 83m) Highest ranked in Strength: Thunderdome (P10 92m) Highest ranked in Hitpoints: Niekas (P10 200m) Highest ranked in Ranged: Thunderdome (P10 22m) Highest ranked in Prayer: Ix Prod (P2 99) Highest ranked in Magic: Ix Prod (P10 95m) Highest ranked in Cooking: Ix Prod (P2 99) Highest ranked in Woodcutting: Snow (P10 200m) Highest ranked in Fletching: Ix Prod (P4 99) Highest ranked in Fishing: Zylloe (P10 ?) Highest ranked in Firemaking: Ix Prod (P5 99) Highest ranked in Crafting: Ix Prod (P1 99) Highest ranked in Smithing: Ix Prod (P6 99) Highest ranked in Mining: Thunderdome (P10 200m) Highest ranked in Herblore: Ix Prod (P1 99) Highest ranked in Agility: Ix Prod (P2 99) Highest ranked in Thieving: Ix Prod (P2 99) Highest ranked in Slayer: Ix Prod (P10 99) Highest ranked in Farming: Thunderdome (P1 99) Highest ranked in Runecrafting: Ix Prod (P1 99) Highest ranked in Hunter: Ix Prod (P1 99) PvP statistics Highest amount of PvP kills: Highest boss KC General Graardor: 132 - Toby Kree'arra: 113 - Toby Commander Zilyana: 10 - Ix Prod K'ril Tsutsaroth: 10 - Ix Prod KBD: 109 - Toby Corporeal Beast: Dagannoth Prime: 144 - Niekas Dagannoth Rex: 125 - Niekas Dagannoth Supreme: 166 - Minde Chaos Elemental: Kalphite Queen: 6 - Ix Prod Giant Mole: 45 - Ix Prod Jad: Sea Troll Queen: Barrelchest: Zulrah: 789 - Cueween Kraken: 704 - Toby Callisto: 54 - Toby Scorpia: Vet'ion: Venenatis: 5 - Ix Prod Chaos Fanatic: Crazy archaeologist: Thermonuclear Smoke Devil: 213 - Minde Lizardman Shaman: Cerberus: 410 - Toby Demonic Gorilla: 27 - Toby Abyssal Sire: Vorkath: 51 - Cueween Alchemical Hydra: 52 - Cueween Skotizo: I've decided to put prestiges over xp. So someone with prestige 1 and lvl 99 in a skill would be put over someone with prestige 0 and 30m xp. Feel free to suggest anything that you think should be on Hall of Fame! To get your achievements on the HoF either post them here or message directly to me in discord @Ix Prod#5000
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    As OS Kingdom begins to become more active and gain traction I thought it would be a great time to promote some players to help out on our staff team. Both of our helpers @Toby & @Nicholas will be promoted to Global Moderators while @Niekas will be promoted to helper/server support. Congratulations to all three of them! Also, we are still looking for two more helpers/server supports! We will be promoting two more within the next 2-4 weeks! Not only that, but we are now officially looking for Forums Moderators! In effort to get the forums more active we will be looking for members who are actively posting on the forums and making a difference in the community. Again, congratulations to @Toby, @Niekas and @Nicholas !
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    Here are some quality of life updates and some general fixes. These should definitely improve some aspects of your gameplay 👍 Please make sure to download the latest client for the looting bag update! Click to Download Latest Client - Broken deposit feature has been removed from looting bag - Opening/closing of looting bag added so while in the wilderness you can pickup loot straight to ur bag - Players can now added runes to rune pouch by using them on the pouch - Youtuber rank now shows instead of donor ranks, use to revert back to $ icon on login, FIXED - Key master teleport now works properly, no longer broken - Great olms acid pool attack now only hits between 3-6 instead of 3-10 - Olm had a dragonfire attack, it's not suppose to, this attack has been completely removed - Tekton has been nerfed (attack/defence) - Lizardman shamans in chambers of xeric now do not heal/leech health as often - Desert bandits aggression is now like OSRS, only aggressive if you wearing sara/zammy items - ::updates command added to show update logs in-game - Players can now wear maxcapes w/o req stats if they have prestiged all skills at least once - Olms head & hands hitpoints now correctly scale to party sizes - Chambers of xeric barrier to olm no longer takes you back to the start after you die to olm - Pestilent Bloat in ToB now sleeps 25% longer - Elvarg's death/block animations in NMZ have been fixed - Annoying message that would tell you to relog for donor when you already have it, FIXED
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    Here are a lot of much needed fixes and adjustments! Enjoy. - Fixed a bug w/ teleporting to cave kraken slayer task - Fixed a graphical bug with dragon chainbody - Lumby & Draynor elite diary 'Perform Quest cape emote in draynor' has been changed to slayer cape - Fixed a bug with rune ore not working - Morytania diary task 'Complete 10 consecutive tasks in a row' has been changed - Fixed a bug with farming & points - All game modes can now access NMZ points reward shop - Fixed a bug with Culinaromancer in NMZ & RFD - Grammar error fixed in KBD when trying to teleport it said use the portal, fixed & now says lever - Waterbirth island teleport added to city tele's for an achievement diary - Players may now destroy their rune pouches and looting bags if they are empty - Zombified spawn (Vorkath) no longer one hit you and now have a max hit of 60 - Occult necklace now has the correct req - Ancestral robes now have the correct reqs - Demonic gorillas now switch prayers slightly less than before - Barrows sword has been slightly nerfed, still has 20% max hit bonus to corrupt monsters - Super combat potions are now made with torstols instead of torstol (unf) potions - Stats have been fixed on the tome of fire - Fixed a graphical bug with assembler max hood - Bug where golden nuggets are tradable fixed - Bugs w/ PvP drops have been fixed - Basic runes have been added to iron man general store - Players now correctly receive a Vorkath's head at kill count 50 - Rune / Addy dragons now use their normal attack more and their special attacks less - Teleport to ghorrock in the wildy achievement diary has been removed - Fixed bugs with Crystal bow, halberd and shields - Depending on donator status, donators can skip to a maximum of (15, 25, 40) out of 68 total rounds in the Inferno. - Iron man general store now has a new junk tab to sell items to, no items may be bought in this sell tab - Ultimate irons now can sell items to the new junk tab - Annoying and sometimes inaccurate 'you cannot log out until 10 second after combat' message has been removed to prevent chat flooding/spam - Calling a familar has finally been fixed and the serious issue around it has been resolved - The correct attyle style interface is now used for unarmed attack - Fixed a bug with mining that made you have to relog to mine some newly respawned ores - Dagganoth mother has been extremely nerfed - Herb sack has been fixed - Cannon cannot be placed in a lot more spots just like OSRS - Cannons can no longer be placed in any kind of instanced area - Players cannons now go to their banks whenever they log out or disconnect (be careful you can still lose ur cannon if you dc long enough) - Clan setup commands have been added so players can set up clan chats - ::clansetup command added to help with the above - Added a feature in that makes it so players cannot join clan chats they have been recently kicked from (it' ez to get around this however) - Tanzanite fang for blowpipe has been added to Boss Points Shop
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    Back to back updates! Thanks for all of your guy's feedback it has really helped me with these fixes and adjustments! I was also able to finish nightmare zone and you can now do endurance mode for imbuing rings and much more rewards! Enjoy and expect much more to come! - Monk at home has been removed for addition of NMZ - Nightmarezone teleport has been added to mini-games - Dominic Onion has been added and normal endurance mode for NMZ has been completed! - Finished rewards for NMZ (Imbuing and store) - Cooking has been fixed - Buffed Chambers of Xeric ORE rewards now will receive 20% more. - When you die to OLM it no longer takes you back to start when you try to re-enter olm - Fixed a daily task not counting correctly - Monks added to monastery next to Edgevil and now drop monk robes - No longer is there snow fall or snow falling when at the monastery - Fixed a no clipping bug in Chambers of Xeric - Players must have at least 250 points during Chambers of Xeric to qualify for a reward - Arclight can now be made by using a darklight on 3 ancient shards - Base for Zalcano (coming very soon) finished with full skilling functions. - Theatre of blood now scales to party sizes of 1 and 2 by lowering hit points, attack and defence levels of the mobs in ToB! - Chambers of Xeric now scales to party sizes of 1 and 2 by lowering hit points, attack and defence levels of the mobs in CoX! - Cannon can now be set up in the wilderness - 2 Lucky & Dragon implings have been added to the extreme donator zone ::edz - All items that we're originally in the star boxes (exp boost, lamps) have been readded back into the boxes!
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    Here is the long awaited update log! Sorry guys I've been extremely busy with school, but things are looking much better now and you can expect more updates in the near future! More updates will come tomorrow and I will be working on the nightmare boss starting this weekend and hope to have it in-game as early as next week! Enjoy! - Various NPC's dissapearing glitch FIXED - Warrior ring(i) cannot be weilded bug fixed - Regular trollheim teleport has been added - Trollheim teleport hard achievement fixed - Trollheim clue scroll now works as a result - Magic protect now protects 25% more on corp and olm - Cerberus ghosts have been nerfed (The way they are integrated it was OP with them hitting 30s only, hits are now nerf and randomized) - Olm has been nerfed - Rockfall mining at motherlode no longer loops - Rockfall no longer breaks after the first mine - Prospector pete shop is no longer unaccesible to irons - Yanille big doors fixed now work proper - Mineral deposits at MLM now scale to level like its suppose to - Zamorak imbued max cape now gives 3% drop boost like other max capes - Imbued max god cape hoods now work properly - Shoulder pet now weilds correctly and is visible - Star boxes bug has been fixed and boxes have been added back in game - Vorkath no longer shoots giant fire ball if you are frozen - Green phase zulrah now uses correct style and that style only - When your fire runs out you now stop cooking, object detection has been added for cooking. - When cooking on a fire the correct animation is always used (not the stove one) - Chances of double fish significantly nerfed (too op) - Bug when fishing without a pole and it would perform animation as if you we're fishing with pole. FIXED - Cooking range removed from dzone - No longer can you manage to fish and cook food at same time - Shayzien assault/blocked shaman area master clue fixed and changed to location by cerculean birds - Fixed broken task "10 consecutive slayer tasks" in morytania diary - Incorrect OSRS Npc 'Jennifer' at resource zone has been replaced with appropriate NPC 'Giles' - Jennifer aka now Gile's at resource area noting has been fixed, only items obtainable in the resource area may be noted. - Ranged str on darts has been corrected and fixed - Ranged str on darts in blowpipe has been corrected and fixed - ::KDR command has been updated to show kills and deaths
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    Hi guys,My name is Paul. I am also know as Neon in game. I just wanted to say hello to everyone.I have been playing this server for about a couple of days now. I started OS Kingdom after leaving the server Near Reality due to a complicated situation. Which caused me to hop many servers in hopes of finding one that wasn't too easy but at the same time wasn't like i was just playing Runescape. Lucky for me after a few really bad servers and a few somewhat good ones, that were not getting updated regularly. I found that Gem that is OS Kingdom.This server has been one of the best servers I have found to date. To the point where it makes me not miss Near Reality the server that held me down for over 10 years. This server gets regular updates has a great staff and the people who play are all pretty chill. I plan to continue to play this server for a long time and I hope to make an impact on the community and make many friends. So I just want to Thank everyone who is involved with OS Kingdom, the staff, the players and the devs for making this my favorite server to play. I look forward to talking with all of you in the future.Thank you all!!!-Neon
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    Bigger content coming tomorrow! Enjoy. - Dragon thrownaxe fixed - Fixed a crashing related bug in the trading post (will be fixed in new client release) - Water pump in gauntlet works great and faster now - Fixed bug with ultimate iron man noting/unnoting - Resource area noting fixed - Relocated Jennifer at resource zone, was bugging. - Overloads now work properly (same formula as wiki) - Defensively magic spells now work on staffs - When announcing 99's it now also include prestige level. - XP Drops are now limiting to only showing 10 max! So you don't get flooded like this: https://prnt.sc/qqep1y\ - You can now check your slayer task by clicking on your slayer level in stats - Added a ::kdr command - Supporting features for motherlode mine added (spawns, data, etc)
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    Owner / Developer: @Shane Administrators: Vacant Head Moderator: @Ix Prod Moderators: @Toby @Zylloe Forums Moderators: @Ix Prod @Toby Server Support: Vacant
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    Here are the official rules to OS Kingdom. 1. Flaming / Harassment / Inappropriate Behavior • The use of inappropriate and offensive language towards anyone's race, belief system, ethics, mental health or sexual orientation is 100% not tolerated. We expect our members to be respectful to each other. • Account names containing the above will result in a permanent ban of the account. • Harassment and flaming will be defined as anything that can be considered targeted to a person or a group. This rule is enforced at the Staff members discretion. 2. Advertising / Discussion of other servers • Ordinary and widely spread links such as Youtube, Google and Twitter and other social media platforms are permitted. • Discussing any other active server in-game or on the forums is highly prohibited and will result in a 24 hour mute, 48 hour mute and then a ban if it happens a 3rd time. • Discussing previous Runescape Private Servers that are NO LONGER active is PERMITTED. • Any player that logs in and deliberately chooses to spam as soon as possible in order to advertise another server will be IP-Muted with no chance of removal. 3. Spamming / Chat Flooding • Just because you donated and have a lesser cool-down timer for ::yell doesn't mean you can abuse it, if abused the privilege may be removed entirely from the user. • Auto typers are allowed, but must be set at least at 15 second intervals. • Excessive begging or spamming for 'free stuff' from other players can result in a one hour mute. 4. Phishing Links, Hacking and Threats • Threatening to attack OS Kingdom or to charge back a donation could potentially result in a mute or a ban depending on the severity and the actions taken by the offender. • Threatening to hack or DDoS a member of the community whether you are joking or not will result in a immediate removal from the community. 5. Punishment (Ban/Mute) Evasion • Avoiding a ban or mute by logging into a new account and using it as a means for communication for your (muted/banned) account will be considered evasion and will result in a warning and then double the initial length of the mute/ban. • Bans and mutes are only given to further better the community and we will allow every player to state their case. This doesn't mean log onto a new account in-game and complain, we suggest posting a appeal on the forums to avoid any further punishment. 6. Real World Trading • The act of selling any other goods or services for any OS Kingdom items/accounts or data is highly prohibited and could result in the removal of the OS Kingdom items/accounts/data involved . • By donating for another member you are putting the donation in there name therefore they will have full rights to the donation if anything goes wrong with ::claim . 7. Account Sharing • Any attempt to give any account away will not be tolerated and will result in the banning of said account. • OS Kingdom is not responsible for any 'hackings' or 'item thefts' if you allow for another person to access your account. OS Kingdom does not recommend account sharing and by sharing an OS Kingdom account you are putting yourself at risk and taking full responsibility for any consequences. 8. Botting / Use of Macros • The use of botting scripts or any client modification is strictly prohibited. Anyone caught doing this will receive a 7 day ban and then a permanent ban if caught again. Depending on the severity of the botting (ex. bot farm) there could be a IP/UUID/MAC ban issued to the offender. • The use of macro scripts (except auto typer see spamming) such as auto clickers and other applications alike are prohibited and could result in the player being jailed or banned depending on the severity. 9. Multi-Logging • Playing on multiple accounts in order to skill, boss, raid, etc is allowed up to 4 accounts at once. • Multi logging is allowed only in the wilderness if you don't have any interaction between your accounts. • Players are allowed to have as many accounts if as they wish, but if a player makes a excessive amount of accounts in order to spam or flood then disciplinary action will be determined by an Administrator. 10. Encouraging Others to break Rules • Any encouragement to others to break OS Kingdom rules will result in a 1-3 hour mute. If the issue persists the user could be muted up to 24-48 hours and eventually IP Muted if not stopped. 11. Bug Abuse • Any abuse of a bug or glitch that allows for a member to somehow have an unfair advantage over other players will not be tolerated. Failure to report these bugs and abusing them could result in you being permanently banned from OS Kingdom. • The usage of safe spots not on OSRS is prohibited and can result in jail time. 12. Staff Impersonation • Impersonating a OS Kingdom staff member is strictly prohibited. Impersonation will be determined by the staff and will be punished accordingly. 13. World Yell • Luring any member over the world yell is prohibited and result in the removal of the offenders yell abilities. • AFK yelling is only allowed if it is set at 10 minute + Intervals! • Because OS Kingdom is based out of the United States, only English will be allowed to be spoken using world ::yell. 14. Player vs Player (PvP) • PvP-Farming will be an automatic ban on all accounts involved. • Luring is allowed, but luring cannot be done through Help CC or World Yell. Failure to comply to this will result in return of any loot to the victim and a 1-2 hour mute to the offenders account. • X-Logging in the wilderness that includes PvP interaction between two or more of your accounts will result in a 24 hour ban. 15. Invasion / Advertising on Other Communities Invading and advertising OS Kingdom on other servers is not tolerated and can result in a 24 hour ban. Please note, telling your friend on another game or server privately about OS Kingdom is not breaking this rule! 16. Donations & Store • Anyone who charges back or disputes a store payment will have their account immediately terminated and will be banned permanently from OS Kingdom. • Donations can only be refunded if the player has not been given the items and the donations has not been claimed. • Glitch refunds will only be refunded if the buyer has enough proof to prove. • Donations made for other plays are 100% non-refundable. • Any threatening to dispute or charge back a donation or store payment will result in a 24-48 mute. 2nd and 3rd offenses will vary in bans and potentially be permanent depending on the severity of the situation. Terms of Service Agreement By being on the OS Kingdom website, discord or game server, you understand that you are completely responsible for your actions on here. You understand and agree to follow the rules stated above that will be enforced at all times. Administrators have the right to alter any of the above statements where they see fit. We have the right to do what we want with your account, but we can assure that all personal information will be kept secure and will not be shared ANYWHERE. Passwords and other valuable information are encrypted for the safety of our users. Furthermore, by downloading and playing OS Kingdom you agree to our Terms of Service and Rules stated above and that if a rule is broken it will be dealt accordingly and as fairly as possible.
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    Name [IGN] - Herblet, Beast Nation, KBG How long you've played OSK - 1 month Gamemode - Iron, Regular Total level - Reference highscores Discord Tag [If applicable]- Herblet (sietse) Brief description of yourself - Am man seeking woman
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    Name [IGN] - ix urod How long you've played OSK - 19-12-2019 (4 weeks) Gamemode - normal Total level - less than 80 away from maxed Discord Tag [If applicable]- zero70 /110%anti020 #8963 Brief description of yourself - single and ready to mingle (no fat chicks)
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    Name [IGN] - Iron Eternal How long you've played OSK - Few weeks but Vet player. (if you know you know) Gamemode - Hardcore Iron Man Total level - 1650 (rn) Discord Tag [If applicable]- Diemonds #1078 Brief description of yourself - Just a hardcore doing pvm and skilling. Can put the time in just wanna be part of a community/clan.
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    What's up everyone! My name is jeremy (Jayy) In game. Im 23 from the united states. i just got out the military last month. I've been playing osrs/rsps's for a while. I played shanes old server a while back and i am excited to see what this one brings! Feel free to pm anytime in game or discord to chat and joke around! Hope to see you all in game!
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    I'm putting forward my first suggestion of adding the feature of when you press examine on an attackable npc it brings the drop table up. Just makes it a bit easier.
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    Welcome to my guide for Runecrafting. We will need Rune Essence or Pure Essence which can be either mined or gotten as drops from monsters/bosses. 1) To Start Runecrafting, you'll need to talk to the Mage Of Zamorak at ::Home. 2) Location of Each Rune. 3) Levels - - (1-14) --> You will need to make Air Runes - (14-35)--> You will need to make Fire Runes - (35-44)--> You will need to make Chaos Runes - (44-54)--> You will need to make Nature Runes - (54-65)--> You will need to make Law Runes - (65-77)--> You will need to make Death Runes - (77-99)--> You will need to make Blood Runes. 4) The above suggested are for making the required runes that can be used for other purposes, like Magic. However, Running nature runes after 44 with Halo will give you the best xp/hr. Halo's can be obtained from the skill shop for 2000 Skill Points which provide you with Unlimited Energy. 5) Another alternative is to make - Bones To Bananas (15 magic required) - Bones To Peaches (60 magic required) You will, however, need the runes to make them. Thank You
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    Thank you for the promotion Shane, i'll be sure to do my best.
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    Dear OsKingdom Would there be any possible chance of having a item added to the Ironman General Store to Help with slayer and bossing, The following item gives no widely bonuses, ”Boots of Stone” Prevents being constantly hit “1s” when killing the boss named “Hydra” as its impossible for Ironman in its current state and waste important items and materials trying to defeat it. Kind Regards H8
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    I love it. The ornate rejuvenation pool should be super dz feature imo?
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    Haven't had much time to release an update log in awhile since we had the addition of Theatre of Blood! Took a lot of testing and tweaking, but it works great now and I encourage everyone to try it! With that being said, here is an update log for today. Enjoy! - Fixed issue when creating a red slayer helm. - Added bucket to gen stores - Added glass blowing pipe to skilling store and iron gen store - Crystal bow stats fixed - Fixed a EXP bug with quests - Raids 1 bug fixed where if you don't have space you get no reward. - Redid drops of Cave Horrors, should be easier to get black mask. - Fixed bug where only one person could use a wintertodt brazier. - Fixed bug with sara blessed sword, shields can no longer be equiped. - All god books have correct prayer bonus now. - Mushroom patatoes can now be consumed. - Battleaxes now have the correct attack animation - Dragon axe now has correct combat interface and atk animations - Hydras now have a kill counter and give PVM points - Dunce (player titles) has been fixed @ donor zone - Pet insurance is now 2.5m for regular donors and 1m for super. - Nulled dragon chainbodys removed as drop, added correct id. - Dragon darts now have the correct attack speed - Raids 2 counter has been added. - Phase 1 of vitur has been made signifcantly more difficult, use the dawnbringer and the pillars or pay the consequences! - Items dropped in raids 1 and 2 now appear instantly. - Points in raids 2 are now scaled according to group size. - Doubled the amount of herbs rewarded in theatre of blood. - 'Mystery box' at home removed and will be updated.