Vorkath + Metal Dragons

Not only does OS Kingdom feature fully functional Vorkath and Metal Dragons, but we also feature tons of other content such as 10+ Quests and hundreds of achievements for players to complete and improve on!

Raids 1 & Raids 2 (Coming very soon)

OS Kingdom has fully functional Chambers of Xeric and we are currently 70% done with Threatre of Blood which is planned to release on OS Kingdom by the end of september! So get your friends together and embark on epic raids and obtain epic loot such as the Twisted Bow!

Amazing Pking + Pk Mode

Here at OS Kingdom we strive to make amazing OSRS content that satisfys the needs of every kind of player. We have added 'Pk Mode' a mode in which you can spawn items that are not tradable and you will be able to earn blood money and fight only other players on Pk Mode! Click here for more details.

OS Kingdom

Take a look below at all of the things that OS Kingdom has to offer. We
look forward to feedback and progression and providing only the very best of OSRS content!

  • Friendly Community

    One thing we strive for here at OS Kingdom is to build on a friendly and inviting community so all players can feel right at home. With great staff members and dedicated veterans OS Kingdom will make you feel right at home! We also have tons of polls so you the players call the shots!

  • Customizable

    OS Kingdom allows players to fully take control of their OSRS gameplay experience. We provide a lengthly settings panel and we even provide fully functional fullscreen and resizable with the ability to customize your fullscreen experience.

  • Efficient Code

    With a lead developer who has been programming for nearly a decade. OS Kingdom has all the tools, resources, personel and knowledge it need's to provide quality code and amazing gameplay for our players. Our lead developer Shane is currently working on his masters in Computer Science.

  • Content Packed

    PvM, PvP, Skilling, Questing or whatever you are into OS Kingdom is sure to have it! With over 10+ Quests and nearly every PvM boss scripted OS Kingdom is quite content packed. With hundreds of achievements and tons of miniquests from real OSRS you are sure to enjoy your gameplay experience!

  • Feedback

    Without our players feedback OS Kingdom will not be able to become the OSRS server we all want it to be! So with weekly polls on content and other subject matters we will always look towards our players when it comes to big decision making in OS Kingdom's gameplay.

  • Website Integration

    OS Kingdom features fully integrated Highscores, Vote and Donation services. We also plan to integrate discord and our forums so that active users are more recognized in our community.

What are you waiting for?

Click play now to start your journey or if you are still debating check out our learn more page for more details on OS Kingdom!